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C1967 is not a misunderstanding, it's a fact

The atmosphere inside the car became more subtle. Tieting steadfastly held the steering wheel, followed an off-road vehicle ahead and drove out of the company's gate.

Ji Tingyan's tense heart strings relaxed. She looked out of the window. After snowing, the mountain in the distance has turned white. There are many cedar trees nearby. It's a beautiful scenery.

Suddenly, the sound of the game came from the back seat. After a long time of anger, Lu Mengmeng simply took out her mobile phone to play the game. She deliberately turned up the sound, and the action of the key was also vicious.

Ji Tingyan doesn't care about her. In fact, she is about the same age as her sister. She used to spoil her sister at home. When she saw a girl of the same age, she always felt more tolerant.

Tie Ting frowned a little unhappily and asked directly: "cute, turn down your voice."

As soon as Lu Mengmeng's anger softened, she quickly turned her voice down. Ji Tingyan subconsciously took a look back and saw Lu Mengmeng's eyes were red, staring at her wrongly, as if she had hurt her.

Ji Tingyan is speechless. This girl's temper is too big. Now, she is regarded as a rival to hate.

Rival of love?

When Ji Tingyan's mind jumped out of these two words, her breath was sluggish again, and she was a little uneasy.

In her spare time, she is the figure of a man who focuses on driving. Today's tieting is wearing casual clothes, a grey turtleneck sweater and a black charging suit. She looks young and masculine, and her temperament is even as cold and vigorous as cedar outside the window. It makes people feel that as long as she is beside him, she has a sense of security.

Ji Tingyan is a little absent-minded. She explained those words to tie Ting because of her self-esteem. Her parents taught her to be knowledgeable and reasonable, so she couldn't help others. So when tie Ting helped her settle the bill and asked her to leave, at that moment, she really felt that she was shameless.

That explanation is to make her heart feel better. At the same time, she also believes that she doesn't have a good feeling for her. After that, Ji Tingyan carefully tightens her heart and doesn't let it go.

However, she can't understand this man's behavior now. If he doesn't like her, he shouldn't help her again and again. Now, he still makes her sit in such an awkward position.

Ji Tingyan still has some small grievances. She hates the feeling of being unclear, not to mention being hated by Lu Mengmeng as a rival.

"Miss Ji, do you have a boyfriend?" After playing the game for a while, Lu Mengmeng feels bored, so she leans on purpose and asks Ji Tingyan directly.

Ji Tingyan is stunned for a moment, and feels that tie Ting suddenly looks at her from the side, and the eyes of the two people collide.

Ji Tingyan's mind is just a trance. The man's eyes are deep and almost drowned.

"No No. Ji Tingyan stutters.

Lu Mengmeng immediately grabs the handle of her words: "you are lying because you are so hesitant. You have a boyfriend."

Ji Tingyan didn't expect Lu Mengmeng to say that. She suddenly got angry: "Miss Lu, do I have a boyfriend who has anything to do with you?"

"Yes, if you have a boyfriend, we are friends." Lu Mengmeng's eyes are gentle and charming. Even if she only looks at his back, she is sweet in her heart.

Ji Tingyan is also proud of her. She said lightly, "I'm sorry, I don't want to be your friend."

Lu Mengmeng suddenly ate GA, and his eyes stared into a bronze bell: "how high are you? You haven't made friends with me yet. Hum, who do you think you are? I don't care to be your friend. "

"Lu Mengmeng, if you want to talk nonsense again, I will let you go." Tie the thunder and stop.

Lu Mengmeng's expression was stiff and even more aggrieved. She held a doll of her own and sat in the back seat of the car, her tears rolling in her eyes.

Ji Tingyan is inexplicably upset. She takes out her mobile phone directly. When wearing earphones, she doesn't love anyone. Listening to songs is the most enjoyable.

Tie Ting side Mou looked at her one eye, in the heart slightly flustered, she this is angry?

After driving for nearly two hours, I came to a small town. The town is not prosperous. It has the most simple local customs of the local people.

Wang Cheng knew this very well, and soon found a restaurant where everyone got off for lunch.

Two tables. For the first time, Li Jingwen is so close to tie ting. Tie Ting is discussing with Wang Cheng about the next route. Her deep voice makes Li Jingwen's heart vibrate. She listens to it in a trance.

Ji Tingyan didn't want to sit at the table. She just saw a small garden outside the window with horses and sheep. She went there with curiosity. A middle-aged woman was feeding them fodder.

Ji Tingyan squats under the eaves, takes out her camera, takes a few photos, and then takes pictures of the surrounding mountains and lands. As soon as she turns around, she suddenly sees that she doesn't know when to stand behind her. Her heel slips with fear, and the whole person falls back. She reaches forward in panic.

At this time, her waist stretched out a pair of big hands, steadily pulled her back, and her hands, also nervously grabbed each other's lapel.

"The ground is frozen. Be careful when you walk." The man's deep voice rang in her ear.

After Ji Tingyan stands firm, she pushes him away gently: "thank you, I will be careful."

"Miss Ji, Lu Mengmeng is a young man. Please don't get to know her." Tie Ting looked at her with complicated eyes and said.

"Don't worry, I'm not so stingy. Besides, for your sake, I won't care. I haven't thanked you for helping me so much." Ji Tingyan smiled and replied freely.

Tie Ting's brow tightened: "I don't have the kind of relationship you want with her, I said, I treat her as a sister."

Ji Tingyan raises her chin in disapproval: "I don't care what the relationship between Mr. tie and her is."

"But what you said just now seems to be jealous." Tie Ting found that the way she spoke with her chin raised gave him a sense of unattainability, which made him slightly surprised.

Ji Tingyan chuckled: "does Mr. tie think too much? How can I be jealous? Do you think my appearance is not bad, like a man who hates marriage? "

Tie Ting choked and looked at the woman. Indeed, almost perfect women like her will be robbed wherever they throw them.

When Ji Tingyan saw that he didn't speak, she suddenly felt that her voice was too strong just now. She quickly shrugged her shoulders and explained, "I just don't like the feeling of being regarded as a rival. Miss Lu seems to misunderstand that I have any hidden relationship with you."

Tie Ting looked into her eyes. In such a cold place, she was still clear as a spring. She was watching, which made her heart beat.

"Maybe she didn't misunderstand for no reason, but for a reason." Tie Ting chuckled. Ji Tingyan's expression froze: "what do you mean? I'll make it clear. I don't have that idea for you. "

"You don't have any, why don't you ask me, do you?" Tie Ting suddenly takes a step forward and Ji Tingyan retreats. This time, she slips under her feet again, but instead of leaning back, she pounces forward.