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C1797 again

The gray and blue sofa makes the whole living room deep and cold, just like the man sitting on the sofa at the moment.


The girl's childish voice rang in the silent night.

Nangong Yao looked back at her and said, "don't you want to come down?"

"I'm on it alone, scared."

The girl said, and ran down quickly. She was wearing a spinning old pajama. As soon as she got up, her skirt turned over. Soon, she sat next to nangongyao, with two hands circling around the man's arm: "uncle, do you really want to take me to see her tomorrow?"

"She's your mother."

Nangong Yao looks at the girl he raised. It's hard to avoid sighing. When his eldest brother left in a car accident, she was less than four years old. Her mother was a very famous popular supermodel. In order to work, she was also left behind. Nangong Yao's parents were not in good health. Nangong Siqing was alone every day, crying every day, and Nangong Yao directly She's with her.

Even in the meeting, he had the scene of sitting in the meeting room with her in his arms. At that time, people who knew their relatives sympathized with him, people who didn't know, doubted him, a young man, with a child, which was indeed repugnant.

But Nangong Siqing is a middle school student. As she grows older, he doesn't want to keep her around, so he will take three months off to let her go back to study. He has contacted her mother, who is willing to take her back to her side. Maybe he is old and wants to have a partner, and now Nangong Siqing is not a child who is crying all the time children.

"She filled me, in my heart, my uncle is my family."

Nangong Siqing hugged the man's arm tighter: "you are my daddy."

Nangong Yao listened to her saying, and her stern expression was also amused: "Siqing, I'm just your uncle. He promised you that he would give you anything you want in the future, but only if you get along well with your mother."

"She's a stranger to me, and I don't want to see her."

Nangong Siqing's eyes suddenly burst into tears, shaking his head pitifully: "does uncle dislike me?

When I grow up, you think I'm not cute. Do you want to find an aunt to get married and have another baby? "

Nangong Yao was slightly stunned, and then said seriously: "Siqing, uncle is thirty-two years old this year. I really want to find a wife, have a baby and be your partner."

"I don't want it, I don't want it!"

Nangong Siqing suddenly jumped away from him with tears in his eyes: "my uncle will not hurt me if he has a baby."


Nangong Yao had some heartache. He didn't expect that the child would be so dependent on him. Four years ago, he went back to China and found the woman who saved his mother's life. He was very moved at that time. He wanted to have a further start with her. Unfortunately, Nangong Siqing, who was only nine years old, planned to cut her wrist with a knife. At that time, he was directly shocked. He didn't expect her The response will be so great.

Now, he spent another four years with her. He thought that when she grew up, her mind would be mature and sensible. In fact, he seemed to be wrong.

Just when the atmosphere was stalemate, the doorbell rang. Nangong Siqing took a look at the gate, turned around and ran upstairs.

Nangong Yao's eyebrows twisted. A servant came. Nangong Yao waved, "I'll go myself."

The servant then retreated, Nangong Yaoshen walked to the door, through the beautiful courtyard, at the gate, he opened a small door.

The street lamp beside the small door reflected a face that made him remember deeply, and he lost his soul instantly.

Lingnuan stood outside the door, and Mu Yun, who was forcibly pulled by her to act as a lobbyist.


Mu Yun also recognized Nangong Yao, because his facial features are very deep, with a bit of mixed blood deep facial features, which are his eyes.

Nangong Yao's breath was a little tight. He didn't expect that he would meet the amazing people in the night.

"It's me!"

Nangong Yao's lips are thin and light. He smiles with shame and embarrassment, but his eyes fall on Mu Yun's face uncontrollably.

Ling wennuan looked at two people in surprise: "no, you know?

Don't say it. "

"No, just once."

Murun's light answer.

Nangong Yao's expression was complicated. I remember that he went to the school to find the headmaster himself. In order to meet her, he asked the headmaster to put pressure on her to help his niece with her study. Unfortunately, after the event of wrist cutting, he didn't dare to follow.

"Please come in and talk."

Nangong Yao returns to God, suppresses the inner ecstasy, pretends to be a calm opening.

Two women came in, Ling wennuan looked around and marveled in secret. As expected, it was the rich family. The garden was so well built and magnificent.

Mu Yun was a little bored. On that side, she always felt that she was being played.

Although she was reluctant to be a tutor at the beginning, she made an appointment to meet at night and called directly to say that everything was cancelled. What was she?

Nangong Yao walks in the back, and her eyes fall on Mu Yun. She has been married for so many years?

Do you have a boyfriend?

My heart is astringent. If I want to ask, I can't ask. Nangong Yao's heart is very painful.

Entering the living room, nangongyao asked the servant to bring the drinks and fruits, and put a table full of delicate things. Ling wennuan and Muyun sat on the sofa and exchanged a look. Suddenly, the man seemed to live delicately.

"Cough Siqing is my niece! "

Nangong Yao was also embarrassed. He lied to her that he was his younger sister, but in fact, it was his niece. So, at this moment, he explained this to Mu Yun.

"I know. Siqing told me today."

Ling wennuan was an outsider. He didn't know what he meant, so he immediately smiled and nodded.

"You are Siqing's director, aren't you?

I'm sorry, I wasn't in China some time ago. I haven't been able to make an appointment. "

Nangong Yao thinks Ling Nuan is the former head teacher. He apologizes immediately.

"It doesn't matter. I'm not the one who asked you. I just took their class today. It's best to see one side. Siqing doesn't like talking very much in school and doesn't pay much attention to class. It seems that she has something on her mind. As her parent, do you care about it?"

Ling wennuan immediately threw out the problem and wanted to see his reflection.

Nangong Yao looks down and says, "well, Siqing is my niece. She has been raised by me. She has a strong dependence on me. She is not very happy to send her back to study."

"And his parents?"

Moyun suddenly asked.

Nangong Yao looks a little sad: "my eldest brother died many years ago. Her mother is developing in China. I sent her back home this time to make her more close to her mother and stay with her mother in the future."

"Does Mr. Nangong know Siqing's mind?

Can you persuade her? "

Ling wennuan was a little surprised. He couldn't really see that the noble man in front of him had brought up his niece. This affection is really great.

"I I've been trying to persuade her. "

Nangong yaojunmei's face flashed a trace of helplessness: "when she was young, I wanted to talk about separation when she grew up. Now, when she grew up, I I don't know how to deal with her. "

"May I ask if Mr. Nangong is married?"

Ling warms up with a smile.

Nangong Yao looks at Muyun quickly, and Muyun is also obsessed with him. He hasn't seen him for several years. It seems that this man has become more beautiful.

"No, I've been single."

Nangong Yao replied directly.