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The old lady glared at him. "Then tell me, why is she still unwilling to marry you? Could she have fallen for someone else? "

Ji Xiao Han shook his head: "I need to nurture his regarding matters of the heart. She can't possibly treat me with affection the first time he sees me, since I'm not in a hurry anyway, I'm slowly warming up my feelings for her."

The old lady looked a little embarrassed, as if she had slapped herself on the face, and sighed: "I didn't agree before, but I saw that the two of you didn't even have a mother to accompany you when you grew up, so I always felt that I owed you both a lot. This is the legacy of your two lives, after thinking about it, I feel that it's better for you two to quickly get married.

"Then can grandma stop talking about her mistakes in the future? She really isn't easy to deal with!" Ji Xiao Han was ecstatic, as long as he could pass the test of his grandmother, everything that happened next would become logical.

I know she's not easy. I'm also a woman, and also a mother. Previously, it was indeed difficult for her to bring two children by herself. The old lady had not slept at all late at night because she was prepared to speak these words to Ji Xiao Han.

She had a long discussion with Old Man Ji as well. In the end, the two elders had already agreed to marry each other.

Ji Xiao Han hugged Grandma again, his tone filled with gratitude and joy: "Grandma, thank you for your help. At the beginning, I was still thinking, what if you don't agree to our marriage, then what should I do!?"

"What can you do? "You are the grandson that I brought up by one hand, do you dare to be disrespectful to me?" The old lady stared at him arrogantly, but even though she was being stubborn, her eyes were filled with love for her grandson.

Ji Xiao Han nodded, and smiled as he resigned himself to his fate: "That's only natural. You are my most respected grandmother, how could I be disrespectful to you? It's late, go upstairs and sleep. "

"Yes, I've already cleaned up the two children and they have already gone to bed. You should hurry up and rest." The old lady coming did indeed save Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You a lot of trouble.

Kids were indeed young and needed company and care. The two elders replaced their parents and gave them an alternate education. This was a brand-new experience and the two kids gradually adapted to it. They even started to like being together with them.

Ji Xiao Han personally opened the car door for Grandma, then instructed the driver to drive slower before turning around and walking up the stairs.

Ji Xiao Han pushed the door open, and saw that Tang You You was actually not bathing, but sleeping on the bed.

He had only taken off his jacket and was wearing a short, knee-length skirt and a thin white shirt.

Ji Xiao Han's lips slightly rose, was he really that tired?

Although he felt that he shouldn't have disturbed her, Ji Xiao Han still couldn't help but walk over to her and look at his daughter who was sleeping soundly behind her.

The little guy hugged her blanket in his arms and slept soundly.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's cute appearance, and his heart was filled with satisfaction.

However, when he looked at Tang You You again, he felt that something was wrong with her.

He reached out and touched her forehead. Why was it still so hot?

Just now in the car, he thought that they were hugging because the temperature was too high. But now, she was still so hot, she must be sick.

"Rest in peace, wake up!" Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin lightly slapped her face twice.

Tang You You had truly woken up, and when she looked at him tiredly, she said weakly: "Why aren't you going to sleep?"

"You're sick and feverish. I'll take you to the hospital!" Ji Xiao Han said with a suppressed voice.

Tang You You then propped herself up, and touched her forehead, following that, she pointed to a small drawer: "Give me the thermometer!"

Seeing her calm expression, Ji Xiao Han frowned: "You can't eat this medicine carelessly, I'll bring you to find my doctor!"

"It's not that troublesome, just put some hot water on it for me and I'll be fine!" Tang You You felt that it was already so late. Finding a doctor was really too troublesome.

"What's the use of soaking in hot water? You must go to the doctor and get your medicine! " Because Ji Xiao Han never got sick, he felt that the person beside him had gotten sick. This was a huge matter that was worth taking seriously.

"It's really alright, I was like this before. Help me put a jar of hot water inside, heat it up a little, and I'll soak in it!" Tang You You's body was weak, but his will was clearer.

"Are you sure you don't want to see a doctor?" Ji Xiao Han frowned.

"There's really no need!" Tang You You laughed: "Ask Uncle Yuan if there are any cold medicine at home, I will take some!"

Looking at her calm expression, Ji Xiao Han really thought that she would be fine, so he turned around and went into the bathroom to fill her up with steaming hot water.

Tang You You looked at him in shock: "What are you doing in here?"

"I'm afraid you'll fall!" Ji Xiao Han answered seriously.

"I'm not a child, I won't fall down. You can leave!" Tang You You started to laugh unhappily. No matter what, Ji Xiao Han still treated her like a child.

Just when Tang You You was beginning to think that she could be arrogant, she did not notice that there was a large patch of wetness on the floor beneath her. She stepped forward barefooted, and her center of gravity instantly became unstable, as she anxiously tried to grab onto something.

"This is the result of disobedience!" Ji Xiao Han reprimanded her as he saw her panicked expression.

With an embarrassed expression, Tang You You quickly took a step back from his embrace and muttered: "It must be because I'm dizzy and dizzy, otherwise, how could I fall?"

"You're sick, yet you still dare to be stubborn. Stop trying to show off. I'm going to watch you soak in this bath until the end!" Ji Xiao Han now had an extremely reasonable reason to watch her take a bath.