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The atmosphere of the celebration was pretty good. We had friendly exchanges and sincere greetings. However, this was limited to most people, a small number of them, but they looked stiff and frustrated.

This small group of people, they support different parties, and they do not want the power and wealth of Ji Xiaohan to grow again. At this moment, they are not happy to see the victory of the celebration. He can only smile hypocritically, say irrelevant words, and watch Ji Xiaohan's every move, hoping to find enough gaps and weaknesses to defeat him. When

they look at the charming Tang youyou beside Ji Xiaohan, there is one thing in everyone's eyes.

Ji Xiaohan cares too much about that woman. Without this party, they would think that Tang youyou married Ji Xiaohan, because she gave birth to two children for Ji's family. They really don't take Tang youyou seriously. A man with a strong business purpose, such as Ji Xiaohan, should only care about his career and wealth.

But it was obvious that they were shocked by the scene in the banquet hall today. Season

Xiao Han is not too sweet to protect and take care of Tang youyou in secret. Root

is to pull hate value, because it is the existence of Tang Youyou, it makes all the women on the scene have jealousy. Maybe a woman will not be jealous of another woman's wealth and appearance, but they will definitely envy that a woman is cared for by a man, which is nature. At the gate of the meeting hall, Ji Lin comes with his son Ji Shangqing. He didn't come in at once when they were standing outside the door, just exchanged a look. "

What are you bringing me here for?" Ji Shangqing's face was a little ugly. He didn't expect that his father would take him to a place, but it would be a celebration dinner party for Ji's family. "

don't you want to see more Tang youyou? Go in. She should be in it. " Ji Lin laughs at him lightly. Ji Qingqing's face was even more livid. He snorted angrily, "I don't want to see her in such a place, even if I want to see her. If I come here, I will be hit at all."

"It turns out that you can still be hit by others. I thought your heart would be as calm as water." Ji Lin also snorted. Recently, his fighting spirit is rising, but his son's fighting spirit is declining, which makes him feel a sense of crisis. He must bring his son to be stimulated.

Ji Shangqing doesn't care about him. He turns around and leaves. "

is it clear that you don't have the courage to face your opponent? What a disappointment! " Ji Lin suddenly became severe.

Ji Shangqing didn't take five steps. He turned back and said to Ji Lin, "you don't need to excite me like this. I know what I'm doing!"

With that, Ji Shangqing stepped into the banquet hall.

Ji Lin's smile froze.

Not long after Ji Lin and his son entered the arena, Ji Yueze also came. Brother Ji won such a big project. Of course, he was very happy for him.

However, as soon as he stepped in, he saw Ji Shangqing's father and son, and his face suddenly turned ugly.

Why are these two people running here? Ji was nudged by his father and pointed at his back with his eyes. Looking back, Ji Qingqing and Ji Yueze have an eye to each other. The anger in their eyes is enough to burn each other to ashes. "

hum, it's a disappointment!" Ji Shangqing immediately turned around and left, an expression that he didn't want to be in the same frame as Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze's face was ugly. He snorted coldly and went in the opposite direction.

Ji Shangqing passed through the crowd, far away, he saw Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou. They were surrounded by a group of guests, smiling and chatting, and the atmosphere was warm. Season's steps stopped at once. Shangqing's hand was holding the glass tightly. If it wasn't of good quality, he was afraid that it would be crushed directly at the moment.

The hardest thing in the world is not to love but not to. At this moment, he even has no right to love. Season

Shangqing's heart is like burning a fire, which burns all the way to his brain. His brain is buzzing. Everything around him seems to be separated by the fire. He has to drink the cold liquor in the cup on his head, which makes his mind clear. "

too bullying, bullying me to this point!" Ji Shangqing murmured that he took Ji Xiaohan as the sinner he loved. Today, he didn't come here voluntarily, so he was not interested in everything around him. He just sat on the bar next to him and drank from cup to cup.

The guests here are basically to make up for Ji Xiaohan. Without his father's ambition and snobbery, Ji Shangqing can't rob his customers at Ji Xiaohan's banquet.

Ji linlai also came here with a purpose. Recently, he secretly communicated with a group of forces and directly fell to the current presidential palace. That's why Ji Linjia was able to cope with the situation. He picked the biggest rough wood he thought was. The president's power was prominent, which was most helpful for his revenge. Moreover, Ji Xiaohan had poor vision and even picked the young one Vice president, it's like breaking your own path.

Ji Lin came here today. The guests he talked to were from the president's side. So he had a good time talking. Every family knows the best way to win, but it will take time to prove who wins and who loses. Ji

Yueze goes to elder brother's side and directly takes a glass of wine to drink. He looks black and asks: "elder brother, how did you invite those two people here? Haven't you put them on your blacklist yet? " Ji

Xiao Han's eyes had already swept over Ji Lin's father and son. At the moment, his brother's words made him lower his voice: "just give grandpa and grandma a face. After all, it's a family. If you don't invite them, it will make people gossip."

"Elder brother, you are also concerned about this. If I were you, I would not let them step further." Ji Yueze's character has always been stronger. He doesn't play tricks like Ji Xiaohan. He only works according to his temperament. "

OK, just ignore them." Ji Xiaohan patted his brother on the shoulder and comforted him. Beside

side Tang youyou listened to the dialogue between brothers, and his eyes couldn't help looking over there.

But did not expect, she directly on Ji Shangqing's eyes, her face a stiff. Ji held up her cup in the Qing Dynasty, which was regarded as a greeting, but the look in her eyes was disturbing. Don

you have to tighten your eyes and stop looking at him. Is Ji Shangqing drunk? Even in the case of so many people, still stare at her like this without blinking.

Ji Xiaohan also found this, squinting his eyes. Then he told Lu Qing, "Ji Shangqing is drunk and asked some people to carry him away."