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Ji Yueze didn't see Bai Yiyan again. He was shocked to see such a scene. Don't you see her sitting in a place where she's lost her soul and looks haggard and sad? Isn't it because she's drunk in a bar or can't get out? What's the situation now?

Ji Yueze instinctively clenched, as if he wanted to get into the screen, beat the man who invited her to dinner, bought her water, and finally sent her home.

After watching the video, Ji couldn't calm down for a long time until his assistant ran to him and asked, "boss, it's been delayed for five minutes!" "

you are presiding over it for me. I have something urgent now!" Ji Yueze is not in the mood to go to the meeting now. If he can't figure out the whole thing now, he will collapse on the spot.

After Ji Yueze handed over the documents to the assistant, he immediately turned around and walked to his office. At the same time, he unplugged the mobile phone of the staff member.

"Hello, boss, that's Miss Bai. I'm not mistaken." The man on the other side immediately asked him proudly, feeling that he had made great contributions and was waiting for a reward. "

why is she there? What is she doing there? Who is that man? Where are they going? " Ji Yueze asked several questions with his temperament. He listened carefully, and was angry with the pressure. Workers:

workers: "..."

"I'll give you a day to find out. Besides, I want you to follow me now and see what they're going to do. If that man is going to plot against her, you'll beat me to death. I'll count the death and the injury." Ji Yueze's chest heaves hard at the moment. He feels that his delicious cake will be carved up by others. How can he bear it?

The voice of the staff was shaking. They immediately replied: "don't worry, boss, we are following Miss Bai's car now. We will find out the whole thing. As for the man you just said to hit Do you really want to fight? We are afraid of being caught. "

"I mean, if he wants to bully Bai Yiyan, he will call me. I didn't say that he wants you to fight now. Do you understand?" Ji Yueze really doubts whether his ears are out of order. He can't understand him. "

understand, boss, don't worry. With us here, he will never bully Miss Bai." The staff immediately received the instruction. "

send me the address, I want to go!" Ji Yueze is still uneasy, because Bai Yiyan is in a much better state than he thought. It's ironic. He's thinking crazy here. She's living in a happy and free life. It's unfair.

The staff immediately told him the exact address. Ji

Yue Zedang immediately made a decision, booked a ticket, and took several of his assistants to Bai Yiyan.

It seems that this woman really went to the place where Bai Zhenzhen once took her. Moreover, the town is very remote. How could she appear there? She is going to get married and have children there. Has she lived the rest of her life? No, he doesn't. Bai

Yiyan returns to school in Wang Xin's car. She looks at the time and is about to have class. At the moment, Ji Yueze, who was on his way to the airport, received another video.

A school appeared in the video. Bai Yiyan's black car drove into the school, but the staff's car couldn't get in, so she had to wait outside. "

you stare at me. Don't let Bai Yiyan escape again!" After Ji Yueze dropped this sentence, he hung up.

I turned out the first video and watched it several times over and over again. The more I watched it, the more I became angry. I always felt that it was not the scenes I wanted, which made him feel extremely frustrated.

Yang ChuChu paid for the dessert and looked out of the window. Suddenly, several little girls ran to her and took out their cell phones to pat her: "you are Yang ChuChu, you are so beautiful." Yang

looked at the mobile phones in their hands with a look of panic, but soon she raised her hand to block her face: "please, don't shoot, I just came out to sit!" A few girls also consciously put away their mobile phones, and then sit next to her. They want to have a close look at the stars that can only be seen in the camera. Yang

knew clearly that her time alone was gone. She got up, put on her mask, and said goodbye to the girls. Then she lowered her head and hurried to check out.

The girls who took her pictures immediately took them to show off in the circle of friends.

Soon, these photos were forwarded crazily. Yang ChuChu's face was facing the camera lens in a circle just now, which made her feel sad. Her shining eyes also lost their luster. Yang almost ran back to the bus. She suddenly realized that her life was really a failure. When she was frustrated, she didn't have a friend to talk to. After the most

thought of Tang Youyou, she had to drive to find Tang youyou.

When I came to the front desk, I found out that Tang youyou had not come to the company in recent days. She asked for leave. Yang

ChuChu has to turn around and leave. Yes, everyone has something to be busy with. The family to be cared for, sister youyou is married and has children. Of course, she has a lot to be busy with. When Yang ChuChu planned to leave with his head down, he saw a car parked outside the hall door, and the person who came down from the car was Tang youyou.

"Sister youyou?" Yang ChuChu immediately raised his hand and wiped his eyes with disbelief, feeling that this moment was like a dream. Don

youyou is coming from the driver's car. As soon as she gets off the bus, she hears someone calling for her. She looks up and Yang ChuChu has run towards her. Next second, she is held. "

sister youyou!" At this moment, Yang ChuChu is like a lost child, who suddenly finds someone to confide in.

"What's the matter this is?" Tang youyou was shocked for a moment, then asked with a gentle smile. "

sister Youyou, may I go to your office for tea?" Yang ChuChu asked in a low voice, his eyes full of entreaties. "

come on, follow me!" Tang youyou is also idle at home. She thought of the company coming to work. Unexpectedly, Yang ChuChu came to see her. Of course, she is happy. "

sister Youyou, have you asked for leave these days?" Yang ChuChu asked her curiously.

"Yes, something happened at home. How are you? Last time lohnin and sister muleen got married, you didn't come! " Tang youyou looks at her loss and asks her about it. "

I I don't want to come, I just don't dare! " Yang ChuChu laughs bitterly at himself. "

why dare not come? You are Luo Jinyu's girlfriend. You will be a family later! " Tang youyou is more curious.