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C1632 a good escape

Zhang Luyao has never been threatened so fiercely. After the shock, she was angry and disappointed. There was also a trace of resentment and unwillingness. Mu Weicheng wanted to warm up for Ling. What does this prove? I'm afraid that people who don't have brains can think it's because of love.

Zhang Luyao didn't expect that he rarely has a man who can see, but he doesn't like himself, and he also likes the Ling Nuan he hates. It's like stabbing a knife in her heart, or in the most painful place.

"Mu Weicheng, you must be blind. How many times warmer I am than Ling, you don't know." Zhang Luyao is stamping her feet and muttering with red eyes. She has a good family background. Besides, her grandfather is still a member of the royal family. She has a quarter of the foreign royal blood. Her facial features are absolutely perfect mixed race. Even if you look at the whole school, you can't pick out a better facial features than her face.

There are many pursuers of Zhang Luyao. It's just because a group of men are chasing her that they make her look higher than the top. They don't put any boys in their eyes. When Mu Weicheng first came, Zhang Luyao didn't really feel very moved. However, when she was severely taught by Mu Weicheng, she suddenly became moved.

She finally found a man who was not interested in her. Moreover, this man is so beautiful and has such a good figure. If she challenges and conquers him, she will surely get double happiness. Zhang Luyao finally takes Mu Weicheng as her goal.

But she has not yet launched the initiative to attack, Mu Weicheng directly put her into the blacklist.

This sense of frustration, more inspired her morale, she will never admit defeat.

Ling Nuan and Chen Fuyu found a restaurant beside the school and sat down. Chen Fuyu ordered many good dishes to greet Ling Nuan.

"Sister Fuyu, that's enough. It's too wasteful for us to eat so many dishes." Ling warm immediately advised.

"Not much. We haven't seen each other for such a long time. I'll treat you to dinner and have a good time." Chen Fuyu smiles and shakes his head.

"Sister Fuyu, where have you been in the last two years? We all lost touch. Did you find a boyfriend and get married? Don't tell me I have a baby. " Ling wennuan is a girl of ancient spirit, and now she naturally has a lot of strange thoughts.

Chen Fuyu immediately shook his head, showing a sad smile: "warm, when I was at work, there was an accident, these two years have been healing, not as good as you said."

"Really? Where is the injury? Is it serious? " Ling wennuan's face was surprised, then she was asked about it.

"Well, it's ok now. It's warm. I want to ask you something." Chen Fuyu lowered his head and opened his mouth.

"What's the matter, you say." Ling replied immediately.

Chen Fuyu looks up at the girl with sparkling eyes. She suddenly hesitates.

She doesn't know whether it's a trick for her to get to know Lingmo Feng's current situation from lingnuan, but she really doesn't want to give up and leave like this. Her delay doesn't mean that she can't correct this kind of fault.

"Sister Fuyu, is it difficult? What is it? " Ling wennuan asks her anxiously.

Chen Fuyu vibrated his courage at the bottom of his heart. Then he looked up at Ling Nuan and said, "Nuan, do you know? I always like your brother very much. Two years ago, I was injured accidentally. I stayed in the hospital for half a year before I woke up. It was warm. I was so miserable and regretful. Why didn't I tell your brother about it two years ago? In fact, I had feelings. He was also attracted to me. "

Ling wennuan's beautiful eyes widened beyond belief. She held the small hand of the teacup tightly for two times. After a while, she began nervously: "sister Fuyu, what do you mean by that? Do you like my big brother? But you know what? He is engaged to my sister-in-law. They are going to have a wedding at the beginning of next month. "

Chen Fuyu thought Ling Nuan would help her talk or comfort her, but when she heard her voice calling for sister-in-law lanyanxi, her heart was thumping.

"I know, so I am very painful, also very regretful, am I this my destiny? I've been missing, warm, I know I'm shameless to say this to you now, but I really can't, I can't find anyone to help me, I've been very good to you, you can feel it, right? So, please do me a favor. " Chen Fuyu said, at the same time, she suddenly reached out her hand and held Ling wennuan's hand on the table. Her eyes were full of sadness and pleading.

Ling Nuan was shocked. When she heard her words, she unconsciously pulled her hand back from Chen Fuyu's hand. She put her hands tightly in front of her body, and the smile on her face was not strong: "sister Fuyu, I know what you mean, but I'm sorry, I can't help you to destroy the relationship between my eldest brother and my sister-in-law. You may have just returned home, but they don't know now How sweet is the relationship? Did you say my brother once had a heart attack on you? I don't really know that, but my brother is really moved by my sister-in-law. I can see it with both eyes. "

Chen Fuyu looks at Ling wennuan's forced fake smile. Her heart is falling. She finds that she seems to have found a wrong helper. Although Ling wennuan had a good relationship with her, she called her sister sweetly after her when she was a child. She was lovely and likeable. But why, when she was a child, she was likable and grew up, but she was not so cute?

"Warm, you seem to like Miss blue very much. I heard that she has a lot of money in her family. Did she give you a lot of presents?" Chen Fuyu immediately joked.

Ling wennuan is not stupid. She hears Chen Fuyu's implication. It seems that Lan Yanxi has bribed people with money. She immediately frowns and explains: "sister Fuyu, what's wrong with you? My sister-in-law's family background is very good, but she's better. I know you think of her as your rival now. In your eyes, she may be a rich man who can play tricks She's a rich lady, but in fact, she doesn't really care much, and she hasn't given me gifts to receive or sell me. "

The smile on Chen Fuyu's face was a little frozen. She was just joking. Ling wennuan felt that she was deliberately blackening Blue Yan Xi.

"Warm, don't get me wrong, I have no malice, I just feel She doesn't match your brother. She should be very young, and her ability should be very general. I always think that your brother should match a woman with high education and ability, so that he can have more face in the world. Do you think I'm objective? " Chen Fuyu immediately forced a smile to explain.

Ling Nuan suddenly didn't like to listen to Chen Fuyu. She couldn't squeeze out a smile on her face. She took a sip of tea and whispered, "sister Fuyu, how do you know my sister-in-law's education is not high? In fact, she is very good. She has a high education, which is no worse than my elder brother. You don't think my brother is now Mr. President, but he is so good. You need to know I said, I don't think my brother is worthy of my sister-in-law, and I don't think my sister-in-law has taken much advantage of marrying my brother. What the first lady needs is not an excellent woman with high ability, but a person with good conduct and high Eq. "

Chen Fuyu looks as if she has been hit on the face. Her face is a little stiff. Suddenly, she doesn't know how to continue the topic. She feels that what she wants to say is blocked by Ling Nuan.

"Sister Fuyu, it suddenly occurred to me that there was something urgent. Let's go first. I'll treat you next time." Lingnuan said, she immediately stood up and left quickly.

Seeing that Ling is faster than a rabbit, Chen Fuyu directly throws the glass in his hand: "Oh, time can really test a person's character. How close she was to me at that time. Unexpectedly, it's only two years since she disappeared, and the relationship is so weak."

Ling wennuan ran out and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead. Just now she was really sweating nervously. In her mind, Chen Fuyu is an elegant and beautiful elder sister, but now it seems that she even wants to get involved in the marriage between her elder brother and her sister-in-law. This idea is too dangerous and not kind.

Even if big brother had something to do with her, after all, nothing happened. She can't kidnap big brother with her past feelings. It's immoral.

Fortunately, she runs fast. Otherwise, she is really afraid that she will quarrel with her on the spot.