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Tang You You looked around randomly. Ji Xiao Han, who was at the side, didn't look like any other boyfriend either. Once he entered the shop, he picked a chair and sat down, waiting for his girlfriend to pick her clothes.

On the contrary, Ji Xiao Han held his hands behind his back and followed behind Tang You You with light footsteps, choosing together with her.

After Tang You You circled around, she actually did not pick out a single piece of clothing, nor did she try.

"No, I just want to see more. I only try when I see one that I like!" Tang You You immediately replied vaguely.

"But I think there was a lot that was suitable for you to wear just now!" Ji Xiao Han spoke the truth.

Although Tang You You's figure could not be considered tall, her legs were still slender, and her waist was skinny.

"Is that so? I didn't pay close attention! " Tang You You replied in surprise.

"How about this, I'll pick one later, you go and try it, then buy it. If not, tomorrow's registration will be Quarterly accompanying his girlfriend on Madness Street for an afternoon, not willing to buy a single piece of clothing for her. Why?" Ji Xiao Han joked.

Tang You You was stunned, her small face suddenly flushed red. She did not expect this man to be so humorous.

"Alright, pick one for me. If you find it attractive, I'll go and try it on!" Tang You You didn't want to stand here and argue with him.

Thus, in the next hour, Tang You You tried a total of close to a hundred different styles of clothes, and in the end, Ji Xiao Han simply did not let her try.

"Hey, Ji Xiao Han, it's enough, why are you buying so much?" Tang You You stood at the side. As he listened to the number of prices given by the Buyer, his entire body jumped in fear.

Forget about the price, the main reason was that the quantity was simply too astonishing.

She wouldn't be able to wear it all in five years.

Why didn't Ji Xiao Han just pack everything up and send them back to the shop?

Ji Xiao Han looked at the soft and petite hand that he had grabbed over unknowingly, and was slightly surprised. Soon after, he smiled: "Alright, we won't be buying!"

Tang You You finally let out a long sigh of relief. Oh my god, it's said that women shop really crazily, but today she could finally see it.

Ji Xiao Han turned around and asked a bodyguard, "In a while, ask them to send all the packed items back home."

The bodyguard immediately answered and accepted the glorious mission.

Tang You You's entire body was covered in sweat, following behind the man, her small face was completely red.

"You bought too much!" How can I possibly finish dressing! " Tang You You was still muttering to herself.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head and looked at her, and laughed: "Throw away everything that's for the new season, we'll continue to buy next year's edition."

When Tang You You heard him talk about us, his heart was already throbbing so hard that it was about to jump out of his chest.

This man really knew how to grab a woman's heart. Wasn't buying or buying the easiest way to move a woman?

The elevator suddenly stopped at one floor. Tang You You shuddered and looked at the man: "Where are we? Aren't we going down to the parking lot? "

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but grab onto her small hands: "I still have to buy some things!"

"What?" Tang You You was extremely surprised.

"Since we have bought the clothes then of course we have to ask for jewelry and accessories. We will go to the jewelry district to take a look." Ji Xiao Han said with his thin lips, and his tall body had already half dragged and half dragged her towards that direction.

"I don't want jewelry, I don't like those things, so you'd better not buy them. Just now, I've already wasted so much of your money. If you don't feel sorry for me, my heart would ache for you." Tang You You immediately expressed his preference.

Unfortunately, how could a man trust her?

"Buying things for you, how can that be called wasting? [Firstly, you didn't force me, secondly, you didn't beg me. Secondly, you didn't force me. I'll be sad. " Ji Xiao Han began to speak of his mesmerizing and moving words again.

Tang You You, "..."

"Ji Xiao Han, if you continue to buy for me like this, I might really fall onto you. Do you believe me?" At this moment, Tang You You's mind was in a mess, and his words had lost their seriousness.

Ji Xiao Han's footsteps suddenly stopped. Without any warning, Tang You You crashed into his body, and even his head felt a bit painful from the impact.

She touched her forehead and raised her head to look at him strangely. She saw that his gaze was fixated on her little face.

"Are you serious about what you just said?" The man's voice was low and magnetic.

"Which sentence?" Tang You You blinked his eyes. What did he just say?

"You want to blame me?" Ji Xiao Han immediately picked the main point.

Tang You You was only joking with him just now, she just wanted to scare this man a little. But she didn't expect that not only did she not scare him, she was even scared by him.

"What are you doing?" Tang You You immediately took a step back. Unfortunately, her small hands were still being held onto by the man, so she couldn't escape anymore.

Ji Xiao Han's tall and sturdy body took a step forward, and leaned very close to her. With a low voice, he asked: "I just want to know if you have seriously considered this question?"

"Quarterly, can't you hear that I was just joking with you?" Tang You You was so frightened that his face turned red, he quickly lowered his head and tidied up the long hair beside his ears, hiding his heart that was about to jump out.

"Why make such a joke? Don't you know I'll take it seriously? " As expected, the man was annoyed, as if his sincerity had been trampled on.

Tang You You froze, and could no longer raise her head to look at him.

Was there a need for this man to be so serious? This was too boring.

"Let's go. From the looks of it, you haven't left me yet. I still need to buy you more things." The man's deep laughter entered his ears.

Tang You You looked up and saw his teasing expression. He immediately realized that what he had said just now was actually meant to tease her.

This was simply too despicable.