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C1372: escape from the dead

LAN Yanxi finally managed to win the sympathy of his male colleagues by a little means. He promised to drive her to the city. After taking his car, LAN Yanxi began to take out his mobile phone to send messages to Ling Mo Feng. He told him all the things that had happened just now. Ling Mo Feng was immediately nervous.

If you want to call her, but it's inconvenient, you can only tell her on the text message. You must be careful not to be plotted against. You can escape to the city and find a place to hide. Even if the old president's claws and teeth are no more powerful, he can't reach abroad to cover the sky.

"Don't worry, as long as I enter the city, I will be able to hide well!" LAN Yanxi confidently sent a message. She is still familiar with the city. It is difficult to catch her without the ability to go all out.

"By the way, where is Cheng Yuan? Aren't you inseparable? " Male colleagues driving, suddenly think of Cheng Yuan's sense of existence, Cheng Yuan is a female officer, skilled, she has been taking care of LAN Yanxi, presumably, Qiao Zhuo is also afraid of Cheng Yuan's existence, so she dare not mess with LAN Yanxi.

"She went out to see a friend today, not at my side." Said blue Yanxi with a bitter face.

"I see. Sit still. I'll drive faster!" A male colleague reminded her.

When Qiao Zhuo ran down from the upstairs, he found that Lan Yanxi and his male colleague were not in the cafe at all. He was stiff, and his face flashed with anger. He went to the front desk service personnel to find out that Lan Yanxi had left in the male colleague's sports car.

Qiao Zhuo's fist beat hard on the wall. LAN Yanxi's brain was still very good. He could smell the danger so quickly and escaped first.

It's better to escape. It's more convenient not to start under the eyes of these colleagues.

Qiao Zhuo sneers, blue Yan Xi leaves here, absolutely is not the wise choice.

But stay, she will be more dangerous.

LAN Yanxi sees a supermarket in front of her and suddenly stops her male colleague. She says she wants to buy some bread when she is hungry.

After parking, lanyanxi quickly got into the supermarket, but she didn't buy anything, and went out from the other side of the supermarket. Then, she beckoned to stop a taxi and went straight to the city.

After waiting for the taxi to leave for some time, she called her boyfriend and said that she met a friend who was going to leave in his car and thanked him for everything.

LAN Yanxi just hung up, Zhang Lu's phone went into the male colleague's cell phone and scared him directly.

"Zhang How can you call me, Minister Zhang? " Male colleagues were flattered.

"Is Lan Yanxi in your car? Take her back to the hotel "

" minister Zhang, LAN Yanxi is not in my car. She left in a friend's car just now. " The male colleague answers nervously.

"What? Do you know where she's going? "

"I don't know. She only said to go to the city, but she didn't say how to buy it!"

"Well, I see. Her sense of collective honor is not strong. After a few days of training, all kinds of running around are reflected in me. You can't learn from her!" Zhang Lu immediately takes out official tune to cover up his behavior.

"Yes, I dare not learn from her!" Male colleagues immediately repeated their voices.

LAN Yanxi managed to get rid of Qiao Zhuo's pursuit. She took a taxi and came to the city. She bought a hat and mask at the first time and armed herself.

I changed my work clothes again, dressed in a large white down jacket and wrapped myself tightly. This pair of clothes is very unlikely to be recognized.

LAN Yanxi wanders around the shopping mall in a casual way. She could have found a place to hide, but she hopes to find Cheng Yuan's whereabouts within her ability.

Qiao Zhuo receives Zhang Lu's phone call and learns that lanyanxi has escaped again. Moreover, this time she escaped without trace. To find her is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Minister Zhang, I'm sure that she and Ling Mo Feng are not in the apparent relationship. Maybe Ling Mo Feng likes her. If we find her this time, we can't let her go. We can take her to threaten Ling Mo Feng." Qiao Zhuo's words excitedly encouraged Zhang Lu to believe his guess.

"Qiao Zhuo, should you calm down? At present, you are the one who messed up the matter. These questions you put forward are just questions. In case Ling Mo Feng doesn't care about LAN Yanxi's life and death, do you want me to bear a life with Mr. President? It's not a joke. You can sober me up. " Zhang Lu immediately reprimanded him severely and asked him not to make a light decision.

Qiao Zhuo was scolded and frustrated, but he was still not convinced. He immediately applied: "minister Zhang, I want to go to the city to find her whereabouts."

"You don't have to mix in any more. You've already exposed your identity. Next, you'd better do your own thing well." Zhang Lu was so disappointed with him that he expected Ling Mo Feng to wear a green hat and humiliate him. Now, he can't wear a green hat and expose himself. Zhang Lu has regarded him as an abandoned son.

Qiaozhuo's whole person was stunned. Although Zhang Lu didn't specify it, he saw that his career stopped here. Even if there is room to rise in the future, it won't be too big. His value, in Zhang Lu's eyes, is nothing.

JOJO suddenly hated lanyanxi. This woman ruined his future and his reputation. He could not let her go.

After hanging up Zhang Lu's phone, Qiao Zhuo stopped a car and went straight to the city.

He must find LAN Yanxi, prove that his guess is right, and let Ling Mo Feng collapse.

Lanyanxi, with her two legs and a few streets of different sizes, has been walking all over the place, so tired that she is about to soften.

She wanted to find a hotel to stay in, but she didn't dare because she needed an ID card to register.

She can't reveal her identity. The power of the old president is not small. In case of finding her position, she will be more dangerous.

At last, LAN Yanxi found a coffee shop, huddled on the sofa and closed his eyes for a while.

When she woke up, it was early in the morning. The waiter outside the door came to urge her: "excuse me, miss, we are going to close the door!"

LAN Yanxi rubbed his aching legs and feet painfully, smiled at each other sheepishly, and then got up and walked out.

At this moment, the street outside is dark, LAN Yanxi does not know where to go, suddenly helpless.

She has never felt helpless since she was a child. She has money and can buy the best service and enjoyment with money everywhere. But now, she has money but dare not stay in the most expensive hotel.

When blue Yan Xi's eyes were sore, a low-key black car came running from far to near.

Finally, with a squeaky brake, she stopped in front of her.

LAN Yanxi's eyes widened in fright, and he planned to escape. When he saw the door open, deputy Chu looked at her anxiously: "Miss LAN, are you ok? Are you hurt?"

LAN Yanxi looked at the adjutant Chu incredulously, but he didn't expect to find her.

"I I'm fine. How did you find me? " LAN Yanxi was surprised and pleased at the moment and could not speak.

"I found you through the location of your mobile phone. Sir, I'm crazy. Let's get on the bus first!" Adjutant Chu's voice was also tense, because he was also very worried. As soon as he got off the plane, he drove around several streets to find someone, and finally located her here.

Lanyanxi was moved to cry, but she found out what else she was crying at that time. She was too happy. After a day's suspension, lanyanxi was able to relax. Sitting in the back seat, lanyanxi saw a tablet computer standing on the back seat. At this moment, the computer screen suddenly lit up, and Ling Mo Feng's anxious handsome face appeared in her sight.

"Yan Xi, I finally found you!" Lingmo Feng's voice line is still tight. He subconsciously reaches out to touch his forehead, because only in this way can he ease his worry all night.

Blue Yan hoped that the near handsome face, the tears that she had just managed to bear, came back to her eyes. She bit her lower lip and tried not to cry, but her inner uneasiness could not be concealed.