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At the end of lunch, Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi finally have time to get along alone. The window is sunny and the trees are mottled. The old banyan trees planted near the window are more impressive.

LAN Yanxi sat on the chair in front of the window, raised her eyes and looked lazily at the big tree out of the window. It was like a big umbrella, which made people feel very safe and could keep out the wind and rain.

Ling Mo Feng sits on the opposite side of her seat. Next to her is a cup of green tea just sent in. The tea is fragrant and a wisp of hot smoke comes out, which makes this afternoon peaceful and more leisurely.

"Cheng Yuan said your heel is worn. Let me have a look." After the man's eyes stopped on her face for a few seconds, he suddenly thought of an important thing.

LAN Yanxi was enjoying the silence when she heard what he said. She had a hot face and took care of her hair in embarrassment: "why did Cheng Yuan tell you about this? It's not a big deal. You don't have to report everything to you. "

"Cheng Yuan is a very responsible person. She will tell me everything about you. Don't be angry." Ling Mo Feng stood up from the chair, squatted at her feet and reached out to take off her shoes.

"I really don't need it. It's all right." LAN Yanxi hurriedly folded his legs to prevent him from watching.

"Don't worry, I'll have a look." Ling Mo Feng knew that she was shy, and stretched out her long arm. Some tyrants seized one of her feet and easily took off her shoes. They saw a red mark on the heel, and the skin was broken and bleeding.

"Next time you wear shoes, you should pay attention to comfort." The man frowned. Next second, he reached out and took out an ointment from his suit pocket, which made lanyanxi's eyes big.

"Ling Mo Feng, why do you still have medicine with you?" LAN Yanxi is just crying and laughing. This man even brought this kind of thing.

"I brought it for you." The man confessed that he would not have taken the medicine with him if he had not learned that her foot had been bruised.

LAN Yanxi suddenly stopped laughing and her eyes were hot. She couldn't help biting her lips and looking at the man affectionately.

The man is unscrewing the lid, squeezing out the medicine, and daubing it gently and carefully for her.

From her point of view, I can only see the deep cut facial features of the man, under the thick and slender eyelashes, covering the tender and tender eyes of the man.

Lanyanxi didn't move, so he left him to paint the medicine for himself.

"You must pay attention next time, not for the sake of beauty..."

Ling Mo Feng screwed back the lid of the medicine and stood up while talking. But when his eyes were on her eyes, he suddenly seemed to forget what he wanted to say. Because blue Yanxi's beautiful eyes flashed with tears. With the corner of her mouth rising up, the tears seemed to fall down her cheeks.

"What's the matter with you?" Ling Mo Feng's face was startled. Subconsciously, he put out his hand to wipe the tears on the corner of her eyes and said with concern: "is the medicine applied to the wound, it hurts? I'm sorry, I was too careless... "

"Ling Mo Feng!" The man's words have not finished, she felt that she rushed to him, tightly held him, her face stuck in his arms, mumbling his name.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng is a straight man. He really can't guess and figure out some of the girl's careful thoughts. Seeing that she is crying and hugging, he is really frightened and thinks that something important has happened.

"I love you!" LAN Yanxi's voice was choked, but it was very clear: "I really love you very much, why is that? How can you attract me so much? You're leading me to crime, you know? "

Ling Mo Feng listened to her nonsense, and Jun's face was stunned.

"Yan Xi, will you stop crying? Otherwise, others will think I am bullying you. " Ling Mo Feng gently pushed her away, took the tissue beside her, and dried the tears on the corner of her eyes.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were slightly red. When she looked into his eyes, her face was shy: "don't look!"

She quickly put out her hand to block her eyes. She felt that she was too pretentious, which was really humiliating.

However, the man reached over and gently grabbed her little hand, with a gentle smile in his eyes: "why don't you let me see? You are so beautiful."

"Ling Mo Feng, where did you learn to make girls happy?" Although lanyanxi just paid for his meticulous care for herself, next second, her heart was sour again.

Well, that's the woman's mind. It's changeable. One second may be a big eye, and the next will be rainy.

Ling Mo Feng listened and couldn't help laughing: "Yan Xi, do you doubt me?"

LAN Yanxi glanced at the corner of his mouth: "I don't doubt you, I just feel If you don't have much experience, how can you make me happy? "

"You mean I'll bring you some medicine? You're moved too much? " Ling Mo Feng will be stunned by her words. What does this little woman want him to do? Is it wrong to care about her?

LAN Yan hopes to see that his handsome face is taut. She doesn't know what's wrong with her. Otherwise, why should she misunderstand others' good intentions?

"I'm too careful. When will you leave?" LAN Yanxi smiled twice, and no longer went to the bull's corner.

"I'll have to go after this cup of tea." Ling Mo Feng saw that she was not angry again, and he also took a sigh of relief, so he was in the mood to taste the cup of tea.

LAN Yanxi bowed his head and smiled, "will you come back earlier in the evening?"

"I may be late in the evening. My mother called me. She said she would come to have dinner with you tonight." Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Ah? Your mother will come here. What about your father? " When LAN Yanxi heard this, he became nervous.

"Don't worry if my father doesn't come. My mother just wants to see you." Ling Mo Feng comforts her with a smile.

"Well, I miss her, too." Lanyanxi immediately pulled out a smile, but her heart was still tense. Since ancient times, there has been a delicate relationship between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. Of course, it's not that she doesn't like her mother-in-law. She's just afraid of making small mistakes in front of her mother-in-law. She doesn't know how to be a qualified and delightful daughter-in-law.

Ling Mo Feng really left after drinking tea. Before he left, he couldn't help but reach out and hug her. His thin lips kissed her on the forehead, which made him leave at ease.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, lanyanxi came back home. After a busy day, she was really tired. The first thing she did was to go back home, she decided to go for a while.

The alarm clock at half past five woke her up. She sat up and went downstairs after a simple wash.

My mother-in-law will come. She has to tidy up her family first.

When she came down the stairs, she heard a gentle female voice coming: "Yanxi, are you awake?"

LAN Yanxi almost fell from the last two steps, her eyes widened, and she hurriedly walked to the sofa: "Mom, when did you come here? Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I haven't been here for a long time. I didn't quarrel with you when I saw you sleeping. I heard that you are busy with many things today. I think you are tired." Mrs. Ling said with a warm smile.

LAN Yanxi was even more ashamed. She said shyly, "Mom, let me pour you a glass of water. Do you want tea?"

"Don't be busy, I poured a cup of tea, Yanxi, come and sit down. Our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law haven't had a good chat yet." Mrs. Ling looked at LAN Yanxi. She had just woken up. Her pretty face was healthy and ruddy. The more she saw it, the more she liked it.

LAN Yanxi quickly sat on the sofa, nervously put his hand on his knee, and his sitting posture was extremely correct.

"Mom, because of my grandfather's business, I haven't come to say hello to you recently. I hope you don't mind." LAN Yanxi spoke softly at once.

"We are also very sad about your grandfather. You should adjust your mood first. Don't be too sad. I'm sure your grandfather would like you to be happy every day." Mrs Ling comforted her in a soft voice.

"I'm much better!" LAN Yanxi replied quickly.

Mrs. Ling looked at her for a moment, and then said, "Yan Xi, I discussed with Grandpa Mo Feng. Although your wedding was postponed, you and Mo Feng have already got a marriage license, which is also a legal couple. Next, do you have any plans?"

Blue words hope Mou son stayed for a while, did not think what plan carefully for a while, then, she shook her head: "we also have no plan at present."

"Never thought about children?" Ling's mother asked in surprise.