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C1331 happy wishes

Ji Shangqing comes to pick up LAN Weiwei and leaves. The plane at five o'clock in the afternoon is ready to take her to have a meal with grandma at noon.

On the table, I ordered rich dishes. The old lady was wearing thick clothes and a hat. After the old man left, her eyes were swollen with tears. At this moment, they just disappeared. But looking at them, it was still painful and sad.

Blue slightly nervously pinched the corner of her knee. After all, she was still self abased. She was afraid that the old lady would dislike her family background, that she would break up her feelings with Ji Shangqing, and that she would be afraid of all kinds.

"How do you know each other?" The old lady still asked, because Ji Shangqing is her grandson. She knows his personality well. He didn't have a long time with the girl in front of her. Suddenly, he got a license to get married, which worried the old lady. She was afraid that something might go wrong with the relationship, so she had to ask clearly.

Blue slightly trembled a bit, looking up at Ji Shangqing, a face helpless.

Ji Shangqing handed her hot tea to her grandmother. Then she rubbed her hands and said with a slightly embarrassed face, "grandma, I don't want to hide it from you. I was drunk once and slept a little bit!"

"What?" The old lady is also going to listen to a beautiful love story. Unexpectedly, it's so simple and rude. The old lady looks shocked. Then she slaps Ji Shangqing in the arm and scolds: "what's wrong with you, son of a bitch? Do you want to learn from your eldest brother? Does our Ji family have a little face?"

This incident reminds the old lady of Ji Xiaohan's bullying of Tang youyou. It's like a hindrance in the old lady's heart.

Although Ji Shangqing is twenty-eight or seventy-eight, he is always a child in front of the old lady. When the old lady beat him like this, he could only bow his head and apologize: "grandma, I was really drunk. At that time, I didn't know what happened."

"You're right, aren't you?" The old lady glared at him angrily.

LAN Weiwei is also stunned. She didn't expect Ji Shangqing to tell the truth. Can't she cheat a good story to cajole the old man? He really owes.

"Grandma, I asked for her innocence, but now I have decided to be responsible for her life. Don't be angry, OK?" Ji Shangqing begged quickly.

The old lady just raised her hand. After hearing what he said, she put it down: "this is not bad. Weiwei, how do you forgive him?"

Lan Wei didn't expect the old lady to ask her again. She shivered a little and smiled awkwardly: "he is very good. He found me at the first time to admit my mistake and helped me a lot. He saved my life. I have forgiven him for a long time."

At that time, Lanwei was almost sold by her father. Ji Shangqing rushed to take her away from the fire pit recklessly. This is the same as the nature of saving lives. Lanwei is grateful for him all his life. Now, naturally, he is willing to marry him and never give up.

"Is it?" The old lady looked suspicious, worried that blue was exaggerating.

Ji Shangqing quickly affirmed: "grandma, it's true!"

"My father owes a lot of money. He wants to sell me. He saved me!" Lan Wei is not afraid to tell her bad family background. Anyway, the old lady looks warm-hearted. She feels very kind.

The old lady was in a daze and nodded: "well, it seems that you have also experienced hardships before you come together. In the future, you should be sincere to each other, just like what you said to me today, take out your sincerity, just like a family!"

Ji Shangqing and LAN Weiwei look at each other, both of them want to smile, because they have said the most dare not to say.

After dinner, the old lady looked at the young couple contentedly. Then she took out four or five small boxes from her bag.

"Weiwei, I brought a little gift to meet you today. Take it first!" The old lady said as she put all the boxes in front of the blue.

"Grandma, I can't accept these..." Lan Wei is frightened by the old lady's generosity.

Ji Shangqing said with a smile: "grandma sent it, you can take it."

The old lady also looked at her and nodded, "yes, grandma really wants to give you something. I hope you take good care of my grandson in the future. You're welcome!"

Blue tiny this just restrained nodded: "thank grandma!"

"Open it, do you like it?" The old lady was in a good mood.

Blue slightly opens and beats a smallest box, in which is a burst of emerald bracelets. The jade luster seems to flow like a life. The beauty is not decent. Blue slightly shakes her heart. She has never seen such valuable things since she was born.

She quickly opened the second long accessory. There was a row of pearl necklaces in it. Each Pearl was the best. It was round and glossy. It was very rare to see a single pearl, but there was a whole row. It was precious.

The third box is opened. It's a white jade pendant. In the center of the pendant is inlaid with a golden blessing character. This look is the old man's favorite style.

There are also four and five, which contain very valuable things. All of these add up to a staggering number.

"Grandma, aren't these all your collections?" Ji Shangqing saw it and recognized all these things. He remembered that when he was a child, he still stole them to play.

"Collecting them is also for sending them to important people one day. Pico is now the granddaughter-in-law of our season family, and it's time to take some good things from our season family. These are all grandma's wishes. I wish you a happy marriage and a golden grandson for our season family as soon as possible!" The old lady said with a smile, half blessing, half wish.

Blue slightly blushed, but Ji Shangqing bowed his head and smiled: "grandma, your wish is really true. However, I have discussed with him that he may not have children in the past three years, but he still needs to learn!"

"Learning is OK, don't worry about having children by mistake!" As soon as the old lady heard that she had not been born for three years, she became a little worried.

Blue tiny but nodded to promise: "grandma is at ease, I can learn at the same time, at the same time the child is born!"

"Look, I'm still a little sensible. You have to take good care of others. Grandma will look forward to you giving birth to a grandson in her lifetime. There's nothing else to think about. If grandma doesn't hold your grandson, I'll be shocked." The old lady said, took the paper towel, pretended to wipe the tears around her eyes. Ji Shangqing knew that grandma was forcing him, so he had to quickly promise: "grandma, don't cry, I promise you, as soon as we go abroad, we will first consider the children's affairs."

"Really?" The old lady will be happy again in the next second. The ability to change her face has not changed. Ji Shangqing is helpless. The older grandma is, the more lovely she is.

"It's true. I promise to give you news within half a year!" Ji Shangqing also hopes to fulfill his grandmother's wishes. He doesn't want to wait for her to grow old, but he hasn't yet picked up his baby.

"OK, grandma will wait!" At last, the old lady was satisfied, and immediately reached out to take out two golden pigs from her bag: "come on, slightly, take them first. This is a gift for me to give to my future grandchildren. It's not a valuable thing, but I look at the celebration, you take it!"

Blue tiny weeping and laughing, holding two little golden pigs, thinking, the old lady would not want her to have two babies?

After dinner, the old lady went back first. Ji Shangqing looked at blue Pico, and blue Pico looked at the two little golden pigs in his hand, and smiled helplessly.

"Our wedding night, we will wait until m country!" Ji Shangqing said, helping her to put those delicate little boxes into her bag.

"Good!" Blue nodded slightly.

In fact, since the last time they had a relationship in the hotel, until today, both of them have kept the line and never crossed it. Although they almost lost their temper several times, they finally endured it.

Now, the old lady should hold the wishes of the little great grandchildren down. They don't need to restrain any more. When they go abroad, the most important thing is to have children.

At about five o'clock in the afternoon, the plane slowly lifted off from the runway. It was the first time that I took the plane. I grabbed the seat belt uneasily. The man beside her smiled: "how timid! Don't worry. It's very safe!"

"It's my first flight, of course I'm afraid!" Blue gave him a pale look.

"And when you were with me for the first time, were you afraid?" The man whispered in his ear.

Blue slightly beautiful eyes open, angry stare at her: "you say?"