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He stretched out his muscular arms and lightly pulled the blanket beside her over, wanting to cover her with it.

He didn't expect that the woman would suddenly turn her body over at this moment.

When the man saw that he was about to hold the woman down, he reached out his hands to support her. It was only then that he barely managed to hold her down.

It was unknown if it was because of her work that she was still tangled up in it. Her picturesque eyebrows were gently twisted, and her skin was snow-white without the slightest blemish.

What made Ji Xiao Han's Adam's apple roll the most, was the woman's red lips that were slightly pursed.

Her lips were extremely beautiful, tender and moist. Ji Xiao Han really wanted to continue kissing her like this, regardless of anything else.

But now he had learned to restrain his emotions and impulses.

This woman wasn't someone who could be kissed that easily. The price he had to pay for kissing her was definitely not small.

Forget it, was already satisfied enough that he could look at her in such a peaceful manner.

Just as Ji Xiao Han's gaze turned towards the place where the woman was sleeping, the sweet-sleeping woman woke up.

She was awakened by the man's hot breath. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw an enlarged handsome face.

In addition, that pair of eyes that were as dark as ink was currently staring at her chest …

"Bastard!" She rolled over, and cleverly escaped from his predicament with her two hands tightly protecting her chest. Her beautiful eyes were filled with anger and extreme embarrassment as she said, "Ji Xiao Han, I truly overestimated you, and thought that since the last time you apologized to me, you would have restrained yourself a little. I didn't think that you would take advantage of me falling asleep and want to tell me … "Attack me."

Ji Xiao Han did not expect this woman to sleep so soundly, to actually wake up so suddenly, and caught him off guard. At this moment, he stood up stiffly, his eyebrows knitted together: "You misunderstand, I saw that you were sleeping, and wanted to cover you with a blanket."

"Is that so? Do you think I would believe you? " Tang You You was still in a state of shock from what he saw when he opened his eyes earlier.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her helplessly. He felt that no matter what he said, this woman would never believe him.

Tang You You pointed to the door: "Get out!"

Ji Xiao Han, however, did not move. His gaze was fixed on her face: "What happened to you at the company today?"

Tang You You's expression froze, she did not expect that at this time, he would actually care about her so much, she did not understand what she meant.

However, Tang You You had believed in his gaze just now. This man definitely wanted to molest him; his eyes were staring straight at his chest.

"It's alright, I won't trouble CEO Ji to worry about it." Tang You You stubbornly refused to talk about this topic with him and continued: "Quickly go out, I'm going to take a bath!"

"I definitely didn't want to do anything to you just now. I originally wanted to cover you with a blanket. I didn't expect you to suddenly turn around …"

Ji Xiao Han still wanted to explain his actions just now, but he felt that he had said too much, because what was on his mind just now was indeed a dirty scene.

Forget it, he wouldn't explain himself. Anyway, this woman wouldn't believe him.

"From now on, you are not allowed to enter my room without permission!" Of course, it was impossible for Tang You You to believe that he wasn't thinking at all.

Ji Xiao Han tensed up, he turned around and frowned: "Alright, if I were to enter in the future, I would knock."

Tang You You saw that his attitude of admitting his wrongs was not bad, so she stopped quarreling with him. Watching him walk out, and even shut the door at the same time, Tang You You's tensed nerves relaxed.

He was really going crazy. What was going on today? From the morning until the evening, her nerves were about to break.

Tang You You stopped thinking about it. She took her pajamas and entered the bathroom, and the way Ji Xiao Han explained everything made her extremely annoyed.

Could it be that this man really came here to cover her with a blanket?

Did I really misunderstand him?

Tang You You shook her head with all her might. It was impossible, seeing was believing, she did not want to hear any of his explanations.

After taking a bath and blowing dry his long hair, Tang You You changed into a new set of clothes and went downstairs.

The children had already returned, and were sitting on the sofa playing. Ji Xiao Han also sat beside them, telling them a story.

Tang Xiao Rui sat at the side with an aloof expression, occasionally answering with a sentence, but Tang Xiao Nai stuck his entire head out of the book and used his little hand to point around: "Father, this is a thief. He stole the princess' crown and hid it inside the flower bed."

Ji Xiao Han had originally planned to tell the story to the child, but in the end, he didn't expect to hear his daughter tell it all in a childish voice.

The little guy's understanding was good, but there were a lot of things that made him want to laugh. If he heard them, he would point them out for her.

Looking at the warm scene of father and daughter, Tang You You's mood improved a little.

"Mummy, Daddy is telling me a story. It's so nice." When Tang Xiao Nai saw Mummy, he immediately jumped down happily and ran to her, tugging at the corner of her clothes. "Mummy, quickly come over and listen to father's story. It's so interesting."

Tang You You couldn't help but chuckle as she looked at his daughter's small hands pulling at the corner of her clothes.

"Mummy, quickly sit on the other side of daddy's seat and we'll listen together." The little guy directly pushed Tang You You towards Ji Xiao Han's side.

Tang You You accidentally sat next to him. When Ji Xiao Han saw her sitting down, the clear fragrance on his body made the color in his eyes darken in an instant.

Tang You You's face was also flushed red. She wanted to sit up, but she didn't expect the man to say this: "Since daughter wants you to listen, then sit and listen. It's not time to eat anyway."

Tang You You stared blankly for a moment, then raised her head to quickly sweep past him. She said with a strained voice: "I'm not a child, I don't like listening to fairy tales."