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"If you fall in love with my sister, it will be the end of your life. I pity you!" Mu Shi Ye understood her sister too well, so anyone who wanted to control her feelings would definitely suffer.

Luo He Ning was completely baffled by his smile, and angrily punched him in the back: "What are you laughing for? Is there a brother like you? "She's your sister, and I'm your brother. Even if you don't help me, you still have sympathy for me, and I want to cut off all ties with you!"

"Dirty ideas!" Luo He Ning punched him again, but in the next second, he felt that such opportunities were not present everyday. Thus, he asked with a guilty conscience, "Are you sure you want to scam your sister for me?"

"To be honest, I've seen you being the only man who insists on liking her. I can set my mind at rest when I pass her to you!" When Mu Shi Ye thought about how his sister was not young anymore, and how she was too busy to care about her own feelings, he felt that he should care about her as a little brother.

"But I'm afraid she'll let her bodyguards throw me into the Pacific." Luo He Ning said bitterly.

Mu Shi Ye laughed unbridled again. Inexplicably, he just wanted to laugh, but it turned out that there was someone worse off than him.

Luo He Ning glared at him angrily: If you want to laugh again, I'll be going back to sleep.

"I won't laugh, I really won't laugh!" Mu Shi Ye's mood was already much better, and had slowly calmed down.

Luo He Ning stared at the sea in the distance and sighed: "Tell me, did I climb to the top of your sister?"

"Our families can be considered to be on the same side as the other families. It's not like we're getting close to each other!" Mu Shi Ye had finally comforted him.

"But my ability is obviously not as strong as your sister's. If I really get married to her in the future, do you think I would be the one being suppressed?" Luo He Ning's imagination became richer all of a sudden.

Mu Shi Ye looked at him, then shook his head: "I don't know about that, but with your height of 1.87 meters, you shouldn't be able to be so pressured by my sister."

"Look at you, your thoughts aren't simple. I'm talking about family status!" Luo He Ning was immediately embarrassed by his words to the point that her face turned red.

Mu Shi Ye shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know about that, when you all get married, wouldn't that be clear?"


Luo He Ning shuddered, and even the alcohol had awoken. He had never dared to hope that he could hear the word "marriage".

Ji Family!

After dinner, the two brothers went upstairs to play games with Tang Xiao Rui as usual. This was because upstairs, the two elders would think of them again, and going to the study room felt inappropriate, so they could only accompany Tang Xiao Rui to play.

Tang Xiao Rui continued to play car with Ji Yue Ze, who leaned on the wall and drank, watching them play.

Seeing that Ji Yue Ze was playing more and more smoothly, Tang Xiao Rui suddenly raised his head and looked at the smiling Ji Xiao Han and asked: "Daddy, when are you and Mummy going to get married? Do you need a long time?"

Just as Tang Xiao Rui finished speaking, Ji Yue Ze's small sportscar suddenly rushed out of the competition arena, flipped upside down, leaving only the two wheels of the sportscar spinning at high speeds.

Tang Xiao Rui also curiously turned his head to look at him: "Uncle, you got into a car accident!"

Ji Yue Ze stood up quickly and picked up his own car, placing it back on the track. Then, he asked Ji Xiao Han indifferently, "Brother, you guys are getting married!"

The corner of Ji Xiao Han's mouth lifted with a hint of satisfaction and happiness, "That's right, she agreed to marry me. Since Grandma doesn't have any objections, then let's arrange the wedding as soon as possible."

Ji Yue Ze's expression changed slightly, but he quickly hid it and immediately laughed out loud, congratulating them: "That's a good thing, your children are already this old, it's about time for the wedding to take place."

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son at the side, his thin lips curving into a smile: "I really didn't think that our children were all this old!"

"That was my Mummy's doing!" Tang Xiao Rui rolled her eyes at him.

Ji Xiao Han nodded as he admitted it, "Indeed, I will definitely treat her well in the future. She has rendered a great service!"

Ji Yue Ze who was at the side suddenly became silent, not knowing which part of his mind was wrong, and wanted to leave.

Therefore, he raised his wrist, looked at his watch and pretended to be surprised as he said, "Oh, it's so late. I have to go. I even made an appointment with someone."

When Tang Xiao Rui heard that his uncle was about to leave, he immediately said unhappily: "It can't be, it's only eight o'clock, how can it be considered too late? Uncle's afraid of admitting defeat. "

"Little thing, look at you, are you afraid of losing? Can I lose every single time? " Ji Yue Ze really liked Tang Xiao Rui from the bottom of his heart, because he was his own nephew.

Tang Xiao Rui didn't really understand how colorful the adult world was, but he knew it well. Thus, he said: "Son, don't block your uncle's way to find your girlfriend.

Tang Xiao Rui's eyes suddenly became shrewd, and he started chuckling: "So uncle is going to find a girlfriend, alright, go, bring one back earlier, otherwise you'll make great-grandmother so angry that her face will turn green."

"Little guy, you're still so young and now you dare to meddle in my business?" Ji Yue Ze's face was completely red from anger.

Tang Xiao Rui pouted. "I'm not a three year old child anyway!"

Ji Yue Ze walked over, and forcefully kissed Tang Xiao Rui on the cheek. He quickly wiped away Tang Xiao Rui's disgust with his hand: "Uncle, what are you doing!"

"Kiss you! Who asked you to talk so much!" Ji Yue Ze said complacently. He took his jacket and walked downstairs.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but laugh when he saw his son's indignant appearance.

"Daddy, go accompany Mummy. I don't need anyone to accompany me!" Seeing that his uncle had left, Tang Xiao Rui immediately wanted to send his father to Mummy's side.

They were getting married soon, and they had to be given more chances to get along.

Ji Xiao Han nodded: "Alright, play one by one!"

Ji Xiao Han went to his bedroom and pushed open the door without knocking. Tang You You was curled up on the sofa, looking like he was racking his brains looking for inspiration.

Ji Xiao Han did not disturb her, it was because creations were always very complicated to think of, so he stood behind her and leaned against the wall, slowly admiring her.

She was no longer wearing a conservative nightgown, but a white nightgown. Her long hair was tied randomly around her head, revealing her delicate and exquisite face. Her bright eyes were misty, and her lips were loose and loose.