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"Also …" "Now go and make a big cake, you must choose the best ingredients …" Ji Xiao Han didn't know what his precious daughter would like to eat, but he felt that all girls would like something like a cake.

Sure enough, the essence of Tang Xiao Nai's glutton was triggered, and she immediately cheered: "Yay, Daddy wants to prepare the big cake, can I eat it? Mummy, I want to eat cake. "

"I want to eat... Fried Chicken Leg... Ice cream, ice cream... "And …" Tang Xiao Nai was unable to remember so many things at the moment. Furthermore, whatever she wanted to eat, Tang You You had forbidden her to eat.

"Daddy, hug …" Tang Xiao Nai immediately opened her short hands and asked Ji Xiao Han to hug her.

Tang You You rolled her eyes. This little heartless, with milk she's still a mother. With money she's already a father, right?

Ji Xiao Han immediately took the opportunity to hug her daughter in his embrace, and couldn't help but kiss her cute little face.

Heavens, this was his daughter. He had never thought about what his child would look like, but at this moment, that soft and silky little fellow was lying on his shoulder as it sobbed softly, feeling wronged.

Ji Xiao Han truly felt that his heart was being nurtured, he subconsciously tightened his grip.

His daughter's small body was so light that it seemed like she had no weight. Her two short hands were tightly wrapped around his neck, unwilling to let go.

Tang You You originally wanted to slap his daughter's face to make her disobedient.

But, at that moment, Tang You You was suddenly unable to do anything.

She had never seen her daughter hug a man so confidently. In the past, when she had male friends by her side, she would be on her guard and on guard, but she had never been so at ease while relying on a man.

And this man … It was her father's.

Tang You You was truly angry and sad, but her daughter's look of being on guard made her heart extremely sad.

It was as if her most treasured object was suddenly going to be stolen away by someone. She could do nothing about it.

This feeling was extremely boring and Tang You You suddenly hated this kind of emotion.

She should have immediately taken her daughter back from this man. Moreover, she should have taken her and her son away from here and not let this man have any contact with them.

However, she suddenly didn't have the courage to snatch her daughter from his arms.

Looking at her daughter's short hands that were tightly hugging Ji Xiao Han's neck and her small face that was pressed against his broad and thick shoulder, she felt as if something had scratched her heart at this moment.

She suddenly turned around and headed towards Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han proudly looked at the back of the stubborn leaving figure.