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Ling Mo Feng's eyes were heavy. Looking at the girl's worried look on the opposite side, he sneered at himself: "I have been in office for less than half a month, and he died of illness. It's coincidence or he deliberately chose this time. In short, I just received Chu lie's phone call, and there was already a sound of suspicion."

LAN Yanxi listened to his words and felt extremely distressed. She walked over and held him tightly behind his back. She said angrily, "how can it be blamed on your head? Is his heart bad, and it's also your fault? But when he hurt you, why didn't anyone stand up and talk? "

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was fighting for her own injustice, and could not help but reach out and hold her small hand, sighing: "it's hard to know what they want to say. On the face of it, everyone supports me, but how many points can they be loyal? Because of authority, because of pressure, this is human nature. You can't see through it, you can't touch it, but it always exists. "

"Are you under a lot of pressure now?" LAN Yanxi's little face rubbed against his back, worried about him. "Pressure exists every day. It's important how to relieve it. A controversial life will be full of challenges. When they are challenges, I will not feel the pressure, but the motivation to move forward." Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself, but in fact, he was under great pressure. He just didn't mention it to LAN Yan.

"What can I do for you?" LAN Yanxi hugged him tighter and asked him softly.

"You don't need your help. You just need to rest at home and let me come home every night and see you." The man opens her small hand, turns around and looks at her, the bottom of the eyes is already a gentle light.

LAN Yanxi's lips are light, his toes are fixed, and he kisses at the corner of a man's lips: "I'll wait for you here forever."

Ling Mo Feng's heart loosed, subconsciously hugging her, and his thin lips pressed against her forehead: "I know." Mojia!

The atmosphere was very heavy. When the news came out that Mu Tianhan died in prison, all the children of Mu's family rushed back from all directions, including Mu Sisi, the only child of Mu Tianhan, who was about four or five years old and held a lovely and beautiful little girl in her arms. She was a mixed race girl with big green eyes. She was frightened Looking around at the people, obviously, she was the first time to return home with mommy to see these relatives. She subconsciously hid in mousse's arms.

"Silk, you have the most say in this matter. What should we do? Do you want a medical examiner to do the autopsy? " One of the elders spoke angrily.

"Mommy, I'm afraid?" The elder's eyes frightened the little girl in mousse's arms.

Mousse quickly reached out her hand and hugged her daughter. She said to the elder, "you don't have to fight here. You're scaring my daughter."

"Silk, who are we fighting for? How can you say such irresponsible words for your father The elder was immediately angry.

"That's right. You are his only daughter. If you don't make up your mind for him, will he die of injustice?"

On the other side of the sofa, there are two brothers and sisters who are admiring the prime minister. They are also very silent. However, several elders from afar are arguing here.

"Let's call the forensic doctor. It's too troublesome. My father's heart is not good. It's not a matter of two days a day. Three years ago, his symptoms were obvious. As for his unjust death, he's not unjust. You've seen what he has done over the years. There are all kinds of human and material evidences. He likes to toss and turn. Let him go quietly. I'm very grateful You elders come here to worry about my father's affairs. Let's stay for lunch. Weicheng and Xiaoyun, please go upstairs with me to clean up my father's things. " With that, mousse stood up with her daughter in her arms. Then she gave the little girl to a woman next to her and took her to the garden to play.

Mu Weicheng and Mu Yun stand up and follow Mu Sisi upstairs.

All the people in the room stared at the three people who were walking upstairs with unbelievable faces. "Ah, Sisi, how can you be so indifferent? He is your father, how can you be a daughter?"

Mousse stood in the middle of the stairs and looked back at a group of relatives downstairs. She smiled lightly: "I have been learning how to be a good daughter, but he has never tried to be a good father."

The two understatement words, everyone said convinced, choking one by one, where there is a voice.

Mu Weicheng and Mu Yun look at each other with a sigh.

On the stairs, mousse stood at the entrance of the stairs, her tall and elegant figure, showing some loneliness.

"Wei Cheng, Xiao Yun, why didn't you talk?" Mousse turned to them.

"We have nothing to say." Murmured Mu Weicheng.

"It's so sudden that uncle left. I just feel sad, but I also feel that it's his relief. At such an old age, I still have to lose my freedom in prison. If someone taunts him and belittles him, I really want him to go to another world without any pain." Murun said sadly.

"We all know people, but some people can't understand our intentions," Muse said

"Elder sister, there are some things that we can't tell if we can see through them, otherwise, we can't even do our relatives." Mu Yun also smiled.

Mu Wei Cheng looks at his sister reproachfully.

Mousse nodded: "my father gave them a lot of benefits. When he died, they also wanted to make another profit from my father as much as possible. Sure enough, they are not the most intimate people. They can't have a good chat."

"Elder sister, we'd better take care of the future affairs for uncle." Mu Yun comforts her.

"Well, I will." Mousse nodded.

Three people, put together some things that Mu Tianhan liked before he died, and prepared to burn them.

The next day, Ling found that Mu Yun had asked for leave, and Mu Weicheng must not have come to school.

She felt lost inexplicably, took out her mobile phone to look at the news, and saw that someone doubted that this matter had something to do with eldest brother taking office. Her heart was shocked.

She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and wanted to call brother to ask about it. But she thought that brother is now on a daily basis and will definitely disturb him. So ling decided to run to brother's home for dinner at night and ask for more information.

Xia ninglan ran in, and suddenly, she was very sad and cried on the table, which scared Ling wennuan.

Ling wennuan asked her quickly, "what's the matter with you, Ning Lan?"

Shanninglan didn't answer her words, but she cried very sad.

"What's the matter with you, ninglan? Did Zhang Luyao bully you again? " Ling wennuan cares for her in a hurry.

Xia ninglan shook her head, wiped her tears and said, "don't ask. I'm fine. I'm just upset."

Ling wennuan looked at her with astonishment. When she heard that she didn't want to say it, she had to stop asking.

In fact, Xia ninglan would be so sad because she went to her principal's office this morning, where her uncle had breakfast. When she heard that Mu Weicheng was going to leave the school, she was all in a daze. The God she secretly loved was going to leave here, which meant that she could not see him. How could she not be upset?

After the first class, the news of Mu Weicheng's leaving spread. Zhang Luyao was unbelievable. Sitting in her seat, she angrily swept all the books on the table to the ground.

Why is it that Mu Weicheng leaves?

Zhang Luyao was so angry that she went directly to Ling's warm desk and said, "come out with me. I have something to talk to you alone."

Ling wennuan takes a look at her with disapproval: "if you have anything, just chat here. I won't go out with you."

Are you sure you want to talk here? " Zhang Luyao sneered and attached it to Ling's warm ear: "I know who you are."

Ling warm look a stiff, a pair of clear eyes of the dead stare at Zhang Luyao.

Zhang Luyao crooned, "can you go out with me now?"

Ling wennuan had to stand up and follow Zhang Luyao to a small forest behind the corridor.

There was no one around. Zhang Luyao then asked her angrily, "you forced the mujiao officer away, didn't you?"

"What are you talking about?" Ling warm can't understand.

"Because of your identity, Mr. Mu left here. I told him who you were yesterday, and today he resigned. Isn't it because of you?" Zhang Luyao stares at her angrily.