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C978 the last straw

Of course, Bai Yiyan understood the old lady's words. She looked a little stiff. If she didn't covet, it was really hypocritical. But she coveted the warmth of the man. At present, the old lady's aggressive tone made Bai Yiyan confused and unable to answer.

"Bai Yiyan, I know you like my family very much, and I know it's cruel for you to give up. But the grudge between our two families is too heavy. You have to make a choice." Seeing her silence, the old lady had already guessed her mind, and she sneered. Yi Yan knew that she had to show an attitude, otherwise, the old lady would not let her go easily.

"I know. I try not to see him!" Bai Yiyan said in a low voice.

"I'll give you a month. After a month, if you let me know you're still pestering him, I won't let you go." The old lady really doesn't want to break them up, but many things can't be compromised, or the consequences will be unpredictable. Bai

Yiyan is forced to die. Her breathing is suspended for a long time. Her face is pale, which shows a sense of despair.

"I know. I'll leave!" Bai Yiyan closes her eyes slightly. The old lady suddenly took out a card from her handbag and handed it to her: "although it's a very old-fashioned way to give money, I think it's necessary to spend money in many ways when you are young and have no career. Take this money, it's enough to make you worry free for the rest of your life!" Yi Yan looks at the black card and shakes her head. "I can't take your money, old lady. I know you're kind. I know I really want to leave him. I've made a decision!" "

if you don't go far, my grandson won't give up on you. Do you know what I mean?" When the old lady saw that she would not accept the money, she was not immune from being forced. After all, it hurt her self-esteem to face with the money.

"I know!" Bai Yiyan said with a wry smile, "I know how to do it best." "

don't you ask for a favor for your mother?" When the old lady saw that she had taken her bag, she got up and was about to leave. She called directly at her back.

Bai Yiyan holds her handbag tightly. She bites her lips and says, "I have no face to ask you for help. She did it wrong or wrong." "

it's very good. It's a reasonable child. Let's go!" The old lady appreciates Bai Yiyan's stubborn personality.

Bai Yiyan left the building in vain and stopped a taxi. Wearing a mask, she only showed her sad and desperate eyes. The tears in her eyes slipped down in an instant.

The beautiful life that Yueze weaved for her yesterday may be really just a dream she had.

Now, when she wakes up, it's time for her to die. Bai Yiyan decides to leave here. The city and the country seem to have no place for her. At this time, the phone rings. Bai

Yiyan takes out her mobile phone and looks at it. Bai Wanqing calls her. She pasted her mobile phone to her ear, and Bai Wanqing's anxious voice came: "Xiaoyan, have you seen the news? You and your mother have been exposed. Many people are scolding you. " White

Yiyan's heart thumped, and she lowered her voice and said, "aunty, I want to see you now. Can you come out?" "

OK, I'll see you at the coffee shop across from your old neighborhood!" Bai Wanqing immediately agreed. "

OK!" Bai Yiyan hangs up the phone and takes a quick look at her mobile phone. As expected, she has become the most popular person on the Internet due to the overwhelming abuse.

"I didn't expect to be so fast!" Bai Yiyan laughs at herself from the bottom of her heart. She has known for a long time that someone will expose this matter. But it's really too fast. She has no more time. The hand suddenly rings again. Bai Yiyan sees the name that makes her heart beat.

"Hello!" She pressed it to her ear and spoke softly.

"I don't know who exposed this matter. It's bad for your reputation now. Try not to surf the Internet in the last few days, so as not to be affected by your mood!" Ji Yueze's angry voice came, apparently worried that she would be hit.

"Well, I don't use the Internet. I want to have a good rest in the last two days. Are you busy with your work?" Bai Yiyan asked softly.

"All right, what are you doing now?" Ji Yueze suddenly felt that she had become a little more pleasant, and he was not used to it. But now he hopes that she can be so clever and make him less worried. "

I came out and bought something to go back. You should be busy with your work first. I'm in the car!" Bai Yiyan is still a gentle voice. "

well, maybe we won't see each other in the next few days. Take care of yourself." Ji Yueze whispered. "

I will! Don't worry about me! " Bai Yiyan chuckled and hung up.

The tears in the corner of her eyes are still wet and filled with new tears. Bai Yiyan seems to have drained all the tears in her life. She is struggling in her heart all the time. Sometimes she feels that people should be selfish. If they want something or who they want to be with, they should not care about other people's eyes. They should fight for it. But

Yes, we have. What should we do? Heaven is jealous of people's resentment, which makes life a mess. This resentment can't be dispelled. Even if she really married Ji Yueze and lived together, it's always a thorn, which will hurt her heart whenever it happens.

Long pain is not as good as short pain. Bai Yiyan understands that she feels that she really should let go. The old lady's warning is the last straw that straddles her heart.

She felt as if she had no face to fight for anything, and no courage to continue to accept his tender love for her. Although she was reluctant to give up, she still wanted to stop.

Overnight, she grew up, from an innocent girl who didn't know the world to an adult. She had to skip childlike willfulness in thinking and thinking, and treat this feeling calmly and rationally.

In the caf é, Bai Yiyan took a sip of water, looked up and looked at the little aunt who took care of her growing up. She tried her best to calm down and said, "little aunt, I'm leaving!"

"Go? Where to go? " Bai Wanqing's expression was shocked, and she held her hand in a hurry: "Xiaoyan, where are you going?"

"Don't worry, auntie. I won't do anything stupid. I may go abroad to live. My life in China is a mess. There are so many people who abuse me. I'm afraid. I'd better go out to avoid the wind." Bai Yiyan explained with a chuckle that she didn't want her aunt to worry about her. "

OK, if you think so, I support you, but you must not do stupid things!" Bai Wanqing is most afraid that she will not be able to think about it and choose to live lightly. "

of course not. Life is so precious, and my brain is not broken!" Bai Yiyan laughed at herself.

"Did Yueze know you were going abroad that season?" Bai Wanqing asked in a hurry.