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After hearing Ji Xiaohan's words, Tang youyou looks surprised: "that's a coincidence. That Miss blue is here, isn't it Ling Mo Feng who found her?" "

you think more about it. Ling Mo Feng is obsessed with public affairs and has a lot of opportunities. How can you care about her? Besides, Ling Mo Feng also thought that I mentioned this marriage many times, and he was not very happy. He just beat two people into a pair. This kind of thing is not expected by people. " Ji Xiaohan has shaved his beard, bowed his head and washed his face. He took a towel to wipe off the water drops on his face. What reflected in the mirror is a young and beautiful face. If Tang youYou can take a look at it, he can't point out how to move. "

what you said seems to be very reasonable. OK, let them talk about it by themselves!" Tang youyou has decided not to mind this business. She'd better give Miss LAN a message as soon as possible.

"You give me the girl's contact information, and I'll transfer it to Ling Mo Feng for you. Let him contact her on his own initiative. He's a man, anyway!" Although Ji Xiaohan didn't want to take care of it, he was willing to help with it. It also related to the life of his good friend. Don

youyou gave LAN Yanxi's contact number to him, and then reluctantly said: "are the children OK? Call me yesterday, and xiaonai is crying!" "

they are all right. Don't worry. Xiaonai miss you so much, but she wants to go out and play more!" Season owl cold already to daughter's disposition felt clearly, elf a, the head melon began to install many magical ideas.

Tang youyou couldn't help laughing: "then when I return home this time, let's take the children out to play!" "

OK, you can decide where to play when you come back!" Ji Xiaohan also knows that it's really painful to keep his two children at home and school. Even if the world is dangerous, he shouldn't trap their nature. "

well, I'll hang up first. I have to go to class!" Tang youyou takes a look at the time. He has no time to chat with him anymore. "

well, take care of yourself and don't let me worry!" Season owl cold low voice admonishes her. "

got it!" After Tang youyou finished speaking, he hung up his mobile phone. Ji Xiaohan shook it with his mobile phone. He was worried about it. Don

youyou quickly calls LAN Yanxi back and tells her that Ling Mo Feng is here. "

ah?" LAN Yanxi's brain explodes. Obviously, she didn't expect that two people had some fate. She escaped marriage and could be in the same place with him.

"Miss LAN, I can only help you here. Since it's a big event in your life, you have the courage to solve it yourself." Tang youyou also sympathizes with her. She is forced to marry by her family, so she has poor ability. Now, she has to find a way to deal with it. A young girl must not have much courage. How can she grasp her happiness?

"Well, Miss Tang, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I will remember this kindness!" LAN Yanxi is a person who knows how to repay. Although Tang youYou can't help her convey her ideas, he has already helped her a lot. "

take care of yourself!" Tang youyou whispered a concern and hung up. LAN

Yan Xi is in a very unstable state. Will Ling Mo Feng really call her when he takes her contact information? If she wants to meet, what should she do? How can we persuade the other party to give up the marriage?

It's said that Ling's family attaches great importance to the marriage, which is related to Ling's presidential election next spring. It seems that it will be a very troublesome thing to persuade him to cancel the marriage. Blue

Yan Ximei narrowed his eyes and began to use his brain to think of ways.

Suddenly, a wonderful idea appeared in her mind, she quickly pulled the bag, and I ran out. She's going to get a tattoo, a perm, and three ear nails.

For the happiness of her life, although tattooing and earnailing are self mutilation, she doesn't care. As long as she can make Ling Mo Feng hate himself and let him see that he won't want to marry her, her goal is half successful. Maybe she doesn't need to open a word. Ling Mo Feng only sees her rebellious appearance and feels that she is a poor girl Man is not qualified to be his wife. In an afternoon, lanyanxi turned herself into a non mainstream girl. She wore exaggerated earnails, burned an explosive hair, had a clear sense of hierarchy, and tattooed her neck and arms. Looking at the girl who was totally different from herself in the mirror, she was shocked.

"What the hell?" LAN Yanxi successfully scared herself.

However, what she wants is this effect. She hates this kind of self. Ling Mo Feng's noble man must have the same idea as her.

"Haha!" LAN Yanxi smiled twice, maybe he would ask someone to throw her out. "

by the way, I have to prepare another thing!" After saying that, Yan Xi turned around to buy a pack of cigarettes, which she had never touched before. But today, in order to make Ling Mo Feng hate himself for a second, she must learn to smoke. In half an hour, Yan Xi wasted a whole pack of cigarettes just to follow the woman in the computer to learn the gesture of taking cigarettes. "

I hope I can muddle through!" LAN Yanxi said, laughing at herself. From childhood, she thought she was smart, and she knew her life plan and what she wanted. But, unexpectedly, she was engaged together, caught her off guard and ran for her life.

She didn't know how her family told Ling's people about it, but she really didn't have the courage to be arrested at the moment. The hand

suddenly vibrated, and LAN Yanxi saw that the sky outside the window was darkened unconsciously.

A strange call, LAN Yanxi's brain buzzing, her fingers shaking picked up the phone, hesitated for a few seconds, or answered.


"Lan Yanxi? I'm ling Mo Feng. Let's have dinner tonight! " The deep magnetic male voice, which rang in her ear, scared her directly. Ling

Mo Feng's straightforward self introduction and invitation made LAN Yanxi's heart freeze. The first time you meet her, you want to invite her to dinner?

"I I'm not free tonight. Let's make another day! " LAN Yanxi tries to make her voice sound cold and tugging. "

apart from tonight, I have no spare time recently. You don't want to leave our first meeting on our wedding day." The man smiled faintly. "

who said we were going to get married? Now send someone to pick me up!" LAN Yanxi's face turned white with fear, and he was a little annoyed at the moment. Ling Mo Feng would not really want to marry her.