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A promise to make you satisfied, made Tang You You blush a little. Perhaps she was overthinking it, but this man could only make her satisfied with his enormous wealth.

Is that all?

Tang You You understood himself very well. It was good enough for her to have enough money, and she wasn't the kind of woman who liked to lose money.

"That can't be too fast, right? I should have led the children to the elders so that they would be happy. However, because our relationship was in a stalemate, I didn't do that." Hearing that she wanted to see her parents, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but feel that she was cute when he heard her panicking tone.

Tang You You lowered his head and thought for a moment: "Fine, you decide it yourself!"

"Also, when are we going to reveal our identity as children? Although for the sake of their safety, it is best not to reveal it to the public. " Ji Xiao Han frowned as he asked for her opinion.

"How about we just let nature take its course. If someone finds out about it one day, let it be made public. Nobody knows about it yet, right?" In truth, Tang You You did not know how to deal with this matter, but no matter what, in front of others, she could not ask the children to call her big sister anymore, because she knew that it would hurt their hearts.

"Mm, I'll listen to you!" The man's voice fell into his ears. It was low and magnetic, and it was scorching hot.

Tang You You's entire body shivered, her two small hands subconsciously held onto the man's fingers: "Alright, stop holding onto me, quickly let go, I really need to go to sleep, I still need to go to work tomorrow morning."

"You're already going to be a member of the Mrs. Ji, why are you still going to work? Hm? If others were to know about it, they would think that I have treated you unfairly. " Ji Xiao Han said shamelessly.

Tang You You was truly angered to the point of laughing by his rogue: "Ji Xiao Han, no matter what my identity is in the future, I must have my own career. You can look down on me for having such a future without any future, but I will still work hard for it."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes revealed a little shock. After releasing his hand, he immediately pulled Tang You You's small body over, causing her to face himself: "I'm not looking down on you. I just feel sorry for you!"

"Then, thank you!" Tang You You's beautiful eyes flashed a few times on his handsome face, before she broke free from his large hand and quickly turned to leave.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the woman who still could not hold it in, and sat back down on the sofa in a slightly depressed manner.

Even though he had her feelings, it seemed like the person who wanted her still had a long way to go.

Tomorrow, he would ask Lu Qing to find the most authoritative expert in psychology. He wondered if he could delete that nightmare in just a short amount of time.

Thinking about the pain and injuries she had suffered, Ji Xiao Han's gaze grew colder and colder. Calculating the time, the imprisoned uncle should be coming out by now.

Ji Xiao Han was naturally very filial, looking at the two old men getting older day by day, he slowly let go of his old enmity towards his uncle.

He only hoped that when he came out this time, he wouldn't make any mistakes and didn't offend him again.

Tang You You returned to her bedroom and couldn't help but pat her hot cheeks.

She really couldn't believe that in just a short month, she had become Ji Xiao Han's girlfriend.

Was this man's charm really that great?

In the past, she wouldn't admit it. But now, would she still dare to be stubborn?

Ji Xiao Han pushed open the door to the bedroom and discovered that the tiny body sitting on the bed was extremely sleepy.

"Little Rui?" Ji Xiao Han was very surprised, he did not expect that the little thing would have such a tenacious willpower, and had not fallen asleep even now.

Tang Xiao Rui rolled and stood up, his small face full of curiosity: "Daddy, did Mummy agree?"

"Un, I agree!" Ji Xiao Han's lips curled up as she smiled into the depths of her eyes.

"Yay!" Tang Xiao Rui fell backwards, his small mouth opening wide: "Daddy, I spent a lot of energy to make Mummy be with you, you can't let her down!"

"Don't worry, son, your dad isn't the kind of person who abandons everything." Ji Xiao Han lazily and seriously answered as he reached out to unbuckle his shirt.

Tang Xiao Rui curled his lips, but was still a little doubtful: "I will speak of it first. In the future, if Mummy gets hurt at your place, I will move out with Mummy and Xiao Nai!"

Ji Xiao Han stopped moving his clothes, turned around, and looked at him strangely: "Where are you moving to?"

"No matter where I go, I won't be living with you anymore!" Tang Xiao Rui said seriously.

Ji Xiao Han chuckled and continued to unbutton his clothes. "I won't give you a chance to move out!"

"Daddy, I'm not threatening you. I'm seriously reminding you!" The little guy always felt that his father did not take his words seriously.

Could it be that it's because he's young that people with true qi don't take his words seriously?

Ji Xiao Han looked at him with the same serious expression. "Son, your threat is extremely frightening to me. I'll definitely remember it!"

Only then did Tang Xiao Rui nod his head. "Fine, Daddy, hurry up and take a bath. I'm going to sleep first, I'm so tired!"

"Sleep, my little one!" Ji Xiao Han walked over, pulled out the hair on his forehead, and gave him a light kiss on his forehead!

Tang Xiao Rui suddenly said dumbly, "Daddy, I love you!"

Ji Xiao Han's body trembled!