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C891 results of trial

Bai Yiyan feels that Ji Yueze is smart enough to think of this method. It is feasible to test Li dye and put the matter into work.

That night, Ji Yueze was looking for a man and a woman to play the role of a policeman and knocked directly at Li dye's house.

Li Ran Ran left the company early because he was afraid of being guilty. At night, the program that he had made an appointment with a friend for dinner was also temporarily cancelled. On the way home, she wanted to call the hoodlum leader, but the other person's phone showed the shutdown status, which aggravated Li Ran's fear.

She went back home and was uneasy. Her fingers were cold and shaking all the time.

Before that, she wanted to stab Bai Yiyan with a knife and let her go to hell. But now she calmed down. She was so scared that she would be stupid to find someone to kidnap her in the street. For example,

if this event is successful, Bai Yiyan may lose her reputation and have no face to be in the entertainment circle. But

everything is not what people want, and it fails. And

besides, the two gangsters were arrested by the police. What did they offer? The cloud of fear covered her and made her fidgety. She walked back and forth in the living room and was afraid as soon as she sat down. At this time, someone knocked.

"Ah..." Li Ranran put out his hand to cover his mouth in fear, so as to prevent himself from screaming because of the sudden shock.

The knock on the door did not stop, but it was heavier than before. It was like knocking on Li Ranran's heart. In this silent night, it was still creepy.

"Who is it?" Li Ranran pretended to be impatient and cried out. Then she went to the video next to her and saw it. She was completely scared and lost her soul.

Outside the door stood a man and a woman, both in police uniforms.

Li Ranran felt that his heart was going to be paralyzed, the cold sweat behind him kept coming out, and his hands and feet were shaking. "

open the door!" People outside the door, the voice of coax bright spread in.

If Li dye dye can calm down at this time, she can see that there are some abnormal clothes on the two people standing outside the door.

Unfortunately, she was afraid, guilty, more calm. Li

Ranran tries to keep herself calm after being frightened. Thinking of the two policemen standing outside, she is still very upset. She decides to open the door so as not to be charged with more serious crimes. After the door was opened, a man and a woman standing outside the door directly flashed their certificates. Li

Ranran did not dare to look closely at them. She was even afraid of making eye contact with them. She always kept her head down and tried to make a sense of good people's obedience.

"What can I do for you?" Li Ranran calmed down and looked up with a professional smile. No,

Yes, she has a stiff smile, like she is tired of coping. "

we suspect that you have something to do with a kidnapping. Please answer a few questions!" Two policemen asked directly.

Li Ranran's heart trembled and his face turned pale. "

do you know these two people?" Two policemen took out pictures of the prisoners. "

no I don't know! " Li Ranran didn't even look at it, so she shook her head and denied it. "

Miss Li, it seems that you haven't even looked at the photos, so you don't know each other. Are you guilty?"

Li Ranran found that he was full of flaws and was scared. She quickly scanned the two photos. Of course, she had seen them before, because when she was going to catch Bai Yiyan, she chose the two people herself. At the beginning, she saw that they were tall, powerful and reliable. Now, she was stabbed by them.

"Miss Li, are you shaking? You look so ugly! " Li

Ranran immediately regained her expression and pulled a smile that was worse than crying: "no, what else do the two officers have to ask?" "

these two people have told the truth, Li dye dye dye, are you sure you want to continue to make it up?" One of the policewomen looked stern.

Li Ran Ran was almost paralyzed.

"I I have nothing to say. I didn't let them hurt Bai Yiyan. I really didn't. I just wanted them to teach her a lesson. I didn't expect that they would stab her with a knife. " Li Ran Ran's spirit broke down. She seemed smart, but she was impulsive and weak. She was not the kind of person with strong heart. So when she heard that the two prisoners had confessed, she instantly felt that she had nothing to hide. Lying would aggravate the crime.

The expressions of the two fake policemen were all surprised. They didn't expect that things would be so successful.

Li Ran Ran put one hand on her forehead and began to cry without any image.

I don't know whether she cried in horror or was really ashamed of her bad behavior. In a word, she cried and said, "I really didn't want to hurt her. It's all an accident. It's none of my business. Don't catch me!" The two policemen didn't ask any more questions. They just opened the recording pen and recorded all the crying of Li dye. "

Why do you want Bai Yiyan?" Asked one of them. Li

Ranran once heard why they asked, his face flashed angrily and said with gnashing teeth: "she has robbed my favorite man and my favorite script. Don't I even have the right to hate her? Why did she rob all my things? I've worked hard for so many years. I've climbed from the bottom to today step by step. How much effort and grievance have I made? Can she understand? " The faces of the two fake policemen sitting beside her were startled again.

I didn't expect Li Ranran's hatred for Bai Yiyan would be so deep and heavy that it would kill people.

"What I hate most is that she takes advantage of all the advantages, but she still has to pretend to be pitiful, which makes me sick!" Li Ranran's resentment towards Bai Yiyan can hardly be said in a word or two.

"Do you know those two murderers will stab her with knives?"

Li Ranran was frozen. She covered her face and shook her head. "I don't know. I didn't expect that they would hurt her with a knife. My purpose is to make them scare Bai Yiyan and let her go."

When they got the recording, they said nothing more. They got up and left. Li

Ranran looks at their figure, suddenly doubts, grabs the woman and asks, "show me your ID again!"

The woman was startled. The man next to her reached out and pushed Li Ranran: "what are you going to do?" Li

Ran Ran Ran saw that their faces were not good-looking and said angrily: "you are not police, who are you?"