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C1377. Someone can'st be happy

The guests have come to half of the time. As the host of the banquet, it's time to show his face. He walked down the stairs gracefully.

As soon as he got down the stairs, someone came up to greet him. Ji Xiaohan put on his professional smile and talked to people all the way. All the guests who came here met him, some were not familiar with him, some were very familiar with him.

Among them, naturally, there are several good brothers. However, the reason why we come here for the party is that we also have social intercourse. Therefore, several good brothers didn't get together to chat. They found their own business circle friends, or sat or stood chatting.

Ji Xiaohan stares at Gao Yue from afar. Gao Yue is a little lonely because she is not in this circle and no one knows her. She pretends to be aloof and does not say hello. She carries a glass of wine and drinks it quietly there. Her beautiful eyes look in the direction of Ji Xiaohan from time to time.

With Lu Qing in his hand and a glass of wine in his hand, Ji Xiao met people all the way. He was very sincere with his beautiful face. When a woman saw him, he would be fascinated by him.

Some men are born with their own charm, that kind of male hormone breath, can't hide if they want to cover it, a casual eyebrow pick, lip hook, are enough for women to aftertaste their life, hard to forget.

Ji Xiaohan has such charm. Even if he is wearing an official fake smile, he is still handsome and suffocating.

"Young master, on the left!" Lu Qing whispered a warning in his ear.

Ji Xiaohan just pretends to walk towards Gao Yue inadvertently. Gao Yue also doesn't expect that Ji Xiaohan will walk towards her. Her nervous breath is sluggish, and her whole body is like being electrified. It's a little ticklish and excited.

Season owl cold obviously inadvertently saw her, immediately took his straight long legs, walked towards Gao Yue.

"Tut, isn't this the sharp spoken female reporter last time? It's such a coincidence to see you again. " Season owl winter vacation clothing just discovered her, moreover, between the words, takes the cold chip the meaning.

Gao Yue's face was surprised, but her heart was overjoyed. Sure enough, she left a deep impression on Ji Xiaohan.

"Mr. Ji, I'm really sorry. I asked about something sensitive that day." Gao Yue immediately pretended to be wrong, and sincerely apologized.

"Oh, I thought you journalists would not apologize for your words. You really impressed me!" Ji Xiaohan shows a kind of appreciation for her attitude.

Gao Yue is secretly happy. This is the knowledge of high Eq. only when he is soft can he make a man feel pity. Does Ji Xiaohan praise her like this? Does it mean that Ji Xiaohan is fond of her?

"Mr. Ji has been flattered. Sometimes I'm straightforward, but I'll know later. I'll think about it later. It seems that it really makes you unhappy. Mr. Ji, I'd like to offer you a glass of wine. Please forgive me this time." Gao Yue takes advantage of the hot iron and looks at Ji Xiaohan with a pitiful expression.

Season owl cold sent the cup, Gao Yue quickly touched the edge of his cup: "thank you season for your generosity!" Gao Yue immediately smiled gratefully.

"What's your name, miss?" Ji Xiaohan pretends to know her for the first time.

"Avoid your surname Gao, Gao Yue!" Gao Yue introduced herself immediately and tenderly.

"I appreciate Miss Gao's enthusiasm for her job. I don't know if she is interested in coming to work in our company. Our company has developed well recently, and her position is vacant. She is looking for elites everywhere. If Miss Gao is interested, please contact me!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he reached into his arms, took out one of his business cards and handed it to Gao Yue.

Gao Yue can't believe her ears. Why did Ji Xiaohan invite her to work in his company? Besides, he gave her his personal card.

"President Ji is really embarrassing. In fact, to be honest, I just got the job as a reporter, and I didn't do it for a long time. I was flattered by President Ji. I'll take the business card first. Please allow me to think about it for a few days!" In fact, Gao Yue has readily agreed in her heart, but she still has to push forward a few words to show that she is not so eager to enter his company, which can also add points to her impression.

"Gao Xiaoyue doesn't have to give me such a quick answer. After all, talent is hard to find. I just have this hope. But if Miss Gao doesn't intend to work in our company, I'm not in a dilemma." Season owl cold puts on a pair of the attitude of the thirsty for talent.

"OK, then I'll give Mr. Ji a reply after I think about it. Thank you for your appreciation!" Gao Yue's heart was in full bloom. She felt like she had won a big prize. She was about to shout out excitedly.

Ji Xiaohan turns around and leaves. Gao Yue's hands holding his business card are trembling. She's so happy. She knows that she won't come here for nothing. She has finally got something. It's a great honor to get Ji Xiaohan's personal business card. It also means that she can contact him at will.

In fact, Ji Xiaohan just took the business card as a bait to let Gao Yue hook it.

Ji Xiaohan's acting skills are remarkable. After all, he plays all kinds of roles every day. In addition to returning home, he can take off his mask and get along with his family with his most authentic side.

"Young master, Gao Yue's emotional intelligence is very high. She was calm just now. I really can't look down on her." Lu Qing in the ear of Ji Xiaohan, low voice analysis.

"I really can't look down on her. I don't know who ordered her." The season owl gave a cold smile.

The party was still going on, but Gao Yue didn't stay much, because she really didn't fit in with the circle. Although she could use the opportunity to know many people, none of them were her goal now, and she didn't want to recognize them again, let alone shake them under the eyes of Ji Xiaohan, for fear of destroying the good impression she had built up with difficulty.

So she left.

She went to a friend's shop and called Zhang Lu on her friend's landline.

"Minister Zhang, congratulations to me. I've got Ji Xiaohan's business card, which will be the key for me to enter his company." Gao Yue said triumphantly, it's hard to hide her happiness.

Zhang Lu heard that she won the approval of Ji Xiaohan. Her face sank, but she didn't show much joy. She said lightly, "Congratulations, I thought you were going to give up. Unexpectedly, things have changed again."

"Minister Zhang, are you so unsure of me? As I said, I will achieve my goal by any means. " Gao Yue heard that the other side could not share the joy with herself, and she lost much interest in a moment.

"Xiaoyue, in fact, I don't think you are suitable for this job. After all, you don't have to have only one way out." Zhang Lu wants to persuade her to give up, because it is not difficult to find another woman to replace her.

"Minister Zhang, what do you mean? I managed to get through the line of Ji Xiaohan, and you let me give up?" Gao Yue is not happy at once. He feels that his efforts have not been affirmed.

Zhang Lu suddenly became mute. He wanted to express his love to Gao Yue, but he couldn't say those words in his throat.

Zhang Lu divorced a few years ago. Now he is single and just over 40 years old. He feels that his age is not a problem with Gao Yue's. besides, he likes her and will pave the way for her career naturally. He won't hurt her.

But now, Zhang Lu is suffering.

"Xiaoyue, I didn't let you give up. I just felt that you were taking some risks. What if Ji Xiaohan was calculating you? Aren't you afraid? If you offend Ji Xiaohan, there is no good fruit to eat. " Zhang Lu immediately scares her.

"Minister Zhang, you still don't have confidence in me, do you? I have a high EQ, you can rest assured that I have my own ability. Don't bother, hang up! " Gao Yue finishes saying, still really hang up the phone directly, one face resentful expression hummed.

Zhang Lu looks at the cell phone that has been hung up and wants to smash things for a while. After so many years, he is not easy to fall in love with a woman, but he has to personally send that woman to another man's bed. He is in a bad mood.