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C1407 half way interception

For the first time, Ling Mo Feng stood so close to LAN Yanxi in public. Some ministers of the meeting nearby looked at the two people with surprised and suspicious eyes. Although they both knew that they were going to be engaged, they heard that the relationship between the two people was not very harmonious. But now, when the two people stood together, the picture was quite eye-catching. The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was petite and beautiful How do you see it? Why can't you look right?

For a time, the scene was awkward, people came and went, and LAN Yanxi began to look East and West with her beautiful eyes, but she didn't go to see Ling Mo Feng, thinking that she would never be suspected of falling in love with this man.

Ling Mo Feng seems to ignore others' suspicion and watch a good play. A pair of deep eyes are directly coagulating her, but her thin lips are slightly pursed, obviously serious.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng still asked her.

"Nothing." LAN Yanxi shows his hands, helpless on the face.

"She blamed you?" Ling Mo Feng still loves her and doesn't like her scolding.

"No, leave me alone!" Lanyanxi anxiously wants to convey his meaning with his eyes.

Ling Mo Feng's brow was wrinkled. The adjutant Chu nearby was an outsider, so he seemed to understand LAN Yanxi's situation. He immediately said in Ling Mo Feng's ear, "Sir, Miss LAN is OK. Let's go."

Ling Mo Feng saw some signs later, nodded, looked at her eyes deeply, turned around and walked away with long legs.

Some people didn't stop at the scene, but their ears were up. They wanted to hear what the vice president wanted to say to his fiancee. They could hear it. The atmosphere of the two people was not quite right. They were not like a couple of lovers, but strangers with nothing to say.

LAN Yanxi breathed a breath in the bottom of his heart. Maybe, caring is chaos.

She knew that Ling Mo Feng was anxious about her situation, so she would do anything to help her out. Although she had a false alarm, she was still in a beautiful mood, which proved that this man still cared about her.

LAN Yanxi returns to the office, and Wang Xinyi immediately calls her in to speak.

"How is it? Did Mr. vice president tell you anything? " Wang Xinyi thought that she had done a good thing and promoted her relationship with Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi, with a sad face, shook his head and replied, "he left without saying anything!"

"How is it possible? I don't think Mr. vice president is such a fickle person. " Wang Xinyi doesn't believe it.

"I understand his situation. It's the same with me. I have nothing to say to him. Thank you for your help, sister Xinyi. Just don't help me like this next time." LAN Yanxi thanked her sincerely.

Wang Xinyi sighed: "I want to help you just because you are stupid. Men have a lot of choices, but women don't. when men go out to find women, they have to say that they love each other. What about women? You dare to go out and try. Your saliva has to drown you. That's why I hope you can have a good communication with the vice president. You don't win

Although LAN Yanxi was scolded, she was happy and willing in her heart. In the past, everyone misunderstood Wang Xinyi and thought that she had a psychological problem after her feelings were clumsy. But now, her heart is better than anyone else, just seeing life through too much, and her enthusiasm for life is less.

"Sister Xinyi, I've heard something about you. No matter what other people say, I'm sure you didn't do anything wrong. Thank you for your advice. I'll keep it in mind, but I also have bitter loyalty. I'll accept many things, including my marriage." LAN Yanxi sincerely appreciates her.

"Well, go to work!" When Wang Xinyi saw that she didn't even have the idea to resist, what could she expect from her? Can only silently watch her step into the grave of marriage.

LAN Yanxi's topic of being ignored by Ling Mo Feng is discussed vividly in every corner of the general office. Almost all people are not optimistic about their marriage, but this is what every woman wants most. Ling Mo Feng is the God of all unmarried and married women in the general office. He is only single that makes people hopeful. Now he wants to get married, more hope he doesn't want to To love his wife, he did not put people in his heart, it will always be a chance.

Yang He listened to her colleagues talking. She only sneered.

LAN Yanxi has nothing to be proud of. Her future husband doesn't love her, which is the best irony to her.

Yang he suddenly thought of the last time he had the courage to express his love. I wonder if the vice president had a good influence on her. If his future marriage was not happy, would he think of her as a lover who deeply loved him?

Yang He's state of mind is becoming more and more irregular. She can't help it. She has been stimulated too much. She wants to straighten it out too late. The only thing she wants is to hold her in Ling Mo Feng's arms one day and let LAN Yanxi see it with her own eyes. She really wants to know how rich Lan Yanxi's expression was at that time. She dare not laugh at her poverty.

On this day, LAN Yanxi was confused and humming in his mind, all of which were those ugly words that were deliberately loudly discussed to her. Did Ling Mo Feng not love her, and everyone was happy?

I wish all these troubles would stop soon. She can't bear it any more.

In the evening, LAN Yanxi drove towards Ling Mo Feng's house. When he was about to arrive at the sentry box, he was suddenly blocked by a white SUV. LAN Yanxi stepped on the brake and stared at the car that ran into the road.

At this moment, the car stopped directly and Yang he came down from it.

LAN Yanxi sees that it's her and her eyes are staring straight. What's the situation? Why is Yang he here?

In fact, Yang He is only guessing, but now, she is sitting on her own suspicion.

LAN Yanxi doesn't go back to LAN's house after work, but drives directly to Ling Mo Feng's house. She doesn't really live in Ling's house, does she?

But she got another more real news. Ling Mo Feng went back to Ling's home to sleep recently. He hardly went back to his vice president's office. It must be because this woman occupied his home and upset him. He didn't want to go home to face her, so he moved back to his parents' home.

"Yang He, are you going to die?" Lanyanxi was also very angry. He directly opened the door of the sports car and jumped down to point at her and shouted at her.

"You don't want to be shameful!" Yang He must take this bad breath for her God.

LAN Yanxi heard that she was more impressive than herself. She was shocked again and sneered, "why do you swear?"

"Just because you didn't get married, you ran to the man's house and didn't leave? It turns out that the rumor is true. You really moved to Mr. vice president's house very early. Unfortunately, Mr. vice president doesn't want this house anymore. Are you comfortable living in it? LAN Yanxi, how you want to take the initiative to send them to the door, I don't know how thick your skin is. " Yang he pointed at her angrily and scolded, as if the worse he said, the lower LAN Yanxi was.

LAN Yanxi is about to die of laughter. Yang he came here to block her way because he knew that she had moved into Ling Mo Feng's house in advance? What position does she take to scold her?

"How can I be his fiancee? Who are you? What qualifications do you have to take care of me? " Lanyanxi really didn't want to show her mercy this time. She really hasn't met such a self righteous person as Yang He. She likes Ling Mo Feng as a normal woman and secretly loves him. She even manages the other party's family affairs.

As expected, Yang he was rebuffed as dumb, and his face turned red. He forcibly retorted, "I'm fighting for my God. Maybe Mr. vice president has a good manner and doesn't care about you, but he doesn't drive you away. It's not that he has you in his heart, but just doesn't understand you. If you are smart, you should move quickly, and don't hinder his life."

"Well, I'm afraid it can't be as you wish. I'm going to be engaged to him soon. At that time, he has to move back to live with me. Even if he doesn't like me, he has to get along with me every day." LAN Yanxi deliberately said these words to annoy her.

"Lan Yanxi, you are so shameless. Don't you have shame?" Yang he thought of the future of this woman to Tie Ling Mo Feng every day, her heart like a knife cut the general affliction.

LAN Yanxi wants to tear each other's mouth angrily, but at this time, a motorcade from far to near drives over, two women are stunned.