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Tang You You was stunned, and immediately protested in dissatisfaction: "What does it have to do with me, you were the one who couldn't compare to my son, and now it's my turn, you really are shameless."

"You … "Big brother, you control your woman." Ji Yue Ze could not argue with him, so he immediately brought out Ji Xiao Han to save him.

Ji Yue Ze suddenly laughed: "You are not his woman, then why do you live in his house?"

"Lil 'Rui, Uncle was just joking with you, why did you take it so seriously?"

When Tang Xiao Rui heard him, he knew that he was going to act shamelessly. He immediately raised his head and looked at his father who had an extraordinary presence: "Daddy, your little brother wants to act shamelessly, I'll trouble you to manage him."

The same tone, the same words, made Ji Yue Ze feel a headache.

He quickly looked at his brother, thinking that his brother would probably help him. After all, he was his blood brother!

However, he seemed to have forgotten something even more important. This little fellow was still his own son.

The reason why Ji Xiao Han was forcefully dragged inside by his daughter was to bear witness to the situation, but now, his little brother had lost, and he still had the face to act shamelessly.

"Yueze, what you can't do shouldn't be said earlier. Now that you've lost, the three conditions you promised little Rui, you have to keep it to yourself."

Ji Yue Ze was speechless to the extreme. Did he really have to agree to three conditions of this little family?

"Alright, since Big Brother wants me to keep my word, then say it now. What are your conditions?" "All uncles promise you." Ji Yue Ze immediately said with a heroic face. After he finished speaking, he even wanted to glare at Tang You You hatefully.

Tang You You stood at the side with a calm expression, ignoring Ji Yue Ze's resentful expression, as though she was watching a good show.

She was full of confidence in her son. She believed that no matter who he tried to trick, he wouldn't be able to do the same to her.

Indeed, it was as she wished!

While Tang You You was staring at her son, she did not notice the resentful expression of someone else.

Ji Xiao Han was still stifled by her retort. Did this woman really have to say it so clearly?

Couldn't he pretend to be his woman and let him have some face in front of his younger brother?

Tang Xiao Rui tilted his chin up slightly, and on his delicate and beautiful face, a cruel expression appeared. "Uncle, listen carefully, my first condition is that in the future, you are not to say anything that my Mummy doesn't like to hear. You are not to bully my Mummy, and you are not to make her angry.

"Wait a minute, little thing. The first condition, you actually said three words. Isn't that already three conditions?" Ji Yue Ze never thought that there would come a day where he would be arguing with a child about the right and wrong. This was definitely the biggest stain on his life.

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his big black eyes, and then, he tilted his small head and thought about it carefully: "Un, seems like I said three conditions at once."

Ji Yue Ze's forehead was filled with black lines. Luckily he was smart, otherwise, he would have to ask for a dozen of conditions from this little fellow.

"Little Rui, the three conditions you mentioned are all to help your Mummy. How about you change them again, and make other conditions such as asking me to buy you a toy you like, such as where can I bring you to play with …" Ji Yue Ze heard Tang Xiao Rui's three conditions, and his head started to hurt. If he agreed, wouldn't he never dare to yell at Tang You You again? Doesn't he have to be like big brother and be restrained by this woman? No, his pride would not allow him to be so obedient to a woman.

Tang Xiao Rui's black eyes instantly lit up when he heard about the toy.

Ji Yue Ze also looked at him with anticipation, thinking that he would definitely change his condition.


"No, these are the three conditions I want you to agree to. As for the toys you mentioned, I can ask my dad to buy them, he has plenty of money, and can go anywhere to play, but right now, I have five days a week in school, so I only have two days to play. But the place I want to go to is too far, two days is not enough, so I don't play too much either." After Tang Xiao Rui thought about it deeply, he decided to still accept the three conditions from before. As long as Mummy was alright, he would be fine.

Tang You You looked at Ji Yue Ze with a little bit of satisfaction, then walked over, held onto her son's small face and gave him a large kiss. "Son, you're really awesome.

"Mummy, I want to kiss too!" Seeing that her brother actually enjoyed the Mummy's loving act, Tang Xiao Nai immediately ran over unhappily, wanting to fight for her favor.

Tang Xiao Nai hurriedly held his daughter's small face and also gave her a big kiss. The little guy immediately became happy.

At the side, Ji Yue Ze's face was extremely ugly. He stared at Tang Xiao Rui with a bit of frustration: "You little fellow, you better remember this, in the future, if we were to compete again and you lose, these three conditions will not work."

"Let's compete then, I'm not afraid, but you have to follow the rules of the game, you can't say anything that will make my Mummy unhappy, if not …"

"Otherwise what!" Ji Yue Ze curled his lips.

"Otherwise, you have to compensate my Mummy with mental damages. Every time you compensate me with a hundred... "Ten thousand!" Tang Xiao Rui thought of one hundred pieces at the beginning, but later on, he felt that the one hundred pieces was a little too little, so he changed it to ten thousand words.

"What?" Ji Yue Ze was about to go crazy. A million? This was much more worthwhile than robbing a bank.