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C1898 warm time

This night, Xia Xinnian had a very strange dream. In the dream, she seemed to go back to her childhood and become a little girl with sticky powder. A little boy came to her and gave her sugar.

In the morning, Xia Xinnian opened her eyes and found a small body twisting around her. She subconsciously hugged him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Mommy, daddy said, are you going to get married?" Xiaoyuchen raised his head and asked her happily.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing. He scratched his little Qiao nose with his fingers: "when did he say that?"

"Just now, he came to dress me and said you were going to get married. He also said you promised to go home with him to see your grandparents." Xiaoyuchen said with full air, it's not easy for him to wait until his parents are together.

Xia Xinnian was speechless. He got out of bed, put his hand around his long hair, bit his skin with his mouth, put the long hair in the back of his head, and went to the bathroom.

When xiaoyuchen saw that mommy didn't speak, his big black eyes blinked.

"Mommy, did Daddy lie to me?" The little guy asked carefully.

Xia Xinnian turned to him and said, "he didn't cheat you. Mommy agreed."

"Really? Didn't Mommy like Daddy before? Why do you like him again? Is it because he is handsome? " The little guy is in a good mood and has a lot of mouths.

Xia Sitong squeezed the toothpaste and replied, "well, he's not bad."

"You finally admit that I'm handsome." A low male voice came proudly.

Xia Xinnian, brushing his teeth and looking out of the door with wide eyes, saw that jimucheng had come in at some time. He was smiling happily.

Xia Xinnian bit his toothbrush in chagrin. When it was over, the man had to be beautiful.

Ji Mucheng was dumbfounded, walked in directly, stood behind her, and looked at her gently. "Take Yuchen to breakfast, and I'll be right down." Xia Xinnian's heart shakes. The man looks at her so cautiously. She is not comfortable.

"Xinnian, I found that your plain face is very beautiful." The man attached a compliment to her ear.

Xia Xinnian looked up and saw her plain face in the mirror. Her hair is messy and she doesn't give any powder. Is it really beautiful in his eyes?

"I don't want to coax me here." She said vaguely.

Man thin lip a hook: "you also know I coax you."

"Jimucheng..." Xia Xinnian stared at him angrily.

The man ran to the door like a fugitive. Before he left, he dragged his son.

Xiaoyu Chen was standing at the entrance of the stairs, with two little hands around her chest, and snorted unhappily.

Jimucheng didn't expect that the little guy suddenly had emotions. He couldn't help squatting on the stairs and leaning over to look at his son: "son, how can you look at me with this kind of eyes?"

"You are not allowed to make fun of Mommy." The little guy held out a little finger and reminded him seriously.

Jimucheng: "..."

"I'm not kidding." Jimucheng can't help shaking, almost forgetting that his son is a villain, and that his mother's protection is tight.

"You had it just now." Small feather Chen but has a pair of snow bright big eyes, cannot conceal him.

Jimucheng sighs. This son really follows him. He is only good to his mother at a young age. When he was about the age of his son, he also killed his father half.

"Well, daddy assured you that he would take your mommy seriously in the future." Jimucheng still has to respect his son. After all, although he is small, he is a small life with independent consciousness.

"Really? You promise? " Little feather Chen Mou color is one bright, like Daddy obedient appearance.

"Of course, I promise." After Ji Mucheng finished, he hugged his son, and his thin lips had already kissed him fiercely. This boy, he will be able to resist goods in the future.

"Oh, daddy, you haven't shaved. It's very harsh." The little guy hates to push him away.

However, jimucheng kissed him a few times and deformed his little face.

"Like Daddy?" The man asked him on purpose.

"I like it." The little guy nodded with milk.

"How do you like it?" Jimucheng asked for more.

"I like you more than Mommy." The little guy held his handsome face and kissed him twice.

Jimucheng nodded contentedly: "when you see daddy's family, you will like them."

"Daddy, will grandparents like my mommy?" Xiaoyuchen asked worried.

"Why do you ask?" Seeing his son's sad expression, jimucheng was shocked.

"A little friend in our class told me that his grandmother didn't like his mother very much. He said that he would drive her away every day. He was very afraid." The little one whispered.

"Grandpa and grandma are not bad people. Of course they will like your mommy." Jimucheng sighs. Do you know the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law at a young age? However, he is firm that his parents must like their mother and son.

"Well." The little guy nods happily. Daddy loves Mommy. That means Mommy is very likeable.

Xia Xinnian changed a suit of clothes and went downstairs. The regular white suit made her look bright and charming, elegant, and her passion for work made her more confident.

Ji Mucheng and his son are eating at the table. When they see Xia Xinnian coming, it's like a touch of Jiaoyang. It's very bright in front of their eyes.

The man's eyes looked at her deeply, and his heart was palpitating.

Xia Xinnian took a piece of bread and took a bite of it. The pink lips were stained with bread bran. The man reached out directly and wiped it for her.

Xia Xinnian shuddered all over, as if he had passed the current, and his pretty face turned red.

Jimucheng was intentional. He found that this woman was thin skinned and easy to blush. Moreover, her eyes shone after blushing.

After having breakfast, Xia Xinnian looked at the time and said to jimucheng, "I'll take Yuchen to school. I didn't have a meeting this morning."

"Together." Jimucheng's work is also arranged freely.

"Yeah, mom and dad can finally send me to school." The little guy looks forward to it.

After breakfast, Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian take the car to send Yu Chen to his school. As soon as they send the little guy to the school gate, Ji Mucheng's mobile phone rings. He takes a look and his face wrinkles.

"What's the matter with your company?" Xia Xinnian, seeing that he didn't seem to want to answer the phone, asked him curiously.

"No, it's my mother." Jimucheng frowned helplessly: "it must be urging me to find a girlfriend."

"Then you don't take it." Xia Xin said a white look to him. Then, she felt sad again. She also hoped that her parents would care for her. Unfortunately, she is only one person left now.

Jimucheng stands beside to answer the phone. At the end of the phone, a gentle female voice says: "Xiaorui, do you want to go home for dinner at night? You haven't come back in a month. "