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Fatigue was comforted, and Tang youyou felt satisfied. She wanted to respond to Ji Xiaohan. However, she was so tired now that she could only close her eyes and hold him with her fingers.

Ji Xiaohan has never seen Tang youyou look so weak and pale. His heart, like being stabbed by a needle, is extremely distressed.

If he can take her place to suffer this pain, he will not hesitate to agree. Unfortunately, there are many irreplaceable things between men and women, and childbearing is a natural responsibility of women.

Ji Xiaohan accompanies Tang youyou back to the delivery room. A nurse has come to take care of two newborn babies. One is sleeping soundly, the other is struggling to open a small eye. He is looking at the new world curiously.

Tang youyou was pushed back to the ward. Ji Xiaohan gently lifted her from the cart and held her gently on the bed. Tang youyou opened his eyes and looked at the man. At this moment, without words, it was enough.

Hearing that the baby has been born, LAN Yue and her four sister-in-law hurriedly came from home. When she saw the two new babies lying on the stroller, LAN Yue fell into tears.

Ji's family is filled in again, and they are a pair of lovely twins. It's just a happy life filled with two sweets and honey mixed with oil.

After resting for two hours, Tang youyou recovers some strength. Ji Xiaohan is learning how to hold a newborn.

Ji Da's president has been at a loss for a day, because he found that, how to hold, the little guy looks reluctant, as if he is in his arms and is not comfortable.

Tang youyou looks at Ji Xiaohan's expression. She smiles directly, but she hurts some small wounds. She hisses her mouth and takes a breath. She dare not make fun of Ji Xiaohan any more.

Ji Xiaohan turns around and looks at her. He quickly takes his little daughter to her and says, "you see, she is so small and lovely."

Tang youyou watched Ji Xiaohan gently put a little guy beside her. The little red face was wrinkled. It was not beautiful, but it was absolutely popular.

"Well, it's a good little one."

Tang youyou gently turned over and touched the little guy's soft face with his fingers. She was too small to move her.


I don't know what happened to the little guy. He opened his mouth and started to cry. One cried, and the other seemed to get a signal. He immediately opened his mouth and cried. It seemed that he was hungry.

"Come here, I have to feed them."

It's not the first time that Tang youyou has raised a child. She stretches out her hand and rubs it directly. Then Ji Xiaohan brings a clean towel and tries it. Only then can she sit up hard. A doctor and a nurse come to guide her how to feed her. Soon, the little guy eats the first mouthful of food in his life. He is satisfied and doesn't cry anymore.

The other one was crying, as if he had been wronged. Lanyue quickly took the little guy to her arms to comfort her. Unfortunately, the little guy didn't buy the bill, but she still cried. Yuesao beside helped wash some milk powder, so the little guy stopped crying.

It was the first time that Ji Xiaohan watched the baby nurse. He sat at the bedside and stared at the gentle appearance of Tang youyou. He always felt that the appearance of Tang youyou when she radiated the brilliance of maternal love made him most excited, just like when he first knew her and the children's whereabouts, when he saw her holding the child patiently and comfortingly, it was the first time that he was moved.

But Tang youyou is very shy. He gently blocks it with his hand and immediately makes someone unhappy.

"Is she full?

How did you fall asleep? "

Ji Xiaohan finds that the little thing in Tang youyou's arms has fallen asleep contentedly.

Tang youyou hurriedly handed the little girl over: "she's full. Hold her for a while. I have to feed her son."

Season owl cold low smile: "how do you know that I am holding the daughter?"

Tang youyou gave him a look: "she was born to me. Of course, I know that her son is heavier than her. She looks smaller."

Season owl Han Jun's face flashed a dry smile, as if some of his thoughts had been inadvertently spied.

Tang youyou's face was speechless at once. Ji Xiao's heart was full of love for his daughter. He couldn't help it.

"The little girl looks like you, and her features are like you."

Ji Xiaohan immediately laughed and said.

Tang youyou was stunned for a while, and Xia Weiwen immediately came to have a look and nodded: "yes, yes, it was very similar when you were a child."

Xia Weiwen is in a mood at the moment. At that time, he also had a pair of twins. Unfortunately, his family is unhappy. Neither of them can be kept properly. If he had not been pitied by heaven and reunited with his daughter, he would have left with regret in his whole life.

LAN Yue seemed to see Xia Weiwen's sadness. She put the child down and said to him, "let them get along alone. Let's go out first."

Xia Weiwen nodded. He couldn't cry in front of his daughter, so he turned around and went out with LAN Yue. Four Yuesao also went out for a while. In Nuo's ward, there were only two couples and two little guys who had just been fed. Finally, the world seemed to be quiet.

Just now, there were many people. Ji Xiaohan had many words to say, but he didn't dare to say them. Until now, he just sat at the bedside and began to thank him tenderly: "you've been working hard."

Tang youyou knew that he would definitely say this to herself. She was a little shy. She bowed her head to tease her son's small hand and said softly, "I'd like to do anything for you. Besides, the child is not your own, and I have a share."

"Nevertheless, thank you for bringing the two of them to me. Without you, I have no father, son or daughter relationship with them."

Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to desert her efforts. He will remember them all his life.

"Even if you don't have me, you'll have someone else to give birth to."

Tang youyou immediately laughed and answered him deliberately.

The man's handsome face was stunned, and then he was a little unhappy: "you have to make fun of me, don't you?

Be careful these two little guys are not happy. "

Tang youyou turned his mouth and looked down at the little guy who woke up again and was drinking hard: "well, I won't make fun of you. It's the best luck of my life to have them safe. I'll never have them again."

Ji Xiao looked at her painfully, reached out and straightened her hair: "of course, we have four children now, of course, we will not regenerate."