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The old lady frowned, a look of confusion on her face. Why did the jade pendant disappear just like that? Was there such a coincidence in this world?

"Tomorrow, I will find her and ask her myself. You can rest!" The old lady knew that if she bickered with her grandson, she wouldn't be able to come to a conclusion. She decided to personally ask Tang Youyou about it tomorrow.

The old lady stood up and left. Ji Xiaohan's entire body was stiff, he actually forgot to send her off, and only when the old lady closed the door did he suddenly wake up, raised his head, and looked at Tang Youyou who had walked out from behind the curtain.

Tang Youyou was also startled, she looked at Ji Xiaohan and asked: "Your grandmother just mentioned my jade pendant, does she know where my family is?"

Ji Xiaohan knew then that she would definitely have to let her imagination run wild, because she also couldn't seem to accept the fact that her entire family was dead.

"Wandering, my grandma might have remembered wrongly. Didn't I already investigate the matters regarding your family?" Ji Xiaohan walked over, gently supported her shoulders with both hands and softly consoled her.

Tang Youyou immediately shook his head. "No … Maybe my family is still alive? What if your investigation is wrong? Your grandmother might really know the origins of that jade pendant of mine. Ji Xiaohan, I really hope that they are still alive, I really wish to see them, even if there is only a one in a million chance of success. "

Ji Xiaohan looked at her excited face and her eyes brimmed with hope and light.

So it turned out that Tang Youyou yearned to see her family so much.

"Wandering, now that the jade pendant has been lost, how do you expect my grandmother to confirm it?" Ji Xiaohan frowned, it was obvious that there was a layer of seriousness on his face.

Tang Youyou immediately sighed, "That's true. How about I describe to her tomorrow, she might have some clues!"

Hearing that she needed to be described, Ji Xiaohan froze for a bit, and then, he touched her hair: "Alright, then tell my grandmother about it tomorrow, I hope that my investigations are wrong, your family is still alive, and you can meet them."

"I hope the heavens will not be so cruel!" Tang Youyou sighed, he raised his head and looked at Ji Xiaohan awkwardly: "How about... Let's take a rest today. I don't have any interest now! "

All of Ji Xiaohan's interest was scared away, so he nodded: "Okay, go rest early!"

"Good night!" After Tang Youyou said this in a low voice, he opened the door and went out.

Ji Xiaohan looked at the door that she gently closed, his eyebrows knitted together, tonight, he was afraid that he would not be able to sleep.

He had never imagined that his grandma would personally see that jade pendant.

Ji Xiaohan smashed the table in frustration. He was extremely frustrated, as though there was an invisible hand that wanted to destroy his peaceful life. This made him feel extremely helpless and frustrated.

He was unable to vent his rage on anyone, and could only endure it by himself.


Actually, his mother was the true source of his anger. Unfortunately, Ji Xiaohan didn't know how to face his mother, who had abandoned him long ago.

After Mi Fei Er's storm, Yang Chuchu's birthday banquet finally came to a victorious end. She received a large gift, which made her very happy, but also made her sad. The person she wanted to see the most was not here.

Yang Chuchu sat alone in his bedroom, his heart empty as he thought about that person.

Suddenly, her phone rang, Yang Chuchu walked over quickly and picked up the phone to take a look, the worry on her face immediately disappeared.

It's Luo Jinyu!

He put the phone close to his ear and heard the man's low voice, "Chuchu, happy birthday!"

"Is that all?" Yang Chuchu somewhat happily muttered: "Where are you?"

"At home!"

"Which family?" Yang Chuchu immediately asked again.

"The one you came to!" Luo Jinyu smiled.

"Then can I go over? I want to see you! " Yang Chuchu suddenly mustered his courage.

"It's better if you don't come over. You must be tired after messing around for the whole night!" Luo Jinyu said hesitantly.

"Don't you want to see me now? Today, Mi Fei Er came to my birthday banquet, she's so beautiful! " Yang Chuchu instantly said in a sour tone.

Luo Jinyu was startled, and her tone became heavy: "Why did she go? She didn't say anything to you, did she? "

"What is it? "You seem very afraid that she will tell me something. Are you hiding something from me?" Yang Chuchu immediately detected it sensitively.

Luo Jinyu's expression stiffened, and immediately consoled her in a low voice: "No, I'm not hiding anything from you!"

"Right now, I suspect that you might be with her …" Yang Chuchu's sweet voice carried a trace of suspicion.

Luo Jinyu was immediately stunned!

"How can you be so suspicious of me?" How much distrust did she show him?

"I'm just afraid that you'll be with her, unless you let me pass right now!" Yang Chuchu finally found a reasonable excuse.

Luo Jinyu was speechless. It seemed that there was always a way to sharpen this little thing.

"Alright, come over here!" Luo Jinyu had no choice but to agree to her request.

"Fine, wait for me!" Yang Chuchu was instantly overjoyed.

"Wait a minute!" Luo Jinyu's voice anxiously sounded from the side: "How are you coming over?"

"I'll drive myself!" Yang Chuchu immediately replied.

"No, did you drink tonight?" Luo Jinyu knew that she must have drunk a lot of wine during her birthday banquet.

Yang Chuchu insisted, "I drank just a little, I'm not drunk!"

"Wait, I'll come pick you up!" Hearing her words, Luo Jinyu did not dare to let her drive.

"Alright, you can also come!" Yang Chuchu was instantly overjoyed.

20 minutes later, Yang Chuchu received a call from him, he had actually parked the car far away.

Yang Chuchu carried a small bag and was about to go out when her mother, Cheng Ying, stopped her.

"It's so late, why are you still going out? "What are you going to do?" Cheng Ying stared at her sternly and asked.

Yang Chuchu could only laugh: "Mom, you're so late, you haven't slept yet, I'm going out to meet my little sisters!"

"You want to go out? "Alright, tell me how did this rumor come about, and who is that man on top?" Cheng Ying's face instantly became serious.

Yang Chuchu frowned. She knew that her mother would ask.

"Mom, why would you believe the reports on the internet? This is just me shooting a movie, it's so boring, these reporters only know how to make things up every day. " Yang Chuchu explained in all seriousness.

"Really?" Cheng Ying frowned, somewhat suspicious.

Yang Chuchu was even more infuriated: "Of course it's real, look at the clothes I'm wearing, you'll definitely be able to find this in my show!"

"You better be a little more obedient. How old are you? I didn't let you fall in love with me just because I asked you to act!" Cheng Ying was so angry that he immediately lectured her.

"Mom, don't worry, I'm very obedient!" Gone! " Yang Chuchu immediately said that sentence with a smile, then left.