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C1927 the breath of love

As soon as Xia shuran's words came out, the room was dead and silent. Xia's father and Xia's mother's eyes were all fixed on her face.

"What do you say?" Xia Fu's eyes flashed: "Xia Xinnian is in contact with jimucheng?"

Xia shuran immediately felt sorry for her parents, lowered her head and sobbed, "yes, she seems to be with jimucheng now."

"It's over, it's all over." Summer father a face despairing clap desktop, expression is in a panic.

Xia's mother was also anxious and seized her daughter's arm: "Shu ran, what should I do now? Let's apologize to Xia Xinnian and let her let us go. "

"She won't let us go." Xia shuran's eyes were filled with resentment.

"Why not? As long as you sincerely say sorry to her, we will compensate her for all the losses she has suffered... "

"Mom!" Xia shuran shouted, "do you think this is possible? When she was expelled, do you remember what you said next? Our family owes her. She can't forgive us. Besides, she has climbed to Jimu City, and she still looks at our little money? She just wants to see what happens to us. "

Xia Fu came over and slapped the fan hard on Xia shuran's face: "it's all your good deeds."

Xia Shu got a slap and his head was buzzing. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"What are you doing with her?" Xia's mother hurriedly protects her daughter: "if she didn't marry into another family, which family would give you so much help in business?"

Xia shuran is desperate, driven away by her husband's family and blamed by her mother's family. She suddenly feels that she has no place. Is this retribution?

Xia shuran closes her eyes painfully and tears like rain. She never gives up her life.

"Dad, you beat me, I accept that it's really because of me that led to today's situation, but you can rest assured that I will try my best to save it. Xia Xinnian returned home this time, and she also brought a son back. I think that Ji's family will not let her get started with her reputation."

"What son? Where's her son from? " Xia Mu's face was startled.

Xia Fu stared at his daughter with a gloomy look: "do you have a way?"

"It seems that jimucheng doesn't mind that she has a son, which is really envious. However, if a man destroys her reputation, the JIS will not accept her." Xia shuran is desperate now. She has to try whatever she can. As long as she can have a cross summer mind, she will not care about the consequences.

"How do you know who her child's father is?" Xia Fu calculated carefully.

"It's because everyone doesn't know that our method is easy to implement. We can find a man to recognize her son, and then make her reputation stink. In this way, even if jimuchen likes her again, her family can't accommodate her." Xia shuran has already thought about this dangerous chess game. If he goes right, it will be an eternal abyss for Xia Xinnian.

"OK, you can do it quickly. Xia's family is about to die. Besides, if he Jiaxuan wants to divorce you, you can leave with him. But you can't leave blindly. You can find evidence of his infidelity, divide half of his property, and take over the custody of two children. Then you will take the lead of which family." When Xia Fu had finished speaking, he went upstairs. He was a businessman and made a lot of money.

Xia shuran stood in the living room. She really didn't want to fight with he Jiaxuan's sword. She just wanted to grow old with his white head. But now, she can't have both ends. She can't be human. She has to take care of one side. It's only her mother's family. He Jiaxuan can't afford her first, and don't blame her for her ruthlessness.

"Don't blame your father, he is also for you, our family, money to be at ease, what love, finally are just a mirror, just play." Xia's mother has long seen through that love is the most unreliable thing and she has lost it.

"I know, give me another week, I will let Xia Xinnian fall apart." Xia shuran finished, carrying the bag, turned around and went out.

She originally wanted to go back to her mother's house to be comforted, but until this moment, Xia shuran understood that her life was full of battlefields. She was not a rich lady or a lady. She had to take herself as a weapon and kill all directions. Maybe, she could not be too naive. Love can't be eaten. Only money can make her feel safe.

Xia shuran's plan is to find a man to recognize her son when Xia Xinnian's design competition is over. Of course, before that, she has to do one more thing, that is to find an opportunity to open Xia Xinnian's love relationship with Jimu City, increase her exposure rate and let the whole country remember her face.

Xia shuran's heart finally gets a little comfort.

In the vacation village, Xia Xinnian and jimucheng, who have been playing for half a day, return to the hotel by sightseeing bus.

For Xia Xinnian, it's the most relaxing trip in the past five years. Before that, her body and mind were tied to her son's body and mind, and her travel was focused on his safety. She dared not relax for a moment.

But now, the child was handed over to his grandparents. She didn't need to take care of it. Just now, she was rowing and riding again, accompanied by jimucheng, carefree and unrestrained, as if the spring of life was coming.

Jimucheng also had a good time today. He got the taste of love and gradually became addicted. The women he had felt before were superfluous. Two younger sisters were enough for him to have a headache. But now he found that his younger sister was his relative. He loved them unconditionally. But Xia Xinnian brought him a feeling that was completely strange, fresh and exciting, making every cell in his body jump Leaping, excited, like a fire burning.

"When shall we go back?" Xia Xinnian asked him in a low voice.

"You decide." Jimucheng replied with a chuckle.

"Let's go back this afternoon. I have to work." Xia Xinnian can't play wild heart. She still has to put her work first.

"Well, listen to you." "Jimucheng is attached to her body," she said dumbly.

The sudden intimacy made Xia Xinnian's heart beat faster. She pretended not to know and turned to look out of the window.

But next second, the man presses her in front of the floor to floor window, Xia Xinnian startles, turns around and hugs him tightly, for fear that the glass will break.

After jimucheng's treachery succeeded, he gave out a deep laugh.

Xia Xinnian was about to look up at him, and he felt that the man's thin lip was blocked.

The warm feeling takes away all the sense of Xia Xinnian, as if playing for a long time, which is not as strong as the feeling of being held tightly by him and kissed at the moment, and it seems that it's just to wait for this moment's indulgence.

Xia Xinnian doesn't know how to refuse him anymore. She is like a man without experience. He is responsible for everything.