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The smell of fragrance came. Before Ling could reach out his hands to catch her, he felt that the girl's soft face was leaning on his neck socket, and the moist lips were kissing without saying a word. "

mmm..." Ling Mo Feng had no time to immerse himself in this ecstasy. Suddenly, he felt a pain in his neck. The girl's tiny white teeth were biting him, just like a dog who was in a hurry.

Ling Mo Feng's body was strong, and his face froze with happiness. The woman had come here not to hold her, but to bite him.

"Yan Xi..." Clearly she bit some pain, but Ling Mo Feng's voice was suddenly hoarse, even if she bit him, his body even had an amazing response. Blue

at last, Yan Xi let go of his anger, loosened his teeth, and looked at Ling Mo Feng's obvious bite mark on his neck with satisfaction. She pushed him away, and then stepped back two steps. He said angrily, "next time, let me come to see you talk and laugh with other women, I will not only bite you, I will bite you countless times!" Ling

Mo Feng reached out to his neck and touched her moist saliva. He could not cry or laugh for a while.

"Yan Xi, the way you are jealous is really special. If you like biting people so much, OK, you will be angry later. Just bite me, I have a lot of places for you to bite!" A group of serious vice president, also by this lovely interesting girl to tease the evil spirit.

"I think it's beautiful!" LAN yanxili gave him a white look and said angrily, "I only bite where others can see, but I can't see. If I bite, it's also white. I have to let those women know that you are the master of Lingmo Feng. Don't think about it!"

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips go up a hook: "still quite clever, it seems that you are so jealous, this time is really in love with me!"

"Who said that?" LAN Yanxi's mind was broken by his words. His face was red with shame. He glared at him angrily, turned his back and twisted his hands together. He complained: "I just have a little favor for you, but it's too early to say love!"

"Is it really just a little bit of goodwill?" Ling Mo Feng laughs and doubts.

"Well, not only have a good feeling, but also a little like it. Who let you have such a good figure and a good face? I'm an appearance association!" LAN Yanxi deliberately said angry words to annoy him. "

If I don't look good..." "

then the result is unpredictable!" LAN Yanxi saw that he was really hit, looking back and laughing. Ling

looking at her triumphant expression, Mo Feng couldn't help but smile and say: "well, I have to thank God for giving me this appearance to make you happy for me!"

"Forget it, I don't want to say these boring words to you. I want to hug you!" Lanyanxi found that stumbling with this man was also a boring thing, because he didn't seem to have much sense of humor. Every word seemed to come from his heart, making her want to play a trick on him, and she couldn't bear to start. Ling

Mo Feng obediently came over, reached out and held her gently in his arms. His thin lips pressed against her forehead and kissed her gently: "Yan Xi, don't eat this kind of vinegar in the future. It's unnecessary. Anger is bad for your health."

"I know, but I can't help it!" Of course, lanyanxi knows that Ling Mo Feng is not such a shameless and obscene man. He really came to work today. She is too small-minded and angry about such things.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door three times. Ling Mo Feng had to let go of his hand, and her eyes drooped, staring at her bright and dazzling eyes: "I have to go first, and then you can go back by car!"

"Well!" Even though he didn't give up, he didn't dare to show it. He was afraid of suffering from each other. LAN Yanxi raised his hand to him with a free and easy expression: "go to work, come to me when you have time!" "

OK!" The man answered her firmly and forcefully, and opened the door and went out.

As soon as Ling Mo Feng went out, the adjutant came and gave LAN Yanxi some paintings. LAN Yanxi held them in his arms and went out. She took the elevator down the hall on the first floor, and just arrived at the room where they rested. Suddenly, in the quiet air, there were several shots.

Lanyanxi's steps seemed to stop suddenly, his legs were frozen, unable to move, even turning his head slowly and shocked.

Yang he suddenly rushed out and ran to the shooting place.

LAN Yanxi also seemed to wake up like a dream, holding the painting tightly in his hand, and ran quickly with Yang He. One

during the exhibition, there was some confusion, and some of the guests were frightened. They were afraid and didn't know where to hide. "

Miss blue!" Just as LAN Yanxi held her breath and ran forward, suddenly, a man came to her side, the adjutant beside Ling Mo Feng. She stopped at once and asked him, "what happened to him? How is he? "

"Miss LAN, come this way with me!" The adjutant, anxious and steady, pointed out a corridor to her.

"If I don't leave, is he hurt? You tell me! " Lanyanxi's eyes were red at the moment. She stood firmly in place. Next second, she put the picture in her hand into the adjutant's arms and said, "take it, I'll see the situation!"

The adjutant was scared to move forward quickly, and said in a low hurry: "Miss LAN, Mr. vice president has been shot and has left. He asked me to take you away quickly. The next target may be you!" "

what?" LAN Yanxi's brain is blank, only two words of gunshot wound are rolling back and forth in his mind. The deputy was in a hurry, so he had to whisper, "Miss blue, I'm offended!"

So the adjutant reached over, grabbed LAN Yanxi's arm, and dragged her to run forward. "

those paintings..."

"Leave it alone!" The adjutant just wanted to make sure she was safe. He didn't care about the paintings. But LAN Yanxi thought that those paintings were for Ling Mo Feng and belonged to him, so she wanted to protect them. Blue

Yan Xi's brain is empty, his legs follow the mechanical running forward, his eyes are covered with tears, he can't see the road ahead, so he can only follow the direction of the adjutant.

Yang He is far away. Seeing a man holding LAN Yanxi's hand running, she looks surprised.

Look more closely. Isn't that man one of the vice president's closest aides?

Is he lanyanxi's fiance? Before that, LAN Yanxi always felt that she was lying. She said that she came to work in the general office for a man, but she would not tell who the man was. Now, she has proved that she is the red man beside the vice president. There is no wonder that Lan Yanxi is so adored by him. She is willing to give up the identity of the eldest lady for him. Don't run here to be a little girl Little receptionist.

Yang hejue, LAN Yanxi is a perfect match for this adjutant. At the same time, he feels relieved in the bottom of his heart. When she was just about to run past, she was stopped by the staff and was not allowed to run forward, so she would fall back, but her heart was worried. There was a gunshot in this place, which must have taken advantage of the vice president. What should I do? Is he hurt? Yang's worried face was white, but she couldn't even ask about those things. She was just a small employee, and she didn't even have the qualification to care about the vice president. Blue

Yanxi sat on the car with cold hands and feet. She didn't know how she ran to the car. She felt her heart beat fast, her legs were numb, and the tears in her eyes never stopped falling one by one. "

did he get hurt? Will it die? " LAN Yanxi covers his cheek and asks the adjutant in fear.

The adjutant also said calmly, "Miss blue, don't worry. Mr. vice president will wear bulletproof clothes every day. There should be no danger to his life. I must escort you away now." "

What about others? I have several colleagues..." "

don't worry, no one will target them, they will be OK!" The adjutant appeased her.

LAN Yanxi can't bow her head and be depressed. She thinks, will these people take advantage of her to hurt Ling Mo Feng by mistake? "

Where will he go now?" LAN Yanxi wants to see Ling Moheng and know about him at this time.

"Miss LAN, I can't answer you. Mr. vice president must be safe." The adjutant replied faithfully and dutifully. "

well, can you let me talk to him on the phone?" LAN Yanxi looked at him pleadingly.

The adjutant was also in some difficulty. "

I just want to hear his voice and know that he is still awake!" Blue Yan Xi choked.