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C850 asks him to make a decision

Maureen looked at lohnin, who came out from behind the door. Their eyes were intertwined. Then lohnin reached out to hold her cool fingers and said, "let's go!"

"Where to?" There is still a trace of negativity in muleen's voice.

"Check it out!" Lohnin said firmly.

"I wish the doctor was wrong!" Maureen sighed. This time, she didn't shake lohnin's big hand away. Instead, she accepted her life and followed him to the laboratory.

After the blood was drawn, the two men sat down in the next chair and waited for the result.

The glances from other people didn't affect them. They just kept their fingers together and didn't know what to think.

"Lohnin, do you regret it?" Maureen suddenly asked him in a voice with self mockery.

Lohnin's handsome eyes lingered for a moment, then his voice was low: "what do you regret?"

"I regret associating with you and being my boyfriend!" This time, mureen turned around and stared at the man's face as if to see the change of his expression.

Lohnin's expression was not turbulent, and his voice was as gentle as ever: "no, no regrets!"

Mulin was stunned. She thought lohnin would be disappointed with her when she knew she was a woman afraid of marriage and childbearing. Unexpectedly, he said he didn't regret it.

"You don't need to comfort me. You can tell me the truth. My psychological quality is very good. Even if you tell the truth, I can accept it." Mulin thought he was trying to coax her by saying nice things.

This time, lohnin looked her in the eyes straight and said seriously: "I really don't regret it, mureen. I like you. No matter what choice you make, I support you!" "But your family won't agree. You're going to succeed the Luo family." Murin's face is happy, but at the same time, there are more worries. Although it is said that now the society has progressed and many aspirations can be recognized, but this kind of top priority has taken root and sprouted in the hearts of the previous generation, which can never be ignored.

"My brother is sure to have children. Our Luo family won't break their roots!" Lohnin's face flashed a smile, as if it was not worth his trouble.

Murin was stunned again. I didn't expect that lohnin would have something to comfort her.

"Don't you really regret it?" Mu Lin blinked. It was hard to believe that someone was willing to accept her imperfection.

"Really, don't lie to you!" Lohnin didn't know what to say to make her believe in herself.

Maureen suddenly fell into his arms and held him tightly. Her face was buried in his chest. Her voice was a little uneasy: "lohnin, if this time I'm pregnant, can I Don't do it! "

Lohnin shuddered fiercely. He looked down at the woman in his arms.

"Good!" For a long time, his voice began to ring above Maureen's head.

As soon as lohnin's voice fell, she heard a nurse calling for Maureen's name.

Murin ran to get the list immediately. She looked at it and her face turned pale.

Lohnin walked heavily in the past, and Youmou saw the result from the list, and his face was frozen.

It turned out to be a first pregnancy.

"I'm really pregnant!" Murin murmured, and then she looked up at lohnin: "what should I do? What to do? "

At the moment, lohnin's mind is also in a mess. He just promised her that word with difficulty, and now asked him to say it again, but it was so painful.

"Lohnin, let's calm down!" After mureen finished, she put the list into her handbag directly. Without waiting for lohnin to open her mouth, she had already marched forward.

Lohnin watched her escape from the general figure, the whole person a little frozen.

Murin left the hospital first. She didn't even go to the doctor to ask her to help see the result.

However, now the results are out, really pregnant.

Luohenning was lost again. He drove back to the company, came to the president's office of luojinyu, sat on the sofa, held his forehead in both hands, and said nothing.

Luo Jinyu sits on the office chair and is dealing with business affairs. Seeing his younger brother's expression coming in, he is waiting for him to ask questions first. Unexpectedly, he has been dealing with things for several minutes. The younger brother on the sofa is still mute and doesn't say a word.

"What's the matter?" Luo Jinyu finally couldn't help opening his mouth.

"Brother, she is pregnant!" Luo Henning finally answered a sentence, but it made Luo Jinyu look stunned.

"You mean, mureen is pregnant?" Luo Jinyu confirms.

"Yes, we have children!" Lohnin nodded.

Luo Jinyu put down his pen directly and went to his face. He put his hands around his chest and looked down at his sad younger brother: "I have a child, why not be happy? Isn't it time to celebrate? "

"She doesn't want it!" Luohenning's next words changed luojinyu's expression.

Luo Jinyu's expression flashed a flash of astonishment: "doesn't Mu Lin want children? Why? How lovely the child is! " "I don't know. She just doesn't want it. I asked Mu shiye. He said that her sister didn't love to have children and didn't want to get married. Now, I think I'm ready. But when we hear that she is pregnant, we will have a child, but we can't let him come to this world, my heart will ache. Brother, what should I do?" Lohnin's life, never need to make a choice. All choices are made with the help of big brother and parents. His life can be regarded as perfect. But at this moment, after meeting Mulin, he finally wants to learn how to make a decision by himself. However, he finds that it is so difficult to make a decision.

Luo Jinyu sat beside him and clapped him on the shoulder. "Do you want to talk to Mu Lin about this matter and tell her what you think? Maybe she will change her decision."

"Brother, don't you know her? Once she decides something, it's hard to change. " Lohnen laughed bitterly, because he knew, so he was distressed. "Then let Mu shiye persuade her, or her mother, that the child is a small life after all, how can we not?" Luo Jinyu is more determined than Luo hening, because he thinks that if Yang ChuChu is pregnant, he supports her 100% to give birth to children, and he will swear that he will take good care of her and children in his life.

"Her phobia about childbirth and marriage comes from her mother. It's definitely counterproductive to let her mother persuade her." Lohnin smiled bitterly. Luo Jinyu immediately thought of the stubborn and snobbish lady. Indeed, lanrona's character will really bring shadow to children's heart.