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"Xue Rou …" Zhang Hui Yi had indeed been fooled, she thought that Tang Xue Rou really wanted to give her a bag as she came this time, so she opened the door with a face full of joy.

Tang Xue Rou actually didn't come by herself, but there were six or seven men behind her who just looked at her and didn't seem to be proper.

"Xue Rou, listen to me, I really don't know where I lost that jade pendant. Even if you destroy my house, it's useless. I can't find it." He also wanted to say that he had lied to her.

Xue Rou, tell them to stop, I will return the jade pendant to you, please, please let me go, I know that I was wrong, moreover, I will tell you a huge secret, about the jade pendant, please don't smash it anymore, okay? Seeing that her meticulously arranged home was about to be destroyed, Li Hui Yi became dizzy and her brain swelled up. In an instant, she decided to surrender.

After Tang Xue Rou heard her words, she raised up her hand: "All of you stop right now, I actually want to see if she has anything else to say."

Zhang Hui Yi looked at the crowd present and she was still a little afraid. She said to Tang Xue Rou: "Let them out first, I'll bring out the jade pendant for you. Don't worry, I won't lie to you this time, it's true."

Tang Xue Rou also believed that Zhang Hui Yi did not have the guts to lie to her now, so she waved her hand and invited the men out.

"Alright, I'll let them all out. You can tell me now, where is the jade pendant and what secrets do you have to tell me?"

Zhang Hui Yi turned and went into her own bedroom. Not long later, she brought out the jade pendant and took out a few photos along the way.

"Xue Rou, I'll tell you the truth. Actually, I found some secrets on this jade pendant, so I didn't want to return it to you, but if you want to destroy my house now, I have no choice but to return it to you. Please don't be angry, for the sake of finding such a huge secret for you." Zhang Hui Yi was terrified, she wanted to make up for her mistake.

Tang Xue Rou snatched the jade back, "Cut the crap, give me back the thing, and you still want to seek my forgiveness? Hmph, do you know how much money you caused me to lose? You won't be able to pay with your life. "

"No, Xue Rou, take a good look at these photos." Zhang Hui Yi was so scared that her face turned white, she quickly passed the photo to her: "Look, is the jade pendant in your hand similar to the one in the window? Let me tell you, they are a pair. You said this jade pendant is yours, right? "

After Tang Xue Rou heard what she said, she grabbed the photo and quickly looked at it. Then, she stared at the jade in her hand and compared it with her eyes squinted: It is indeed similar.

To tell you the truth, I only found out about it by chance. Last time I went to the museum, I heard from the curator that this jade pendant was deposited by a rich old man in the museum, the old man had a pair of grandchildren of a dragon and phoenix embryo, he gave the pendant to the two children respectively, but the little boy passed away due to illness and the old man's heart was sad, so he left the jade pendant in the museum. Perhaps he did not want to see it too much every day, but his granddaughter lost it for some reason. Xue Rou, if this jade pendant belongs to you, then you might be the granddaughter of that old man. Zhang Hui Yi only wanted to curry favor with Tang Xue Rou at the moment, and take this opportunity to obtain some benefits.

Tang Xue Rou looked at Zhang Hui Yi in shock: "All of this you heard from the instructor? Is that true? "

"Yes, what did I lie to you for? To be honest, I heard what the curator said, so I was reluctant to return the jade pendant to you, now I know that I was wrong, even if I had this jade pendant, it's useless, I'm not the owner of this jade pendant, Xue Rou, you're the real rich young miss, I even asked the curator, the other party is a very rich old man, if you really are his granddaughter, you will definitely inherit a large amount of wealth." Zhang Hui Yi was afraid that Tang Xue Rou didn't believe him, so she quickly explained the situation a little more clearly.

Unfortunately, she didn't see any sort of happy expression on Tang Xue Rou's face, but instead, she frowned.

"Xue Rou, you still won't forgive me? I already know that I was wrong. Since I dug such a big secret for you, you should just spare me, okay? " Zhang Hui Yi begged her fearfully.

Tang Xue Rou scoffed, "Alright, I will let you go this time, but remember this, do not offend me again, understand? Also, you must completely forget about what you just said, do not tell anyone else, understand?"

Tang Xue Rou was afraid that Zhang Hui Yi would spout nonsense and the news would spread to her ears.

If it was really as Zhang Hui Yi had said, this jade pendant belonged to the granddaughter of the old man, then this person definitely was not him. It was very likely that this person was Tang You You.

Tang Xue Rou frowned, she suddenly felt extremely troubled in her heart.

She had to go home and ask her mother whether this Tang You You was her father's biological daughter or not.

If she was, then this jade pendant didn't belong to her. If she wasn't …