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C885: let bygones be bygones

Tang youyou didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan, who was sleeping just now, would put her under pressure in the next second. "

think again?" The man's deep and bewitching voice fell in her ear. Don

youyou was shocked and immediately shook his head and denied: "no, no, no, you misunderstood me, I just I want to cover you! " Season

Xiao Han looks at her pretty face and glows red. He releases his hand and lets her go: "so early?" Don

you take a sigh of relief. If Ji Xiaohan has to beat her at this time, I'm afraid that she will be drained of any energy today. "

I want to see my father earlier!" Tang Xiuyou immediately got up and followed him to the bathroom. As soon as she walked in, she heard the sound of the water, and she turned away quickly. The face is slightly hot.

I don't know what's going on. I haven't been with Ji Xiaohan for a short time. Why do I still blush because of some small things? She saw a lot of interesting stories in life on the Internet. Moreover, many women don't take their boyfriend or husband seriously at all. Even if the husband is convenient, she can still stand behind him and do her own things.

But Tang youYou can't break the psychological barrier.

She felt that when Ji Xiaohan did this kind of thing, there was a palpitation in her heart.

It's over. Is she ill? The devil? Season

when Xiao Han came out again, he had a clean shaven beard and short hair, which was also very neat and stylish. He looked younger. "

don't you want to go early? What are you waiting for? " Season owl cold comes out, see her back small hand, lean by the door, don't know what is in hair to stay, smile to ask her.

Tang youyou had to quickly get into the bathroom and began to wash himself.

Two people set out from the hotel. It takes more than an hour to get to the villa in Xavier. On the way of

, Ji Xiaohan was silent obviously.

Tang youyou is actually in a dilemma. Ji Xiaohan has a festival with her father. She knows that.

So, she finally began to advise him: "Ji Xiaohan, if you really don't want to see my father, otherwise, you can go back to the hotel and wait for me. I will have lunch with him at noon and come back to accompany you in the evening!"

"Sooner or later is to meet, and can not avoid a lifetime!" Ji Xiaohan knows that she is taking care of her emotions, and he is struggling inside.

Hearing this, Tang youyou felt even more ashamed of himself.

"But I don't want to see you in trouble. I want you to make the decision you want to make, not because of me..." Season

owl cold side eyes come over, coagulate her to say: "you are my wife, I make any decision, will be because of you!"

Tang youyou is stupefied for a while, think carefully, it is true that they are husband and wife, and many things need to be faced together in the future. Don

bowed his head and didn't speak, but his heart was heavy.

"Well, don't think about my feelings. To be honest, your father is a very successful entrepreneur. If I can talk to him about work, maybe it will be good for me!" Ji Xiaohan seemed to see what she was thinking, reached out and touched her long hair, comforting her like a child. Don

with a faint sigh, he leaned into his arms and said, "do you really think so?"

"Well! If a person can be calm about the things he doesn't want to face, it proves that my bearing is getting better and better. " Season owl cold hook lip smile.

Tang youyou sighed, held out his small hand and grasped his five fingers: "Ji Xiaohan, thank you for being willing to change for me, and I hope to change for you one day."

Season owl cold nodded: "good, there will always be such a day!"

Tang youyou chuckled: "hope is not a very difficult thing." "

it's not hard. I want to fulfill a small dream of xiaonai and fill in a younger brother or sister for her." The man scared her deliberately.

Sure enough, Tang youyou is the least frightened. His face is red and white.

"Are you serious?" What Tang youyou is most afraid of now is to call her to have another child. These two children are still so small, so it needs people to worry about. If there is another one, then everything is really back to the origin. The feeling of having to start again makes Tang youyou feel anxious.

Season owl cold sees her to be really frightened, low smile voice: "make fun of with you, don't take seriously!" Don

you take a deep breath of relief and shout: "don't make such a joke next time!" "

OK, no more!" Season owl cold gently hold her palm, then seriously asked: "really don't want to give me another child?"

"Isn't it enough to have Xiaorui and xiaonai?" Tang youyou blinked. She thought that one child and one daughter were the best arrangement.

"That's enough!" After two seconds of fright, Ji Xiao nodded: "educating children is also a top priority. Forget it. We don't think about having children now. Educating these two guys well is the greatest credit!" "

Yes, I think so!" Tang youyou nods. Chat

on the day, the car has driven into the villa group in the rich area. Don

looked out of the window at the scenery with long expectation. Last time, she came to dad in a hurry and didn't have a good meal at his home. Today, she wants to have a good look at what Dad's home looks like. Xia

Wei Wen is also very happy and excited to hear that Tang youyou is coming. In the early morning, he asked his servant aunt to prepare a lot of things to entertain her daughter.

The car drove into the hall door of Xia's house, the door opened, Xia Weiwen welcomed out happily: "you long!" When

saw that Tang youyou was still following Ji Xiaohan, Xia Weiwen was shocked.

"Uncle Xia, don't you welcome me?" Xia

when Wei Wen heard that he was called his uncle, his mind was mixed for a moment. He was very ashamed when he thought of the situation when he and Ji Nan, Ji Xiaohan's father, were brothers.

"I don't know what to call you. If you really want to recognize me as your father, I'll call you your name. I'm grateful that you are willing to take my daughter seriously and call me uncle!" Xia Weiwen was very moved and grateful.

Ji Xiaohan looked away and said in a low voice: "we will not calculate the past. From now on, I only think you are a long father-in-law, my future father-in-law. You and my father-in-law were good friends for playing. When I was a child, I once respected you. You are so much better than my father!" If he wants to save his daughter, he will bear the pain to send her out. He wants to bear the censure and abuse of everyone, take care of the injured mother, hold a wedding ceremony for her, and give her a name. These two favors alone cannot be ignored by Ji Xiaohan.