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"Yes, I am willing. When we find our family, we will talk about marriage. I hope that when I get married, I can get my family's support and blessings." Tang You You raised his head and said with a slight smile.

"Alright, I'll definitely help you find your family as soon as possible. At that time, we can naturally get married and spend every day with the children." Ji Xiao Han felt that the time he had spent waiting finally paid off. He could finally marry Tang You You and not have to look at their pitiful eyes anymore.

The two of them embraced each other for a while, then released themselves from their clothes. Ji Xiao Han said in a low voice: "I'll go look for Tang Xue Rou now, do you want to go with me?"

Ji Xiao Han called Lu Qing, gave him some instructions, and then brought him to a place in the carriage.

It was a private living room. When Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You came over, Tang Xue Rou was already tied up and was sitting on the ground. Two men were sitting with her.

Tang You You did not expect Ji Xiao Han's efficiency to be so high.

Because, she never thought that Ji Xiao Han's way of meeting her was so simple and crude, without any room for discussion.

What made her even more afraid was that her accomplice would be tied up together with her at the same time.

"Quarterly …" Tang Xue Rou said with a trembling voice that was filled with fear.

Ji Xiao Han sat down on the sofa beside him, while Tang You You followed and sat beside him.

Tang Xue Rou anxiously knelt down and took a few steps forward, then said fearfully and uneasily: "Quarterly, I do not know how I offended you, but you must tie me up like this."

When people were at their most fearful, they would often pretend to be stupid.

However, Tang Xue Rou knew how to act the most, she knew how to play dumb the most.

Ji Xiao Han didn't say anything, but Tang You You opened his mouth and laughed coldly: "Tang Xue Rou, do you really not know what kind of heinous crime you have committed?"

Tang Xue Rou looked at Tang You You and shivered. She suddenly could not say a word.

Lu Qing said coldly, he kicked a man beside him: "Tell me!"

I really didn't know that the wine Lu Xuan Chen drank was drugged, I just wanted me to send Lu Xuan Chen over to her place. I didn't have any other thoughts at that time, Lu Xuan Chen was Tang Xue Rou's manager in the past, so their relationship was pretty good, I thought that Tang Xue Rou wanted to take care of him, I really didn't think that she would drug Lu Xuan Chen and even let him harm Miss Tang, Mr. Ji, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean any harm. "

That man was still a little afraid of Tang Xue Rou. In the past, he had also done things under Tang Xue Rou's hands.

That man was no longer afraid of Tang Xue Rou. He spoke with his neck tensed: "What I said was the truth, you didn't even give me money, why should I help you hide it?"

She really did not expect that Tang Xue Rou would even have to scheme against her, so she really could not endure it. She walked over and ruthlessly slapped Tang Xue Rou on the face: "Lu Xuan Chen thinks you're a friend, but you actually betrayed him like this."

Tang Xue Rou had been slapped to the side by Tang You You, her long hair blocking her expression. Quarterly, do you hear me? Tang You You is still yearning for Lu Xuan Chen, do you really want to marry her? "

Tang You You was stunned, she did not expect Tang Xue Rou to still not forget to stab her even at such a time.

Ji Xiao Han's expression did not change, he only stared at Tang Xue Rou coldly and emotionlessly: "If you dare sow discord between me and You You You, I guarantee that you will regret it."

Tang Xue Rou opened her eyes in disbelief. Tang You You had obviously wanted to protect Lu Xuan Chen, but Ji Xiao Han wasn't jealous, how was this possible?

Was this still that arrogant man?

"Quarterly, I also wanted to test this woman on your behalf, you can't blame me!" Tang Xue Rou's tone changed, as he looked at Ji Xiao Han helplessly and gently.

"When is it your turn to test my woman? Tang Xue Rou, tell me, if I send you to the police station now, would your reputation be completely ruined? " Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up. He was not a cold-blooded tyrant, but he knew very well how to make a person go crazy or even break down.

"Take me to the police station? Why? Quarterly, I beg you, don't send me to the police station, I'm willing to kowtow to Tang You You and admit my wrongs, but please don't ruin me! " As a Female Celebrity, what he treasured the most was his reputation and face. If she went into the police station, and got riled up by Ji Xiao Han, he was afraid that she would lose all her supporters.

When Tang You You finally said that she wanted to apologize to her, she couldn't help but mock him. "Do you think it's useful to apologize now?"

"Wandering, on the account of us sisters, please let me go. I know that I was blinded by jealousy, but I'm also in pain. I don't know how to vent the anger in my heart, so I'm confused for a moment …"

"Tang Xue Rou, to my understanding of you, you have never been muddleheaded. The mistakes you have made, were all things that you had calmly thought about, and I will not forgive you. This time, you must be prepared to bear the consequences." Tang You You was not kind enough to let her off time and time again. A person who made a mistake should be punished, which was why this world was a little fairer.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You's firm tone, and his lips curled up lightly, changing a little more in his opinion of her. Actually, if Tang You You was soft-hearted enough to let Tang Xue Rou go this time, Ji Xiao Han would be angry.

"Tang You You, you can't destroy me. You promised my father, you won't hurt me." Tang Xue Rou was so scared that her face turned pale white, she anxiously took out her life saving straw of grass, thinking that Tang You You would soften her heart and let her go.

Unfortunately, Tang You You said coldly: "I did promise Tang You Kang that I would let you go, but I've already let you off the last time. If you had calmly walked your path and didn't interfere in my affairs, we would have been safe and sound, yet you came to find trouble with me time and time again, do you really think that I would be so easily bullied?"