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Ji Xiaohan comforts his brother, and Ji Yueze leaves. Ji Xiaohan also has a very important meeting to hold.

Tang youyou was also restless at Ji's house. At noon, she asked her godmother Liu Xi to have lunch. The two met in the restaurant.

Seeing Tang youyou's four tall and strong black bodyguards, Liu Xi smiled: "it's just like the way that Ji's little grandma goes out."

Tang youyou heard Ganma's teasing and gave her a look: "Ganma, don't make fun of me. I'm afraid of death now." Liu Xi then thought that she had just experienced a fight between life and death, where would she have to make fun of her again, and immediately became gentle: "long, you are not more careful now than before. You should be more careful when you go out. It's not so easy for a rich family and a young grandmother to do. Not only now, but also later, you have to face many things

feelings, and you have to be ready for battle."

"Yes, I used to be a small civilian. I feel that this society is very peaceful. But after this accident, I found that the original danger is everywhere. In the future, I will be more alert." Tang youyou sighs.

"Well, don't talk about these topics, so as not to frighten you. In fact, it's not so terrible. Otherwise, why do everyone want to be a rich young grandma? The days you enjoy are still long. Come on, have a meal! "

Liu Xi didn't want to cause her psychological burden, but she had to be told to prevent it.

"Mummy, how is the company doing?" Tang youyou asked while eating. Although she took a long holiday, she was still concerned about the development of the company. After all, it is also a company under Jishi group.

"Well, don't mention it. Something disgusting happened to me." Liu Xi suddenly thought of something, and his face was angry.

"What's the matter? Is something wrong? " As soon as Tang youyou's face changes, it should be a big thing to listen to Ganma's tone.

"Someone came to steal customers from us!" Liu Xi snorted coldly.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes slightly open, surprised and said: "which company is it?" "You know that miffee. She doesn't know what she's doing. She seems to have been mixing with the fashion industry. This time, she set up a company called Feier design after returning home, and then pulled several of our customers to her side. I've inquired about it. That miffee played a trick and went to find one of her customers privately. Maybe the conditions were too tempting After that, the customer gave up our company and went straight to her side. " Liu Xiyue said that the more angry Liu Xiyue was, the more benign the competition was. As soon as this miffee appeared, it immediately turned the industry into a vicious competition, which not only disrupted the whole industry market, but also caused a very bad impact.

Tang youyou's face also tensed up, nodded and said: "this Miffy, I do know. There have been some unpleasant exchanges. Ganma, I suspect that the other side is taking advantage of me. Because I offended her, she may be retaliating against me."

Liu Xi listened, especially surprised, frowned and said: "she really seems to be retaliating, although not against you, but against our company, this person's heart is too vicious, right, how did you offend her?"

"I didn't offend her very much, but I helped a friend of mine to hold up the scene. She may feel that I was showing off that I was Ji Xiaohan's girlfriend." Tang youyou wryly smiled twice, helpless on one face. At the beginning, she didn't mean to target miffee, but she was so arrogant that she targeted Yang ChuChu. She made the little girl cry directly, but she didn't know how to resist. She just helped her because she couldn't see it. Unexpectedly, miffee directly counted the revenge on her. "Well, that woman's mind is very narrow. Since she is afraid that you are Ji Zong's girlfriend, now, she may really feel that it's a good time to revenge. In the eyes of outsiders, you and Ji Zong have already split up, and you are a poor abandoned woman in a big family. Of course, Miffy should seize this time to step on you." When Liu Xi thought of this place, he felt that human nature was really vicious.

"Ganma, I'm sorry, because of my personal reasons, I've been implicated in the company, and I'll solve this problem." Tang youyou is very sorry and ashamed.

Liu Xi comforted her with a warm voice: "you don't mind this matter. I'll find a way. With our strength, we are far above her company. I'm afraid she won't succeed." "No, it's because of me. I must deal with it myself. I'll talk to miffee." Tang youyou has decided not to let Ganma carry the pot for him. If the company is not well run, it will only blame Ganma's leadership. Tang youyou really doesn't want to make trouble for his beloved Ganma.

"Yo Yo, if you really want to talk to her and I support it, let her look at you. You're not abandoned." Liu Xi said angrily.

Tang youyou laughs: "I just want to know why she's targeting our company. If she really bullied me because I was abandoned by Ji Xiaohan and thought I didn't rely on her back, she would be disappointed."

Liu Xi nodded, "go to meet her first, and see what she wants to do."

After having lunch, Tang youyou got miffee's contact information from his godmother.

She sat in the car, called Miffy and asked about her meeting.

"Is Tang youyou? I'm sorry, I'm busy with my work recently. I may not be able to spare time to see you. If you really want to see me, please come to the front desk of our company to make an appointment! " Miffee said, tugging, and hung up.

Tang youyou stared at the mobile phone for two seconds, but he didn't even think about meeting her face.

In this case, Tang youyou had to go downstairs to miffee's company.

I don't know if miffee has already told the front desk. If Tang youyou comes, she says she's not there. So, Tang youyou hasn't even asked. The front desk has already said with a look of disdain and coldness: "sorry, our boss is out today. Come next time."

Tang youyou didn't expect the other side to look down on others, so she turned around and went out. After a while, she followed four strong and tall bodyguards.

One of the fists smashed on the desk, and asked in a crazy voice: "Miss Tang wants to see your boss, hurry up and ask your boss to come out!" The front desk didn't expect her to call four men to smash the scene. Her face turned white with fright. She couldn't make a decision for the moment, so she had to call mifield to find a solution.