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Tie Xun sleepless until midnight, finally holding the quilt to sleep, had an indescribable dream.

In the morning, today's weather has changed again. The cold wind is blowing, and it's gloomy, as if it's going to rain heavily.

A family house.

When she got up early in the morning, she was busy telling her aunt to make breakfast today. When she lived alone, she only felt that the house was too big and empty. But today, she thought that the house was too small. There were four people living in the house, so she had to fill in the house later. Children ran around.

Thinking about it, the wrinkles on the mother's face all smile deeper.

Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin got up almost at the same time. Previously, Ji Tingyan lived here alone. She was very restrained and polite. Now Tang Weixin has come. Maybe she has a partner. She feels relaxed a lot.

"Idealism, did yesterday's film look good?" Ji Tingyan smiled and stood at her door and asked.

Tang Weixin smiled: "the movie is not good-looking, people are very good-looking."

Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are surprised: "do you mean that the hero of the movie is good-looking? Which movie is it? I want to see it, too. "

Tang Weixin immediately mischievous blinked an eye: "can't, tie Ting isn't your hero?"

Ji Tingyan's expression is embarrassed. She looks angry at her: "what you said is not good-looking tie Xun, right?"

Tang Weixin chuckled: "I'm talking about him."

Ji Tingyan suddenly envied Tang idealism. She was able to show her love boldly. She was somewhat implicit.

What Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin said just now happened to be heard by the bound thunder who was going to open the door. I don't know if she became sensitive and suspicious after falling in love. When she heard that the hero of a movie was good-looking and wanted to see it, he was inexplicably upset.

So he opened the door and walked directly behind Ji Tingyan. When he came to her, he glanced at her and reminded her, "I'm down for breakfast."

Ji Tingyan nodded, "I'll go down with idealism."

Tie Ting was depressed again, so he had to go and knock on his brother's door.

Tang Weixin is folding the quilts. The speed is very fast. The folding is very good. Ji Tingyan is stunned.

"Idealism, it's a good habit for you to do everything quickly." Ji Tingyan's face became hot. She thought that she had just tossed the sheet twice and folded it in half. Then she looked at Tang Weixin's carefully pulling the corner of the sheet like a horizontal line. The room was immediately clean and tidy. Even though the light outside the window was dark, it gave an indescribable mood.

"I have a problem in doing things. If I don't do my best, I feel uncomfortable." Tang Weixin said with a smile.

"Obsessive compulsive disorder?" Ji Tingyan blurted out.

"Yes, I'm quite in pursuit of perfection." Tang Weixin smiled bitterly. She was afraid that these habits would be hard to change. In fact, what she envied more was Ji Tingyan's indifferent attitude towards everything. Such a person can live easily and comfortably.

"What's wrong with that? Then am I not ashamed? " Ji Tingyan shakes her head and is speechless to herself.

When he heard the knock on the door, he got up quickly, deliberately pulled his pajamas down and exposed his strong chest. Then he pretended to open the door inadvertently. When the door opened, he saw the tie Zheng standing outside the door. All his romantic moments solidified, and he stared at him with some displeasure: "how can it be you?"

Tie Ting face dew depressed walked in: "why can't it be me?"

"Are they awake?" Tie Xun thought it would be Tang idealism.

"Wake up, talking about the movie you saw yesterday. Is the leading actor handsome?" Tie Ting pretends to ask him inadvertently.

"It's just like a man, but a woman is beautiful." Tie Xun narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Tie Ting was speechless.

At this time, Tang Weixin and Ji Tingyan came in from the door. When she saw her, she was stunned. She thought modestly. Did she hear what she had just talked to her elder brother.

Tie Ting's eyes stick to Ji Tingyan's body, get up, walk to her side, and hold her hand: "let's go down first."

Ji Tingyan nods, laughs and leaves with him. In the bedroom, Tang Weixin looks at the man who just got up. He has no time to tidy up, but he has a handsome charm.

"Why are you looking at me like this?" Tang Weixin, who was not serious, blinked: "do you want to commit a crime?"

Tang Weixin looked down and said, "learn more about the food for tonifying the kidney, and then tell me that."

With that, Tang Weixin turned around and went out.

Tie Xun is like a slap in the head. The next second, his handsome face is red with Qi, and his blood is surging. Do you question his ability?

The three men went downstairs first, and their mother came to greet them for breakfast.

"Today's weather is not very good. If we want to go shopping, we can go to the mall. Young people can eat out more at noon." She was afraid that the two daughters-in-law would be bored, so she gave them advice. "Well, auntie, I'd like to go." Tang Weixin is in a hurry this time. He doesn't prepare any gifts. He wants to take Ji Tingyan and go shopping with him.

"Tingyan, please go with idealism. If you two feel that these two men are in the way, don't take them there. Let them find a place to wait." Tie mother is also a woman, the most understanding of women's mind, shopping must not be accompanied by men, otherwise, it will reduce the fun of shopping.

The two women bowed their heads and laughed, and tie Ting, who was sitting next to them, had a silent expression on her face.

"Mom, you are inclined to go next door." Tie Ting protested in a low voice.

"I'm so bored with you two boys. I have two girls at home. Don't you want me to say more?" Tie mother also grievances, these two sons from childhood, although sensible obedience, but in the end is not as close as the daughter, the more grow up more boring.

Just then, he went downstairs. As soon as he got down, his eyes were fixed on Tang Weixin: "after breakfast, we went out to buy something."

"I'm talking to Tingyan and idealism about this. You two should be escorts to take them to the mall." She said with a smile.

"Well, we will. Mom, don't worry about us." Tie Xun gnawed his teeth.

Tang Weixin hears that the man seems to be a little upset. She chuckles. The man who doesn't want to admit defeat is very interesting.

After breakfast, four people went out in the same car.

Today, she didn't plan to go to the company. She wanted to have a rest at home. At about 10 o'clock in the morning, she heard the doorbell ring. Aunt went to open the door and saw the woman standing outside. She was a little surprised: "Miss Chen?"

"Is aunt there?" Chen Xin didn't come here empty handed. She brought a lot of things. When she saw her tied mother, her eyes bent. "Auntie, you are really at home. I haven't come for a few days, and I miss you a little."

"Xiaoxin, why did you come all of a sudden?" Seeing the girl, her mother was shocked.

"I happened to pass by your house. I want to see you. How are you recently?" Chen Xin asked with concern.