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The meticulously prepared dishes were indeed exquisite and delicious. Tang You You was originally a bit hungry, but after hearing the man's words just now, she felt that he wasn't just hungry …

Her beautiful eyes raised up from time to time, looking at the graceful man in front of her, Tang You You felt that she would love this man miserably sooner or later.

Sigh, come to think of it, he really had no backbone. A man who had hated him for five years loved him to an uncontrollable extent in a few short months.

"What are you thinking about? "Why do you keep peeking at me?" Ji Xiao Han could sense that she had something on his mind, and his thin lips curled up into a smile.

Tang You You was startled for a moment, then quickly shook her head: "No, I didn't peek!"

"Did you find me beautiful?" Ji Xiao Han remembered that she had once told him that he had seen a lot of men who were prettier than him, and he kept it in his heart.

Although he was confident in his looks, everyone's aesthetic views were different. He was afraid that his looks were ordinary in Tang You You's eyes.

Tang You You was immediately amused by his words. "You're really narcissistic!"

Ji Xiao Han also laughed, but he mocked himself: "I'm afraid that you don't like my type."

"I like it!" Tang You You replied. As soon as she finished speaking, she regretted it, this man was truly black-hearted, and had intentionally lured her into saying those words.

As expected, Ji Xiao Han was overjoyed, he even brought over a few chopsticks and gave her some food: "You like me, why didn't you say earlier? It keeps me from feeling safe. "

Tang You You felt that he could no longer chat happily with her, his words were always a trap, allowing her to jump down without him realizing it, how despicable.

Thus, she silently ate her meal, not bothering to pay attention to him.

Seeing that she was angry again, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but fill her empty cup with wine, "Last time, my grandma even asked me if you had a habit of drinking alcohol …."

"Then what did you say?" When Tang You You heard the old lady's question, he immediately started to pay attention to her.

As expected, Ji Xiao Han saw that she was seriously listening to his words again, and his thin lips formed a line as he laughed: "Of course I'm speaking good words for you."

Tang You You heaved a sigh of relief and suddenly thought of something, and said indifferently: "Yesterday, when the old lady was bringing me to attend the banquet, Ji Yun Ning was also there!"

"I know, the old lady likes to take her around everywhere!" Ji Xiao Han felt that it was strange.

"Ji Yun Ning is targeting me!" Tang You You said directly.

"Then go against her. In terms of position, you're not any weaker than her. In the eyes of the old lady, you have two children supporting you, so don't be afraid of her!" Ji Xiao Han immediately made a move for her.

When Tang You You heard that, he immediately laughed out loud. "Then, are you not going to help me? Do I have to be self-reliant in the future? "

"That depends on what it is. If it's a war between women, I think it's better for you to learn to handle it yourself!" Ji Xiao Han replied with a serious expression.

Tang You You felt that what he said made sense, so she nodded his head. "En, I had intended to settle it myself anyway, the old lady was indeed kind to me, at the banquet yesterday, she also defended me in every way, I am truly grateful to her."

"That's great. My granny is such a person. As long as I'm pulled into her encirclement, she will definitely protect me." Ji Xiao Han had long known about the milky-haired man's personality.

In one meal, the two of them finished a bottle of red wine. Actually, Tang You You drank even more than Ji Xiao Han, because the atmosphere was too beautiful, she was greedy for the cup.

After dinner, Ji Xiao Han brought her to his resting room.

Tang You You lazily leaned on the sofa, suddenly, she felt a tall and big body pressing down on him, following that, the man's lips were impatiently kissing her.

Tang You You had actually been waiting this whole time. She hadn't thought that he would be even more anxious than she was.

"Wandering …"


"Say you love me, okay?" Ji Xiao Han's thin lips moved around her neck.

"Don't say it!" Tang You You intentionally angered him.

"Don't tell me?" Ji Xiao Han immediately kissed her neck fiercely, leaving a red scar on his cheek.

Tang You You coquettishly scolded him: "What are you doing!"

"Imprinted on my face, remind other men that you have an owner!" Ji Xiao Han liked her masterpiece so much that it was obvious even on her snow-white skin.

"You're really going too far!" Tang You You laughed and scolded him, but his body was still soft. It could be because he drank, or it could be because the emotions a man gave were too passionate.

Unknowingly, the two of them had already merged into one on the sofa.

In the blink of an eye, more than an hour had passed!

Tang You You was so tired that she almost fainted, but when she opened her eyes, she saw Ji Xiao Han standing up with great energy, walking towards the bathroom.

When Tang You You closed his eyes and closed them for a while, Ji Xiao Han had already sat down beside her in a suit and attached himself to her body, his thin lips imprinted on her forehead: "Go to sleep, don't go to work in the afternoon, rest here!"

"No, I'm going to the company!" Tang You You forced herself to sit up and quickly pushed him away: "Get out of here, I'll be out in a bit!"

Ji Xiao Han knew that her skin was thin, and was definitely embarrassed. Although he really wanted to stay here and not leave, he couldn't help but glare at her.

Thus, he touched her little face. "Fine, you decide for yourself. If you still have the stamina …"

Tang You You speechlessly blinked his eyes, "Of course I do!"

"Is that so? "Should we fight again …"

Tang You You was about to be embarrassed by this man to the point that her neck turned red, but this kind of feeling of being teased by him, was actually extremely sweet.

After Tang You You showered, he quickly put on his clothes, and then combed his messy long hair in the bathroom.

When she came out of the resting room, she planned to say her goodbyes to Ji Xiao Han.

The assistant outside the door did not stop her from opening the door, because her identity had already been confirmed. She did not need to report to anyone to open the door.

Tang You You thought that Ji Xiao Han was alone in the office. However, when she pushed open the door, she saw a beautiful woman sitting on the sofa in the office.

Tang You You was stunned. It was actually Ji Xiao Han's mother, Lan Yue.

Lan Yue's eyes reddened, so it was obvious that she had cried.

Seeing Tang You You coming in, Lan Yue was also a little surprised, but even more so happy, because she already knew that Tang You You had given Ji Family two children.

Tang You You stood at the doorway, and for a moment, she didn't know whether she should go in or not, because she didn't look too good when she saw Ji Xiao Han's expression.

Ji Xiao Han walked over quickly, and said to her in a low voice: "You should go to the company first, I'll contact you later!"

Tang You You looked into his eyes, reached out her hand and subconsciously grabbed his large hand, then nodded: "Alright, you handle your matters first, I'll be taking my leave first!"

After Tang You You finished speaking, she turned and left. Ji Xiao Han did not wish for her to greet him, so he could only choose to leave.