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"Do you need my help?" After waiting for a few minutes, he realised that she was still unable to lift the brush. Ji Xiao Han really had no patience for this, so he walked to stand behind her, bent down, and handed her the cup in his hand: "Here you go!"

Tang You You instinctively extended his hand to receive it, then raised his head to take a sip of the slightly sweet red wine.

"Maybe I've been through too many things recently. I don't have any creative inspiration left, and I even promised to produce six designs in a week. Sigh, I really shouldn't boast like this, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint my godmother this time." Tang You You said in distress.

"How can I find inspiration for you?" Ji Xiao Han did not immediately throw away her brush and paper like the tyrannical CEO, and directly told her not to draw, since I have enough money to support you, if it's not enough for you to spend three lifetimes on, then you can go all out.

Ji Xiao Han knew how he should treat Tang You You from the start. His good toward her was not only on the surface. What he should truly care about was her inner world and her spirit.

He would definitely support a career she loved to the end, even if it was not worth mentioning in his eyes.

Tang You You was startled, and then habitually bit her lower lip: "I don't know, I have never encountered this kind of trouble before. When I was overseas, every time I submitted a script, I would pick it up on the last few days, although I was busy and tired, with the little guy beside me disturbing me, but I can't make the picture I want to draw. I give up now, the two little guys don't bother me, in such a quiet space, I can't draw anything, I don't even know where the problem came from!"

"Then don't even think about it, I'll take you out to relax!" Ji Xiao Han suddenly extended her hand out and grabbed onto her small hand: "You have been living in my house for so long, you still haven't visited my villa?!"

"Now? It must be very late! " Tang You You looked out the window at the dark night outside. He felt that even if it was romantic, he shouldn't choose this time.

"Not too late!"

"Don't worry, my grandma is bringing her. She definitely won't look for you!" Only now did Ji Xiao Han realize that after having children, wanting to be romantic had already become a luxury.

However, it was because this was such a rare opportunity that people felt that such a time was even more precious.

Tang You You was convinced by him, but he nodded his head, and laughed: Alright, let's go for a walk!

The two of them changed into some casual clothes and went downstairs. In the hall upstairs, the old lady was still teaching the two kids to sing nursery rhymes.

She was afraid that her own daughter would not be welcomed, but now that she thought about it, her worries were completely unnecessary. The old lady actually liked Xiao Nai a lot, and liked to teach her a lot of things.

"Mummy, where are you and your father going? I want to go too! " Seeing that the two were about to leave, Tang Xiao Nai threw the toys beside him and was about to follow along.

The old lady was not blind, when she saw that the two of them were about to go out for a romance, she quickly pulled Tang Xiao Nai back, "Xiao Nai, aren't you going to play with your great-grandmother anymore? I'm so sad! "

Halfway there, Tang Xiao Nai immediately turned her head to look at the old lady who was about to cry.

"Then I also want to go for a walk!" No matter what, Tang Xiao Nai wanted to stay by her father's side so that she could be a happy child.

Tang You You also hurriedly walked over to coax her. "Xiao Nai, don't come out with me. There's mosquitoes outside.

"Even the Mummy is not afraid, I am not afraid either!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately replied.

"What is it?" As expected, Tang Xiao Nai liked mysterious things more as she blinked her eyes in anticipation.

The old lady quickly looked at Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han understood and grabbed Tang You You's small hand, then quickly went to Walk Outside.

The old lady immediately held her hands behind her back. Tang Xiao Nai opened her eyes wide in anticipation.

"Why are you doing this?" Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She actually lied to Xiao Nai and ran out.

However, Ji Xiao Han found it extremely interesting, because, from a young age, he had never flown away like this before. All this while, he had always been the most promising grandson to his grandparents, giving up on a lot of happiness and freedom that he should have at his age.

Now, even though Tang You You was lying to her own daughter, he actually felt happy about it.

"Don't worry, my grandmother will take care of her!" Ji Xiao Han was extremely confident in his granny.

Tang You You could not resist laughing out loud, "Then what's wrong with you? Your child's mind is sensitive, if you lie to him, she will remember. Next time, don't think you can lie to her."

"It's alright, it's rare to have the opportunity to bring you out on your own!" Ji Xiao Han looked around. The scenery was not bad, the shadows of the trees intertwined, and the lamps on the ground emitted a faint glow, extending all the way towards the green corridor he was so proud of.

"Where is this place?" Tang You You asked curiously.

"The corridor that I just repaired!" Ji Xiao Han turned his head, and his gaze swept across her face gently: "I will first bring you to have a look, in two days, during the double day break, I will bring all of you over to take a look!"

"En!" Tang You You pursed her lips and smiled. She felt that at this moment in time, her heart was calm, happy and happy.

The two of them walked forward leisurely. Tang You You suddenly thought of something, and asked him: "I thought that your grandmother would overestimate her son, but now I find that there's something wrong with my thinking."

"My grandma actually likes her daughter very much, but unfortunately, she didn't have a daughter. In my generation, she also doesn't have a daughter, and she had complained to me a long time ago that she doesn't care for her son. How great would it be if she had a daughter!" Ji Xiao Han thought back to his grandmother's complaint. He felt that Xiao Nai's birth had made up for too many of the old man's lingering feelings.

"Did she really say that?" Tang You You was very surprised.

Tang You You nodded her head: "I can see it too, she seems to really like Xiao Nai! "In that case, I'll be much more at ease!"