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C1563 the real family

Mu Weicheng opened his sister and sat in front of the old president with a deep face, looking at the old man who was growing old in an instant.

The old president laughed at himself: "I'm afraid I'm pretending to be ill?"

"What did the doctor say?" Of course, Mu Weicheng can see that his face is very bad. He is that kind of sick pale, and he has no such high spirited appearance.

The old president smiled and shook his head: "I'm alive. The doctor has made a diagnosis. It's more than half a year and less than a month. That's why I'm in such a hurry to call you back."

"Why tell us now when it's so serious?" Mu Wei Cheng looks a little excited. He is angry.

"Wei Cheng, you are really like my younger brother. Every time I see you, I think of him. People are most afraid of leaving. My younger brother is dying in his prime. I have a responsibility. So many years, I take care of your brother and sister and grow up. I hope that my younger brother can know and be happy." The old manager couldn't help feeling.

"I have not forgotten your kindness to our brother and sister." Mu Weicheng lowered his eyes and mentioned his father with a sad look.

"Wei Cheng, let me be frank with you. Ling Mo Feng is sure to succeed in the election. He will be the next president. You once had a close friendship with him. I am confident that you will take his place. Are you interested?" The old president finally opened his mouth and stared at his nephew to see his true reflection.

Mu Weicheng didn't expect that he would suddenly say this to him. He looked surprised. Then he directly replied, "I'm not interested."

"I knew you would answer me like this, but Cheng, if you had no ambition, your father would not close his eyes." The old president sighed, shook his head and shook his face.

Mu Weicheng's body was shocked and he didn't answer his words.

"Before your father died, he asked me to do something. He said that the man who adores the family must not admit defeat. He asked me to send you up, so that you can continue the glory and pride of our family. Now that you are grown-up, talented, young and promising, you have the ability to sit in this position. Just like Ling Mo Feng, he is respected when he was young, and you feel like yourself Will it be worse than him? " The general manager couldn't help but exhort him, hoping that he could fight for a breath and not admit defeat.

Mu Wei Cheng looks up at his uncle. His expectation in his eyes is so direct and frank.

"Uncle, I'm sorry that I don't accept such an arrangement. The Mojia man doesn't admit defeat, but he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm very satisfied with my post now." Mu Weicheng quietly refused, not even thinking about it.

"Wei Cheng, do you want to disappoint me? You just said that I'm kind to you. You won't forget. You want me to die in peace now, right? Ling Mo Feng frustrated my spirit, refuted my face and suppressed me to death. I can't bear this tone. If you still consider me your uncle, you should fight for this breath for me and let me go safely. " The general manager's expression of sadness and indignation was as if he had been wronged greatly.

"Uncle, I don't understand. Is power so important to you? Why can't you be at ease if life doesn't come and death doesn't go? " Mu Weicheng can't help refuting his remarks, which is ridiculous. "I'm thinking about your children. Don't you understand? Our Mu family is a big family, which has penetrated many industries. Each industry depends on my relationship. If I fall down, our Mu family will play with me. You can be noble and admire your career, but don't forget that you are the Mu family's person. You are running through Mu family's blood. Do you care about their life or death? What kind of person is Ling Mo Feng? You are clear. There is no corruption in his eyes. Sooner or later, he will make a settlement with our Mu family. At that time, do you think he will let you go? " The old president's words got excited. He felt that it was time to give this nephew a profound education lesson. He shouldered the responsibility and his mission as a man of admiring family. He could not easily abandon all this. "Uncle, I just want to ask you one thing. You have to tell me the truth." Mu does listen to every word of him, but he has something to ask.

"Say it." The old manager reached out his hand and straightened out his skirt. His face was serious.

"Not long ago, Ling Mo Feng went to the disaster area to express sympathy to the disaster victims. You arranged for him to be shot several times in the middle of the disaster." Muwei Cheng looked at him and asked directly.

The general manager's expression suddenly changed, and his expression was a little more angry: "what do you want to say?"

"I don't want to say anything, you know? The guns in the hands of those murderers were stolen from the military warehouse of our district. Not long ago, someone was sent from above to check this. I cannot escape the responsibility. " Said Mu Weicheng without expression.

"What?" The old president was in a hurry, and his chest hurt: "where are your guns? Did Ling Mo Feng find someone to check you? "

"Uncle, it's you who made a mistake and asked others to investigate me reasonably. It's hard for me to argue." Mu Wei Cheng laughed at himself.

"What does Ling Mo Feng want to do?" The old manager's face was red with rage: "he can't help but want to use this to change your position?"

"He didn't change my position. I just applied for three months to stay in the post. In these three months, I may go to the military school to be a teacher." Mu Weicheng said lightly, unaware of how shameful he was.

"You You're trying to piss me off, don't you think my life is short enough? " The old president almost couldn't get on at a breath. He didn't expect to have a few days off, but this happened. His nephew was trained for investigation, and he was unable to defend him.

"Uncle, don't be angry. It's all doomed. If you want to kill him and the gun flows out of my side, he's not dead, then we can only bear the responsibility." Mu Weicheng shrugs his shoulders to show that he is willing to accept all this.

"You rebellious son." The old president wanted to fight him.

"Don't worry, uncle. Whoever wants to be the president and who has the ability to be the vice president is the same. You can't do Ling Mo Feng. If you have a vice president, he can't help him." Mu Weicheng comforted the old president with an open mind.

"Are you with Ling Mo Feng? I'm going to be pissed off by you. " The old president's face was ugly, even disappointed.

Mu Weicheng came over, knelt down in front of him, lowered his head, and looked at the face of training: "uncle, you want to fight and scold, I'll take it. In fact, Ling Mo Feng didn't punish me, but I know I'm guilty. You said that we are a family, your punishment is on me, and I'm willing to accept it."

"What crime do I have? I just want to maintain stability, you son of a bitch, you get up for me, hurry up, I don't want to see you. " The old president raised his hand to fight him, but his hand was frozen in the air, and he could not fight any longer.

"Uncle, the only thing I can guarantee is that in this life, I don't associate with the Ling family. I hope you don't get angry with me." Mu Weicheng knew that he was not filial and knew that his uncle was still angry with him when he was ill, so he had to make a promise to the general manager.

"Do you want to give up your present position?" The old president was so angry that he wanted to spit blood.

"No, the public is the public. I don't have personal relations with Ling Mo Feng." Said Mu Weicheng with his head down.

The old president leaned back in his chair and said angrily, "yes, I forgot that you had a good relationship. I ruined your friendship. I can only say that the reality is too cruel and there are too many things to do. OK, Ling Mo Feng, you don't want to have any more friendship with him. You've broken it."

"Uncle, are you ok? You look a little ugly. " Mu Weicheng cares about him anxiously.

"You are determined not to inherit my will. Unfortunately, I don't have a son. If I have one, I will force him to go down my path. You are my brother's son. I won't force you. The road is your own choice. Go well yourself." The old president calculated his life, but at the end of the day, he found that he could not calculate his destiny.

"I'll go down first. I'll let Xiao Yun come up to accompany you." Mu Weicheng dare not keep it any longer, for fear that he will make the eldest brother faint.

Mu Yun wringing her hands nervously, standing in the living room downstairs, her beautiful eyes looking at the stairway from time to time.

Brother and uncle had a quarrel before. Now they are talking about business. I'm afraid they are quarreling again.

"Brother, how are you? Are you finished? " Moyun walked quickly and asked.

"Go up and accompany him. He likes to listen to you." Mu is counting on his sister.

"Well, I'll take a glass of water." Moyun murmured a sigh of relief, turned around and took a glass of water and went up.