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In front of the villa, several cars stopped. Ji Mucheng and Xia Xinnian came back, bringing Ji Tingyan back. Ji Xiaohan looked at her daughter as if she had lost some weight, and was immediately distressed.

"Tingyan, your eldest brother's wedding is going to be held soon. Don't run around any longer. Stay at home." Although Ji Xiaohan wants to be strict, he is still mildly concerned.

"I see. I won't run around again." Ji Tingyan nods.

The whole family, finally, can get together. The next day, it's the wedding ceremony of the eldest son of Ji family. Originally, it was to order a wedding banquet. After the agreement of the whole family, we skipped this procedure and directly held the wedding.

Xia's family was so stupid that they didn't expect Xia Xinnian would marry into Ji's family. Xia's enterprise was severely frustrated and it was difficult to recover its splendor in a short time. Xia's family wanted to come to Xia Xinnian and ask for help, but Xia Xinnian refused.

Xia Xinnian's temper is also known by the people of the Xia family. She seems weak and deceptive, but she is also jealous of evil. From then on, Xia Xinnian and the Xia family have completely broken off their relationship. Although they regret it, they can only accept the reality.

He Jiaxuan's pride has also been slapped in the face by reality. Now, he finally finds out that he picked the wrong woman and harmed the two families. He returns to the family and looks at the two daughters running and fighting in the garden in the sun, looking for the meaning of life again.

The wedding ceremony of jimucheng and Xia Xinnian was held in a seven-star hotel, and 200 tables of relatives and friends were invited, which made a sensation.

Xia Xinnian has been fully integrated into the big family of Ji's family. Before, she used to see someone posted on the Internet saying that her mother-in-law and her little sister-in-law were not good at each other. At first, she was worried about whether she would not get along well with others with her straight cow temper. Now she is at ease. The family education of Ji's children is very good, polite and pleasant.

The news of Ji Tingyan's return to China didn't know how to spread in her circle of friends. She wanted to go back to China in a low-key way for a while, but many friends called to invite her to sit out.

Ji Tingyan herself is not a cheerful woman who calls friends. At this moment, her friend's enthusiasm makes her a little difficult to refuse, so she promised two female friends to go to a coffee shop for a chat.

Ji Tingyan's identity as the eldest miss of the family has brought her a huge aura. Although she doesn't need jewels, she just wears low-key clothes and doesn't dare to let people look down on her half points.

"Tingyan, have you been abroad for so long, looking for a boyfriend?" A charming and affectionate woman asked her with a smile. Her name is Tong Xiaohui. She was a classmate from Ji Tingyan high school to the University. She met here all the way. Although she developed in the middle of the way, she eventually had classmate friendship.

"That's right. You've made a boyfriend. Don't hide it from us. We'd like to see which man with such good luck can get into the eyes of miss jijiada." Another one with a straw is Ji Tingyan's long-time friend, Lu JIAYE.

Ji Tingyan looks down and smiles: "I didn't find my boyfriend. Don't guess."

"No, we're almost 28 this year. If we don't find it again, we'll be left. Don't you choose too much? I know that many men are secretly asking for your information. " Tong Xiaohui laughs with no idea.

"Who said, what do you want to know about me?" Ji Tingyan is slightly surprised. She doesn't know at all.

"If anyone can marry you, it's a bright future. Step by step, I think those men are terrible and more powerful than our women." Lu JIAYE looks despicable.

Ji Tingyan's as like as two peas in her heart, and she worried that it never stopped. Before, she heard a boy who was chased by his own ears at school. He told Lu Jia the same thing as he did. That's when she began to give her the urge to avoid the danger.

"I believe that there are always men in the world who are not so powerful." Ji Tingyan forced a smile.

"Of course, it's hard to predict. People say no, but they don't know what they think." Tong Xiaohui turns his mouth away.

Ji Tingyan felt that these two friends were selling anxiety to her. She immediately raised her mouth and said, "you two have a good family background, and you will worry about finding a boyfriend. Is it your family background that you are looking for?"

"How can we compare with you? My father has already made it clear that if there is a possibility of marriage, I must get married. Now I just want to have a good time in life before I get married. " Tong Xiaohui laughed at herself and sadly.

Lu Jia's eyes turned and said proudly, "my father doesn't want me to do this. I'm too discerning. I think we were born on the finish line. Why should we go back? I must find a stronger man than my family, so that I can protect the wind and rain."

Ji Tingyan listens to their words, and she feels a little anxious. In fact, from small to large, she is listening to these snobbish words. She is tired of listening, but she has to admit that the reality is like this. Who doesn't want to make her life better?

"Then I wish you find the one you love. I have to go ahead and talk next time." Ji Tingyan finished, took her bag and left quickly. The coffee on the table didn't even have time to drink.

As soon as she left, Tong Xiaohui and Lu JIAYE exchanged a look, and there was a trace of pain and pleasure on their faces.

"At the time of reading, she blocked our peach blossom. Now, we should make her unhappy." Tong Xiaohui takes a sip of coffee proudly.

"What about being born on the finish line? She is not a man, the power of the family, she is less than half, is not only the fate of marriage? Maybe she'll get married, too. " Lu JIAYE is also remarkable.

"I'd like to see what kind of man she can marry." Tong Xiaohui grins.

"No matter what kind of man she's looking for, if we can grab it, it's best to let her pay for the disappointment." Lu JIAYE sneers.

Ji Tingyan is walking in the corridor of the shopping mall. She finds that the world of adults is really not simple. She doesn't know if she has a malicious guess. She always feels that these two friends have disappeared for many years and become strange.

"Why do I have to get married? I can not get married. " Ji Tingyan clenched her fist angrily.

That's right. Can't we live without marriage and men?

Ji Tingyan breathed a sigh of relief, directly pressed the elevator and went down to the parking lot. While staring at the sinking number, her brain suddenly flashed a cold face.

She shivered all over.