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The pedestrian street is very beautiful. The street lamps are warm, the bridges are flowing, and the streets are antique.

Ling wennuan tries to make her eyes focus, but she still feels that her body is hot. Is she really drunk?

"Warm, wait a moment, go to this shop."

All of a sudden, Ling warm only felt that the big hand in her waist was very strong and hugged her into a bright gold and silver jade shop nearby. She was stunned.

"What can I do for you, sir?

I can help with the introduction. "

The shopkeeper is a fat middle-aged woman, full of enthusiasm.

"Let me see first."

Mu said in a low voice. He looked at the finished products area once. At last, he pointed to a transparent white jade ring.

"Wow, sir, you have a good eye. This is the best product. You picked it at a glance."

That woman's praise, quickly take out that ring.

Mu Weicheng picked up and looked at it. The white jade was carved with patterns. It was pretty beautiful.



Ling wennuan lies lazily on the counter beside her and starts to lose her mind. She feels dizzy. When she hears the man calling her name, she stands up straight. Next second, she feels that the man picks up her left hand. Next second, she wears it on her ring finger.

She looked down and saw that the man had put a white jade ring on her. She couldn't help raising her hand. Under the light, the jade reflected a brilliant luster, like there was a living body in it. The green was flowing with the light and shadow.

The owner's wife cried in her heart secretly. In fact, the jades in her shop are half real and half fake. Many guests from other places come here to choose, but they don't know how to choose. Sometimes, they can make a lot of money a day. But today, she meets a fierce looking guest, and picks out the real products she mixed in the fake goods. Her logo here is the unified price, which is true It's the real thing.

"Your girlfriend's fingers are beautiful. This ring is too skin tone on her hands."

The owner's wife's symbolic praise.

"That's it."

Mu Weicheng took out his wallet and paid the bill.

Ling wennuan was confused. She felt a ring on her ring finger. She was stunned for a moment.

Mu Weicheng did not dare to look at her intoxicated eyes. In fact, it was not a valuable thing. But when he passed the shop door just now, he suddenly wanted to buy something to put on her finger. Because the ring finger is empty now, he asked her to put on his own mark.

"Mu Weicheng, I'm dizzy!"

As soon as Ling wennuan came out of the shop, he murmured.

Looking at her face, Mu Weicheng knew that it was alcohol. He had to squat down in front of her and said, "I'll take you to the car."

Ling warm and happy smile, lying on his back, the man stood up, reached out to hold her two slender legs.

Carrying her, walking in this ink like landscape, mu can't help but slow down.

Ling wennuan clenched his left hand a little, afraid that the ring would fall accidentally.



"I love you!"

The voice line of the man is very low, as if speaking to the air, whether she can hear it or not, that's what he wants to say now.

"I see."

The girl on his back suddenly giggled twice.

Mu Weicheng's face was embarrassed. She was not drunk, but she heard it.

"One more word."

The voice of the girl's laziness came.

Mu Weicheng is afraid to talk about it. He feels like a fool.

"Say it!"

Ling warms and urges.

Mu Weicheng continues to pretend to be silly. Suddenly, she feels the position of her neck. She comes up with a soft thing, which is the girl's lip piece. Next second, she punches hard, and then takes a bite with her teeth.


The man snorted. This little thing bit so hard. It's merciless.

"I'll see if there's any other unintelligible woman coming to talk to you."

Ling warm although now drunk, but still did not put things down, still remember in mind.

"Warm, you are so bad."

Mu Weicheng laughs.

Ling wennuan pretends not to hear him and pretends to sleep on his back.

Back in the car, the man gently put her in the vice driver's seat, Ling warm squinting her eyes, breathing heavily. She raised her arm, pressed her forehead, and whispered, "that kind of wine really will get drunk, I thought it was just like juice."

Mu Weicheng, who is helping her fasten her seat belt, shook his head and chuckled: "stupid."

Mu Weicheng drives Ling wennuan back to the hotel. When entering the hotel, several beauties at the front desk look at him with different eyes. Mu Weicheng complains secretly. He will not be regarded as a bad person, but intentionally intoxicates his girlfriend.

Brush open the door of the hotel, Mu Weicheng saw Ling warm legs weak, directly hugged her horizontally and put her gently on the bed.


Ling warm mouth low shout.

Mu Weicheng immediately unscrewed a bottle of water and sent it to her mouth. Ling warm little mouth held the mouth of the bottle and Gulu Gulu had a full drink.

"The prime minister."

After drinking water, Ling wennuan lay down directly, a pair of eyes are particularly charming.

Mu Weicheng looked down at her and took a few sips of the water bottle she had drunk.

Although the room is air-conditioned, he still feels hot inside.

"It's warm. If you feel bad, go to sleep."

Mu Weicheng pulled the quilt over for her and covered her stomach to avoid her catching cold.

"No, it's too hot."

Ling wennuan kicked off with her legs directly, and then continued to look at Mu Weicheng with charming eyes. Although I didn't say it, you should understand the expression and yearn for it.

Mu Weicheng pretended that he could not see her desire and turned to the bathroom.

"Mu Weicheng, you come back..." Ling sat up from the bed.

The man's back was a little stiff and turned to look at her. "What's the matter?"

"Come here!"

Ling warm very domineering said.

"What are you doing here?"

But the man stood still, and put his hands around his chest. He wanted to see her play.

"If I want you to come, you have to come."

Ling wennuan continues to take out her royal elder sister's posture.

"Isn't it that I'm very shameless and warm? I'm a man."

Mu Weicheng didn't want to come over, but he didn't dare to face a drunk Ling Nuan. If she gets mad, he can't stand her.

"Mu Weicheng, you don't love me anymore."

Ling warm drunk, some emotional, although she was not drunk to the point of crazy top, but at this moment, she still said that crying can immediately red eyes, tears can immediately slide down.

Mu Weicheng was just playing with her. I didn't expect that she would be so serious and cry seriously.

"Warm, what's the matter with you?"

What face does a man need? He walked over quickly and asked in a low voice, "is there something uncomfortable?"

Ling wennuan sees him coming. Without saying a word, he pours forward directly. Mu Weicheng sits beside the bed. She pours down like this and pours his back on the bed.

"Ha, I got you."

Ling warms up like a successful little wild cat.