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C2012: crazy thoughts

When Po died, Tang Weixin was ordered by his superiors to finish the work quickly to prevent more casualties. Tang Weixin was not able to push forward his mission. Therefore, everything became urgent.

Ji Tingyan has been suffering from insomnia in the middle of the night for the last two days. She wants to search the Internet for some news about the location of feting, but finds that there is no real report at all. She is more anxious.

But she couldn't tell her mind. She didn't want her parents and brother to worry about it. Brother just thought where feting was working, but he didn't know the real plan he used to build a factory there.

Ji Tingyan is eager to tell big brother about the incident and ask him to help save people, but she finally suppresses this impulse. She should believe in tie ting. In case big brother really breaks his plan, she is afraid that it will be more difficult to finish.

"It's going to be crazy." Ji Tingyan is walking back and forth in her room. Before, she liked this warm bedroom best. She felt the sunshine and wind coming through the window. She would be in a good mood all day long. She could draw as she wanted. But at this moment, her mind is empty. She can't calm down. Her heart and soul are completely occupied by tie Zheng. Only when he comes back safely and stands in front of her can she be true I'm just myself.

"Elder sister, who is tie Ting?" All of a sudden, a cute little face came in from the door, and Ji Siyi asked her mysteriously.

"Xiaoyi, where did you hear the name?" Seeing her sister, Ji Tingyan quickly stood up and dragged her into the room.

"I saw it with my eyes. In the mirror of your room, you wrote the name with lipstick and drew it with love. Is it your sweetheart?" Ji Siyi laughs more proudly.

"You..." Ji Tingyan turned and ran into the bathroom. Sure enough, she forgot to erase the words she wrote when she got up in the morning.

She quickly and gently wipe away, see younger sister carrying both hands, lovely standing behind, smiling at her. "Shh!" Ji Tingyan makes a silent move to her.

Ji Siyi suddenly gets nervous and opens her eyes to solve her confusion.

"Xiaoyi, you are not allowed to mention this name to your parents." Ji Tingyan looks at her sister seriously.

"Why? Unless my sister tells me the secret. " Ji Siyi's mischievous blink.

"It doesn't matter to tell you. I really like him. Unfortunately, he is far away now. I don't know when he will come back." Ji Tingyan shows a touch of courage and loss.

"Elder sister, no matter how far away you are, you can go to see him. Go ahead, I support you." Ji Siyi is the first time to see sadness on her sister's face. She is stunned and also very distressed. Her sister has a strong character. It must be a different man who can make her frown.

"No, I'll wait for him to come back. When I go, I'll fill in the blanks for him." Ji Tingyan shakes her head.

"You're so sensible, you're a mess?" Cried Ji Siyi.

"Xiaoyi, how are you doing recently? Do you have any plans after graduation? Do you want to study abroad? " Ji Tingyan looks at her sister's pretty face. I hope she can meet someone she likes. No matter how independent a woman is, she can't live a complete life without a great love.

"I'm thinking about it. Let's listen to my father's arrangement. Anyway, how can I be happy now and how can I live? I will never hurt myself." Ji Siyi said with a smooth face.

"Well, don't be aggrieved, happy every day." Ji Tingyan can't help laughing. No one can give her any grievance just because of her sister's nature. Even her little nephew is teased by her. She is such a real person. I don't know what kind of man she will find to fall in love with.

Far away from the bustling bianchui City, at night, some lawbreakers began to move. Many people hid at home and did not dare to go out. Tonight is doomed to be a sleepless night. The son of Saxon was bound in a club. Once the news came out, Saxon brought people out to find his son that night.

Feting Ting looked at the young man who was bound back. He looked like Stevens. Thanks to the information provided by Tang Weixin, he didn't even find out that Stevens had an illegitimate son. He had two sons before, one was arrested and the other died miserably. At present, he was 16 years old, and his eyes were angry. He didn't stop threatening people with cruel words.

"Pa!" Tang Weixin slaps the fan in the past, and he immediately calms down. He is cruel, and Tang Weixin's eyes are even more cruel. He is afraid. As expected, he is soft and afraid of hardness. He starts to cry in fear.

"Don't tempt me. Saxon will show up. I'll be a sniper. I'll blow his head off." Tang Weixin suddenly changed her mind, because she doesn't want to die now. She promised to date him.

Tie Ting listened and felt that this method was feasible. However, he looked at Tang Weixin's injured shoulder and said, "if you have a wound on your body, it won't affect you."

"Jack and I are both professionally trained. Together, we have a better chance of success." Said Tang Weixin in a low voice.

Jack nodded hard beside him: "yes, I can."

Tie Xun's heart, it is safe to land, he thin lips up a Yang, eyes straight at Tang Weixin, mood has changed.

"Tomorrow morning, we will hang up this grandson, regardless of his age. He is not a good man. The original plan is to catch him. If he is not dead this time, we will catch him again." Tang Weixin is afraid that tie Ting will be soft hearted. After all, he looks like a thin young man.

"I know, son of Saxon, God won't give him the choice to be a good man." Tie Ting nodded.

"When he was seven years old, Dixon asked him to shoot and kill a dozen betrayers. Although they were all some damned people, they still wanted to kill and put an end to them. Tonight will be a sleepless night. Everyone will have a rest earlier." Tang Weixin said at the end, he looked at the tie Xun, and the bottom of his eyes showed some women's shame.

The soul of tie Xun seems to have been swept by the current. The surface is silent, but the heart lake has already been in waves. The feelings of adults can be so silent, but there is thunder and fire like fury, just waiting for the moment of burning.

"Xiaoxun, you go to have a rest. I'll take someone to watch this place myself." Tie Ting said to his brother.

"Well, brother, be careful." Fuxun knew that his strengths were not here, so he had to go back to his room and go to bed early.

Wang Cheng is still working. He has a paranoid love for drones recently. With his remote control of computers, he is more confident and skilled. He has to ensure the safety of all people. He wants to go back to see Cheng Yue alive, even if he is physically and mentally tired at the moment.

"Wang Cheng, close your eyes and rest for two hours. Don't overwork." Tie Ting ordered him in a low voice.

Wang Cheng rubbed his eyes: "I'm not tired."

"You didn't listen to my orders?" Tie Ting looks at his dark eyes. I'm afraid that he will die suddenly.

Tie Ting's physical strength is much stronger than him. They are all professionally trained. Ordinary people can't do it. He has to guarantee Wang Cheng's life.

"Well, I'll sleep, just for a while." As soon as Wang orange's nerves were released, he fell asleep in a few seconds. It can be seen that he was really tired.