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C1780 father's life

Ling Mo Feng's way to deal with the criminal is to fight back with his teeth. The horrible picture makes the man's nerves weaken and beg for mercy. In addition, he also reflects on his own mistakes. Of course, knowing his mistakes is one thing, and he has to bear the consequences for his evil deeds.

It was late at night when Ling Mo Feng returned home. The lights in the living room were bright. LAN Yanxi, holding a pillow, sat on the sofa and heard the sound of the car. She walked quickly to the door.

In the dark night, the man walked in with a chill in the snow outside.

Seeing LAN Yanxi, who had not yet rested, he felt a heartache at the bottom of his eyes. He held her tightly in his arms and kissed her with his thin lips on her forehead. He told her the whole story.

"I thought someone wanted to deal with you. I was worried." Compared with that terrible picture, lanyanxi is more afraid that there are big forces behind her who want to destroy the security of the country. She is very upset.

"Don't worry, I'm too careless this time, so that man can succeed. From today on, I will protect you and your children well, and no longer allow any criminals to take advantage of it." Ling Mo Feng gently patted her on the back and whispered, "it's late. I'll accompany you upstairs to have a rest."

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded, with his company, she had the courage to go upstairs.

This night, lanyanxi woke up several times in a nightmare. If it wasn't for the warmth and strength of the man's arms to give her enough sense of security and protection, she really didn't dare to sleep with her eyes closed.

After this incident, Ling Mo Feng also increased the protection measures and would not let the same incident happen again.

LAN Yanxi temporarily moved back to Ling's house. With the company of Ling's elders, she gradually erased the shadow caused by this incident and waited for the arrival of the child.

Luo family, this is the villa where Luo Jinyu lived before. After having a baby, he took his family to live in, so that he could ask sister-in-law to help him take care of the baby.

Luo Jinyu has been promoted to be a baby father. He has put the company's business aside first. The workload of Luo Henning has suddenly doubled. He complains secretly and works hard at the same time. The company can't always be on brother's shoulders. He must learn to share some of the pressure and let brother take good care of his wife and children.

In the bright living room, Luo Jinyu gently shakes the baby carriage with his hand. The little guy drinks enough milk and has full strength. The little arm and hand are waving powerfully. The eyes that could not be opened are also opened now. The eyes are dark and beautiful, and the long eyelashes are growing against the sky. The gene is strong, and they begin to appear. The little face egg is open, delicate and beautiful It's like a doll.

Luo Jinyu looked at this little man, and saw his shadow reflected in his black eyes. His mood was very complex, excited, happy, and he had to think deeply.

Although the little guy was just born a few days ago, Luo Jinyu had to make plans for his life. He couldn't help it. This is his responsibility as a parent. Some things clearly know that he shouldn't think much, but he can't help thinking a lot. It's very long-term.

Yang ChuChu comes out of the bedroom. She stays at home now and can't go anywhere. She fully understands the cow's distress. However, she is not bored. Because Luo Jinyu is also inseparable from her mother and son. With him, Yang ChuChu is relieved.

"Look at him. He's so small." Yang ChuChu sat next to him and stared at the boy with his little arm outstretched. He said curiously.

The bottom of Luo Jin's eyes is full of tenderness and love. He stretches out his fingers. The little guy's five fingers and little fingers can only grasp one of his fingers firmly. He also turns his big eyes to look at him.

"He's looking at me." Luo Jinyu's happy eyes and eyebrows are all smiles. This is the first time that the father and the son look at each other and are curious about each other.

"When can I grow up when I am so small." Yang ChuChu began to fret.

Luo Jinyu was amused by her childish words, reached for her long hair and comforted her: "don't worry, he will grow up day by day."

"I don't know why. After I gave birth to him, I suddenly felt a little bit worried about gain and loss. I felt that there was another worry in my life, which I couldn't let go 24 hours a day. Am I depressed after childbirth?" Yang ChuChu murmured.

"Why? Are you okay? What's not happy? " Luo Jinyu scares Jun's face. He has also seen many reports. After a woman gives birth, she is easy to suffer from Yang depression. Although the disease can be mild or severe, he is really worried when he finds it on his wife.

"I'm not unhappy either. Maybe I think too much. Don't worry about me. I'm ok." Yang ChuChu reached for the man's eyebrows and gently rubbed them: "no frowning, I'm really OK."

Luo Jinyu raised his head gently and kissed her thin lips on her fingers: "I'll take you out in the afternoon, and give the baby to mom and sister-in-law Yue."

"What are you doing?" Yang ChuChu asked curiously.

"Shopping." Luo Jinyu answers her in a low voice.

"I don't need to buy anything. I don't want anything." Yang ChuChu immediately shook his head.

"I heard that your women's shopping can relieve the pressure. Don't you want to try to see if it works?" Luo Jin's thin lips are rising. He really wants to try it.

"Then you have to prepare enough money. If I go crazy, I'm afraid myself." Yang ChuChu deliberately narrowed his eyes to frighten him.

"I'll take enough money with me. Don't worry. After shopping, we will eat out in the evening. If you want to go to the cinema, I will accompany you to see one." Luo Jinyu releases her husband's charm completely. If you want to seize the heart of her, you have to be ruthless.

"I have to feed, won't the little one be hungry?" Yang ChuChu spits out his tongue and feels a little guilty. Just after he was born, he doesn't care whether he eats or drinks. It seems that he is cruel.

"He can eat milk powder when he is hungry. Boys can't be too delicate." Luo Jinyu is really ruthless. His son can't get preferential treatment here, unless he is the little lover of his previous life, he will be heartbroken.

"Well, listen to you." Yang ChuChu's heart has flown out of the gate.

The little guy in the crib suddenly squashed his mouth, as if he knew that mom and dad would be cruel to him.

"Do you smell anything?" Yang ChuChu blinked.

Luo Jinyu immediately stooped and operated his fingers on the little guy. It turned out that he was urinating.

Two people look at each other, can't help but smile. It turns out that taking children is really a painstaking and laborious thing, but it's also a good agent for improving the relationship between husband and wife.