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C741 grace is back

After the weekend, Tang youyou decided to go back to work.

Ji Xiaohan loves her and doesn't want to let her go, but Tang youyou has spent the whole night with him. After he is satisfied, he decides to let her go to the company. It's because he knows that she is a restless person that he doesn't want to let her stay at home.

Tang youyou was also a person who could not get down. Moreover, he was not comfortable with Mrs. Ji every day at home. After all, he was not his own grandmother. In front of Mrs. Ji, Tang youyou was still very restrained.

The next morning, at the breakfast table, the old lady was urging the two little guys to eat quickly. She saw that Tang youyou went downstairs in a professional suit, and immediately looked up at her and asked, "Youyou, are you going out?"

"She's going back to work today!" replied Ji Xiaohan on behalf of Tang youyou

"Going to work so soon? Is the wound ready? " At the moment, the old lady is more concerned about Tang youyou. She feels that Tang youyou must rest at home for at least half a year before going out to work.

But after only a month's rest, Tang youyou was in a hurry to go out to work, and the old lady frowned.

"My wound is all right. I asked the doctor. He said he could go to work!" Tang youyou answered softly, deeply moved by the old lady's concern.

"But you're injured in the head. Don't take it lightly." The old lady continued to advise.

Ji Xiaohan said with a smile: "grandma, don't worry. It's not good for her to stay at home every day. Let her go to the company. Anyway, I'll explain it to you, and don't let her do anything with her brain."

Tang youyou is stunned. Her job is to draw pictures. She doesn't need brains. Does she have knees?

The old lady agreed to see Ji Xiaohan, and she nodded, "OK, let her go!"

After Ji Xiaohan finished his breakfast, the old man suddenly called out to him, "Xiaohan, don't leave first, talk to me upstairs!"

The old lady saw it and looked strange, but the two little guys were in a hurry to go to school, so she had to send the children to school first.

Tang youyou sits in the living room waiting for the season owl cold.

Ji Xiaohan pushes his grandfather's wheelchair, and they come to the old man's study.

"Grandpa, what can I do for you?" Asked Ji Xiaohan with a smile.

"What's Jilin doing recently?" The old man suddenly asked, but Ji Lin asked.

Ji Xiao's cold look shocked him. He covered his eyes and said with a light smile, "Grandpa, why did you mention uncle suddenly? Did you listen to anyone?"

"No, I just think he has come out, afraid he will pose a threat to you, so I want to remind you to be careful!" In fact, the old man just suddenly thought of this matter, just wanted to tell him a few words.

Ji Xiaohan looked at Grandpa gratefully: "thanks for Grandpa's warning, I will be alert to him."

"This rebel!" The old man scolded him bitterly. At the beginning, he doted on the little son. Unexpectedly, the result of doting made him so lawless and cruel that he almost killed his two little grandsons.

Ji Xiaohan knew about Grandpa's grieving uncle, which was the same thing five years ago, which made grandpa's healthy body suddenly fall down. After staying in the hospital for more than a month, he finally recovered.

Ji Xiaohan looks at Grandpa's increasingly thin body. He really can't bear to let Grandpa suffer another blow.

Even though he has found out that his uncle has actions, he does not want to let Grandpa know. He firmly believes that his uncle does not dare to let the old man know about his internal affairs. As long as both sides keep secrets, the old man can at least feel at ease.

"Well, if he really does something rebellious, you don't care about my feelings, but how to do it and how to do it, just to let him know that ambition is too heavy, there is nothing to end." The old man snorted angrily, which showed how disappointed he was.

"OK, thank you and rest assured. I believe that my uncle has learned the lesson and will not commit it knowingly again." In front of the old man, Ji Xiaohan has to say some nice words for Ji Lin. "You are such a good boy. Go to work!" Ji Xiaohan is very pleased. He knows that Ji Xiaohan is a man of general principles. The old man is also very relieved to leave the company to him. Only such a manager can make the family continue to prosper and never fail.

Season owl cold steps downstairs, slightly heavy.

Grandpa's worry and trust make him feel the burden and pressure on his shoulders are too heavy.

The tall and slender figure of the man came down the stairs, and Tang youyou immediately stood up.

"What did your grandfather tell you?" Tang youyou walks over and asks.

Season owl cold collected the mood of bottom of Mou bottom, relaxed smile: "nothing, it is the business that asks a company everyday."

"Let's go!" After hearing this, Tang youyou began to laugh.

The relationship between their parents and grandchildren is still very good. Grandpa is charitable and grandchildren are filial. Such a family makes people feel warm and happy. She hopes that her two children, like their father, will be a warm person who knows how to love and know how to love in the future.

Tang youyou sits in Ji Xiaohan's car and arrives at the front door of the company's hall.

"Come on, I'll go upstairs with you!" Tang youyou got out of the car and found that Ji Xiaohan even followed her down. She was a little surprised.

"No, you're busy, aren't you?" Tang Youli smiled shyly and stopped him.

"No matter how busy you are, you have to support my woman." Ji Xiaohan can't refuse her any more. He puts her in his arms and takes her to the elevator.

Tang youyou looks a little stunned. After understanding the meaning of his words, she can't help but raise her lips and smile. The man begins to give her warmth and concern again.

However, it's also a good thing for Ji Xiaohan to accompany her upstairs. At least, she doesn't need to be used as a joke and conversation material by people in the company anymore.

This road has really attracted people's attention.

"I didn't spend my eyes, did I just walk past with Tang youyou in my arms, Mr. Ji?"

"It's him, my God. They didn't break up, or they were so loving and loving. Is the news that came out before that false?"

"Tang youyou is really low-key. At the beginning, so many people carried her on their backs to discuss this matter. She didn't even come out to explain it. Now, if you see her jokes, you will be slapped directly by her."

"I've long guessed that they didn't break up. Otherwise, does Tang youyou have the face to stay in Weiyi? I've quit my job for a long time. "

"We'd better keep our mouth shut and keep quiet. If we really offend Tang Youyou, we'll lose our job."

"Well, let's work hard and let's not worry about our business." The whole thing is the same. Tang youyou's favor is back.