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After eating breakfast, the two little fellows were carefully escorted by the two elders to school. Today, the two little fellows were supposed to have a family meeting, but the two elders had already completely replaced Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You, and had solemnly made the two little fellows' most solid shields.

As expected, the separated generations of relatives had their reasons.

On the way back from school, the old lady suddenly sighed.

The old man looked at her strangely. "What's wrong?"

"My heart is a bit heavy!" The Old Granny looked out the window, and then could not help but say: "Just now when I was signing the names of the children, I suddenly realized that the children all had the same surname, Tang. I did not know what had happened before, but now, I feel inexplicably unhappy, they are the blood of our Ji Family."

The old tutor had also started to pay attention to this matter as soon as she'd spoken. Indeed, surname was very important.

"Then when we get back in the evening, find a chance to talk to her!" The lordmaster felt that this matter needed to be corrected.

The old lady smiled bitterly, "I don't know why, but I don't even dare to say it out loud. Perhaps my grandson really likes her too much, he loves her so very carefully, I also don't dare to offend him. How about, I get Xiao Han to mention it first."

The old man was immediately amused by the old lady's interesting words. "There are also people you don't dare offend?"

The old lady rolled her eyes at him. "Don't make me sound like an unreasonable tigress."

"Alright, you can tell Xiao Han tonight!" The old man nodded. Indeed, they were enjoying themselves together now, and he really did not want any unpleasant things to happen because of the child's surname.

After finishing her work at noon, Tang You You suddenly thought of an important mission that Ji Xiao Han had given her.

He wanted to invite Pei An Xin for lunch as he also wanted to do some guidance work.

On the way to work, Ji Xiao Han explained the current situation of Mu Shi Ye and Pei An Xin. From the looks of it, the road of their relationship was extremely difficult.

As Tang You You listened, she also felt very sympathetic and emotional. Of course, love was a matter between two people, and what Ji Xiao Han wanted her to understand was whether or not Pei An Xin still loved his.

This task was really difficult!

Although her relationship with Pei An Xin could not be considered close, Tang You You still called her and invited her to lunch.

What surprised her was that Pei An Xin actually agreed so readily.

Therefore, the two of them met up at the restaurant they had agreed on. Pei An Xin looked very haggard, as though he had not had a good rest, and was completely dispirited.

"Don't you have a job today?" Tang You You asked curiously.

"I resign!" Pei An Xin's words caused Tang You You to be shocked. According to the information she had received from Ji Xiao Han, Pei An Xin seemed to be very hardworking and he also seemed to value his current work a lot.

Pei An Xin took a sip of water and laughed at himself, "You long, I know the reason why you're asking me out to eat!"

Tang You You laughed awkwardly: "Really? Then, do you think that I'm a bit annoyed? "

Pei An Xin said bitterly: "Now, there is someone who can talk to me, I am already very grateful, so how can I be annoyed? You Yu, I am truly envious of you. I heard that the elders of the Ji Family have already accepted you. "

Ji Xiao Han's grandparents specially moved back from abroad to live for the sake of their children. They treated me quite well, so I don't have any complaints. Tang You You's heart was filled with happiness and satisfaction. She truly liked his current life, his work was good, her love was good, and even his children were sensible and obedient.

"The same kind of person has a hundred lives, but I'm not as lucky as you." Pei An Xin laughed bitterly at himself.

Seeing that she had clearly suffered so much from the grievances and injuries, Tang You You could not help but ask softly, "An Xin, do you still love Mu Shi Ye?"

Pei An Xin raised his head and looked at her. His expression became even more sorrowful, he bit his lips, and his eyes turned sour: "Of course I love him, but his mother doesn't like me, I don't want to love him lowly. After I had a daughter, the love I felt isn't that important anymore.

Tang You You listened and nodded his head, "I guess you must love him too. Before we had children, love was everything and only after having children did you realize that love is secondary and that children are the most important thing."

"That's right, we all shared the same feelings, that's why I felt it. Giving up isn't a pity!" Pei An Xin had already entered into a state of sorrow and despair.

"If Mu Shi Ye's mother were to accept you, would it be possible for you and him?" Tang You You couldn't help but ask again.

Pei An Xin said indifferently: "She will not like me, I finally understand what kind of person she is, she likes Mu Shi Ye to marry a young miss from a rich family."

"I think Mu Shi Ye will definitely not look for another woman, do you know? He arranged for Ji Xiao Han to drink wine yesterday until he was unconscious. He is already at the edge of collapse, and I feel that if her mother saw him like that, she would compromise sooner or later! " As an outsider, Tang You You saw the situation more clearly.

When Pei An Xin heard that Mu Shi Ye was drunk, she looked a little dazed.

"When are you going to bring Cheng Cheng to my house to play? My daughter is always thinking of this cute little sister." Tang You You invited them with a smile.

"Alright, if there's time, I'll bring her there!" Pei An Xin also liked Tang You You's two children.

When the delicious dishes were served, Pei An Xin could not eat anything. His heart was filled with thoughts, but it was all because Mu Shi Ye was drunk.

And at that moment, the Mu Family!

Mu Shi Ye vomited three times in one night, and his entire being was in a somewhat exhausted state. He laid on the bed, but did not get up, and instead fell into a deep slumber.

Lan Re Nuo did not sleep at all throughout the night. At noon, she intentionally went upstairs to push open the door.

"Son, don't drink like this anymore. You will lose your life. Do you hear me?" Lan Re Nuo still cherished this son of his. It was precisely because he placed all his pride on this son that Lan Re Nuo had special perseverance in the grand matter of his life.

Mu Shi Ye lied on the bed without moving an inch. His mother's words could not enter his ears.

Lan Re Nuo was so angry and hurt at the same time, her tone became a little more gentle, pushing him on the shoulder: "Son, don't be like this, mother is doing this for your own good!"

Mu Shi Ye was still pretending to be dumb.

When Lan Re Nuo saw that her son was not paying attention to her, she sighed and got up to go downstairs.

Just as he went downstairs, he saw Mu Lin walk out of the car quickly and enter with large strides, "Mom, you really know how to torment him and torture him to such a state. Three years ago, he drank till his stomach bled.

Mu Lin had obviously already heard everything from Luo He Ning, and received a call from his mother early in the morning, telling her to come over and console him.