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C638 Ji's family affairs

Although Ji Yueze tries to explain her abnormal behavior, Bai Yiyan looks at him with disgust. "Yes, in your opinion, it's just a tug, but in your brother's eyes, your tug is no different from holding hands. Ji Yueze, wake up, she's your future sister-in-law." Bai Yiyan's tone was inexplicably inspired. She was very clear that she was not jealous of Tang youyou. She was just worried about Ji Yueze, for fear that he would personally destroy his brotherhood with Ji Xiaohan.

Ji Yueze Jun's face suddenly became stiff, and said in a cold voice: "I don't need you to teach me how to do it. I know that I just lost control because I saw my enemy in our home."

Bai Yiyan was stunned. Her dark and clear eyes blinked twice: "which one is your enemy?"

Bai Yiyan was sitting in the car just now, so she didn't hear what Ji Yueze said to Xia Weiwen.

"It's Tang youyou's father!" Ji Yueze snorted: "I don't want to see people in my life."

Bai Yiyan was shocked again. Because she didn't understand the hatred of Ji and Xia, she was confused at the moment.

When Ji Yueze saw that she wanted to find out, she immediately reached out and realized that she would not ask again.

If Bai Yiyan wants to open her mouth, she is stuck in her throat and has to swallow it back.

But she is really curious. Why does Ji Yueze regard Tang youyou's father as his biggest enemy? What kind of hatred do they have?

Ji Yueze kicks the flower bed beside his foot. He just wanted to let out his hatred, but he didn't expect that the strength in turn will make his toes hurt and his beautiful face more gloomy.

Bai Yiyan felt sad when she saw him like this.

However, she did not dare to say the words of concern. The man was too proud, too unbearable, as if any pity and sympathy, in his eyes, was satirizing him.

At this moment, Tang youyou is taking Xia Weiwen to the second floor. In the toy room on the second floor, LAN yuezheng happily accompanies the two children to play together.

The old lady sat by and watched.

All of a sudden, the two people who came in at the door changed the old lady's face.

"Lan Yue, let's go downstairs for tea and let their father and daughter get along with their children!" Although the old lady's attitude towards Javier was cold, she did not hate him as much as before.

Tang youyou gave the old lady a grateful look.

LAN Yue and Xia Weiwen look at each other secretly, and they all look calm and don't say anything.

"OK!" LAN Yue got up and said to the two children, "grandma is downstairs. I'll play with you later!"

"OK, grandma, can we meet again later?" Tang xiaonai inexplicably likes LAN Yue. Maybe LAN Yue looks at her eyes full of love and tenderness.

Children are all villains, who is good to her, her heart is like a mirror.

Think of other children every day have grandparents to send up and down school, she also seems to have a grandmother oh.

"Yes, grandma will visit you often in the future!" LAN Yue said with a smile.

"OK, we have a deal!" Tang xiaonai immediately smiled and nodded, his face full of happiness.

When the old lady and LAN Yue left, the two little guys rushed to Tang youyou's side: "Mommy, who is this uncle?"

Xia Weiwen looked at the two children who were jumping around. His eyes were filled with pain.

The sad mood, like the tide like crazy rush over.

If his children were able to grow up healthily and healthily in those days, the younger brother born by youyou and her compatriots would be as lovely and beautiful as xiaonai and Xiaorui.

Tang youyou immediately squatted down and said softly, "this is not my uncle, it's Mommy's father. Your name is Grandpa."

"Really? Is he our grandfather? " Tang Xiaorui asked in surprise.

Xia Weiwen's eyes were filled with tears. He looked at these two little guys tenderly. They were like the children of Ji's family. Their little features were really like Ji Xiaohan. However, their little granddaughter looked like his daughter Tang youyou. Their big eyes were bright and bright as if they could talk.

"Mommy, today is really a good day. We see grandma and grandpa again." Tang xiaonai jumped up happily.

"Shout!" Tang youyou immediately whispered to the two children.


"Grandpa!" Two clear and crisp little milk sounds immediately sounded happily.

Xia Weiwen was moved to tears and nodded: "good, Grandpa's good child!"

Tang youyou looks at the interaction between her father and her two children as if it's a dream. Before, after being cheated by Ji Xiaohan, she always thought that she would never see such a warm scene in her life. But now, everything happens in front of her.

Downstairs, Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan come in from the back garden and see LAN Yue sitting in the living room.

LAN Yue hasn't seen her little son for a long time. At the moment, she suddenly sees him coming in. The mixed feelings of joy are blocking her heart. She doesn't know what to say for a while.

Ji Yueze's mood was originally upset. Unexpectedly, he saw his mother.

"Ozawa..." LAN Yue looks at her little son with tears in her eyes, and her voice is full of guilt and sadness.

When Ji Yueze saw her, he immediately turned around to leave.

"Ozawa, come here, sit down!" The old lady made a sudden noise and called him sternly.

Ji Yueze originally wanted to turn his steps. He immediately turned his head and looked at his grandmother.

Grandma's words and deeds today seem to be something wrong.

LAN Yue sees that her son is so cold and strange to her, and her heart is bitter and sad.

Bai Yiyan is standing beside her. She is also a little shocked. Why do you feel the relationship between Ji's family is so complicated?

Although Ji Yueze was reluctant, he couldn't help his grandmother's words, so he had to calm down and choose a sofa to sit down.

The old lady suddenly asked the servant next to her, "where is the owl cold? Call him in, too. "

The servant quickly replied, "the eldest young master is smoking in the pavilion outside the door."

"Let him in!" The old lady asked directly.

The servant quickly turns around and walks out. Ji Yueze's face is slightly stiff. Is elder brother smoking? Is it because I saw him drag Tang you just now?

After the servant went out for a while, Ji Xiao's tall figure stepped into the living room.

Ji Yueze looks at elder brother's expression in a dark way. It seems that he is depressed, as if he suddenly has a lot of worries. Bai Yiyan, seeing the old lady's strength, seems to announce something big. She immediately wants to avoid it, but she hears the old lady shouting her name: "Xiaoyan, please sit down, just listen to what I want to say."