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She felt even more thirsty

Uncle Yuan's helpless and terrified voice made Mu Shi Ye immediately burst out laughing, and the Great Young Master's temperament instantly disappeared.

Luo He Ning walked out quickly. In his hand, he saw Uncle Yuan holding a bottle of milk powder, with a bitter expression on his face.

"Create a chance for me!" Luo He Ning gnashed his teeth.

Mu Shi Ye was startled. "If I were to give you a chance, what benefits would you give me?"

Mu Shi Ye took the opportunity to rob.

Luo He Ning gave a bland snort, "Didn't you say you were taking me as your brother-in-law? You are trying to make a condition with your brother-in-law? "

Mu Shi Ye was stunned. As expected of Luo He Ning, he was quite scheming, to use his identity as his brother-in-law to suppress him so quickly.

"Luo He Ning, if you help me take care of Pei An Xin, I will help you pursue my sister, what about it? This condition, must be fair. " Mu Shi Ye laughed darkly.

Luo He Ning's handsome eyes stiffened, raised his eyebrows, and laughed sarcastically: "I never thought that there would be a woman that your Young Master Mu cannot handle."

"Just a word, do you agree or not!" He did not expect that Mu Shi Ye would fall to Pei Zi Yun's hands, but from the looks of it, between him and her, other than the addition of her daughter, their relationship seemed to have grown colder and colder. This made Mu Shi Ye unavoidably flustered.

Luo He Ning's gaze swept across the living room and saw Mu Lin playing with Xiao Cheng Cheng on the sofa. Her face no longer had a cold expression, it was only a woman's most gentle face.

"Alright, I promise you!" Luo He Ning had finally made a deal with him.

Seeing that he had finally agreed, Mu Shi Ye immediately stuffed the bottle in her hands into his hands: "Quickly send it over, my daughter is hungry."

"How can you let me feed your daughter? You know I don't have any experience. " Luo He Ning's handsome eyes opened. He had only agreed to help him settle Pei An Xin, and had not agreed to help him take care of this little thing, right?

Mu Shi Ye rolled his eyes at him: "Didn't you say you want me to give you a chance? This is a great opportunity. "

For him to help him take care of the child, could this even be called an opportunity?

Mu Shi Ye whispered next to his ear: "I'll take this opportunity to go out and do some work later. In the afternoon, only my sister and I will be taking care of the children. This is a rare opportunity, do you want it? "

Luo He Ning's handsome eyes flashed with a bright light. Mu Shi Ye was indeed experienced, and easily moved his heart.

They were all willing to stay here and help him take care of his children.

"Alright, I'll believe you this once!" When Luo He Ning thought of being able to stay with Mu Lin the whole afternoon, his blood boiled.

Mu Shi Ye raised his eyebrows proudly: "Don't worry, this idea of mine will definitely give you an unexpected reward."

Only then did Luo He Ning take the bottle and quickly walked to Mu Lin's side. He said in a low voice, "Mubai, I said that it is time to give my child some milk."

"Oh, okay!" Mu Lin reached out to take it, then directly brought the bottle to the little guy's mouth.

When Xiao Cheng Cheng saw that she had drank it, her face was full of smiles. Her two short hands holding the bottle, she took a deep breath.

"Look at how happily this little guy drinks." Looking at Niece, Mu Lin couldn't help but let out a gentle sigh.

Luo He Ning's gaze took the opportunity to look at her face. The afternoon sunlight passed through the curtains, and just happened to light up Mu Lin's face.

For a moment, Luo He Ning was completely dumbfounded.

It was at this time that Mu Shi Ye ran down the stairs, and waved the car key in his hand: "Sis, help He Ning take care of Cheng Cheng, I'm going out for a breather!"

"Where are you going?" Mu Lin did not expect her brother to be so irresponsible, and directly threw the child to her, asking Luo He Ning to stay as well.

"I'll go out and have a drink!" Mu Shi Ye casually found an excuse and ran out of the living room. After a while, he heard the sound of a car exploding, causing him to look towards Luo He Ning.

Being stared at by her bright eyes, Luo He Ning immediately became a little nervous and helpless, pointing towards the door: "This guy, he probably wants to take this opportunity to slack off."

"Why didn't you go with him when he went to be lazy? Aren't you guys inseparable buddies? He went out to play, but he didn't bring you along? " Mu Lin felt that it was strange.

Luo He Ning was momentarily stunned, he was done for, his goal, was it to be seen through by Mu Lin?

He was so nervous that he almost couldn't answer.

"I guess he might go somewhere. It's not convenient to take me with him." In a moment of desperation, Luo He Ning instantly betrayed his good brother.

"Is it inconvenient to bring you along? Who was he going to see? "Which woman?" Mu Lin's eyes instantly squinted, and stared straight at Luo He Ning like lightning.

"Possibly... I don't know much about his personal affairs. " Luo He Ning's entire body tensed up, he felt that he was about to faint from her gaze.

Mu Lin instantly sighed, gritting her teeth with a face full of disappointment: "Let me know that he still dares to mess around outside, then he'll give it a try."

Luo He Ning was shocked, and instantly broke out in cold sweat for his good brother.

At the moment, the afternoon sun was shining and the atmosphere was quiet in the CEO's office of the Ji's's headquarters.

Tang You You held onto a cup of water, watched as the man focused on handling his work, the phone beside him would occasionally ring, and hearing his firm and forceful reply to his work, Tang You You felt his blood speed up.

Men who worked hard were the most attractive. They were so handsome that even they didn't know it themselves. They were often the ones who hit the heart of women the most.

Tang You You had already emptied his glass of water, but why? Her mouth was still a little dry?