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C1583 that's the difference

The rescue operation is urgent. The rescue forces are competing against time. This time competition with life and death must be won. It represents not only the honor of individuals, but also the hope of the people for the country.

LAN Yanxi walked into Ling Mo Feng's office with stiff legs. When Ling Mo Feng turned to leave, she immediately reached for his sleeve and said, "are you going to the scene?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded, "yes, I have to go and have a look."

"I'll go with you. I won't get in your way." LAN Yanxi doesn't want to be separated from him for a second. She can only rest assured that it's safe to watch him.

"Yan Xi, you don't go, I will be distracted, you stay here safely, wait for me to come back, obey." The man gently pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the pink lips.

What else can lanyanxi say? Is she going to stick with him?

He can't be distracted. If he is around him, he can't judge the problem accurately.

"Well, I'll wait for you to come back. You should come back earlier." The girl backed away two steps, eyes dew gently coagulate him.

"Well, yes." The man answers her firmly and powerfully, turns around and leaves quickly.

Lanyanxi stayed in the office, but her heart was tight. She still couldn't wait for him. She couldn't even do anything, even thinking.

She could only count her heartbeat, hoping that he would come back earlier.

Lingmo Feng arrived at the trading place one step later. Several men who were arrested, wearing handcuffs, were looking at the executors with complacency. They were not aware of their violation of the law, but proud of their escape from the law.

Some people deliberately twisted their waist to show their pride at the moment.

A group of workers look ugly. These people really deserve to die.

Three speedboats came from a distance, and Yang He, who was still in a coma, was strapped to the boat. One of her hands was still dripping blood. Looking at the blood from the white splint, it was already red, which was frightening.

"Brother, brother, I'm here. Help me..." When a young man saw the man in the speedboat, he immediately shouted loudly.

Ling Mo Feng's car was in a team of motorcades, and the other side was still filming the video. Just at this time, Yang he woke up again. When she saw the blood dripping on her hands, she made a miserable scream, which was full of despair, helplessness and fear.

The video is still live on the Internet, gripping the hearts of people all over the country. Everyone is putting down their work and worrying about Yang He. I feel that this woman is so pitiful. If she was killed by blood, it's a pity. She looks very young.

The other side asked in person that they would not let Yang Hesheng road go until their ship sailed into the high seas.

Ling Mo Feng felt that the other side was just pushing forward, and immediately exchanged an eye with Chu lie nearby. In fact, they had already guessed that the other side had countless demands waiting for them.

"You can drive into the high seas and release people, but you must stop bleeding and bandage the hostages, otherwise, we will not agree." Chu lie is demanding in the loudspeaker.

"Of course, we won't let her die. I'll have someone bandage her now." The other side finally has the intention of compromise. In the video, someone rudely stops Yang He's blood and bandages him. Yang He is scared and is still sluggish. Her body is shaking constantly. When she sees a man approaching, she struggles desperately to retreat. Her eyes are full of fear.

LAN Yanxi also turned on her mobile phone and watched the progress of Yang He's video. Seeing that she was scared and shivering in the video, there was no momentum to pick up a shirt with her before. Instead, it seemed that her spirit of fear was almost abnormal. LAN Yanxi removed her mobile phone and couldn't bear to see it again. This kind of torture is not only physical pain, but also severe suffering for a person's mind. I believe that Yang He must not dare to make the earth again after this experience.

"Sir, would you like to have the video intercepted and evolved like this, just for fear that everyone will be cold hearted?" Chu lie calls Ling Mo Feng for instructions.

"It's too late. Since there was no interception at the beginning, now everyone is paying attention to this matter. If the news is sealed, everyone will panic. It's better to let them continue watching, to enhance their patriotic feelings and to unite people." Ling Mo Feng said in a deep voice.

"Well, I just don't know if I can get the hostages back safely." Chu lie was worried.

"It's too short a time. Have you arranged people to do things under the water?" Ling Mo Feng took the telescope, looked at the yachts ready to start, he immediately asked.

"Yes, they are. Once the hostages are saved, we will detonate them remotely." Chu lie nodded.

It's a long distance from the high seas. The boats sent by Ling Mo Feng have been following the yachts. After they arrived, they just wanted to escape, but they didn't hurt the hostages any more.

Close to the high seas, all of a sudden, Yang he was kicked out by one of the men. She was bound and thrown into the sea. It was a dead end.

At this time, the pressing rescue team immediately sent professional sailors to the sea to rescue people.

Yang He is still awake at the moment. The pain of her body has numbed her for a long time. But as soon as she enters the water, her facial features are severely impacted by the water, the air is cut off, and her viscera are poured into the cold water. For a moment, she feels that she will die here.

Just when she closed her eyes in despair and no longer struggled, someone held her. Then someone dragged her up hard and finally rose to the surface of the water. She finally breathed fresh air.

Yang he was rescued from the ship and immediately treated by a doctor. She spat out a large mouth of water and was about to lose her mind. At this time, she heard a loud explosion in her ear.

The sound came with the waves, and all eyes were on the exploding yacht, which was ablaze with fire, and then fell silent into the sea.

Yang He struggled to sit up, pale, but his eyes were fixed on the direction of the explosion. There was a fire on the sea, which burned everything, including the humiliation she suffered. Suddenly she cried, and everyone around looked at her sympathetically. She felt that she was dead. After several twists and turns, she could still find a life.

Yang He's crying. She's in agony. Someone came to persuade her, but she didn't listen. She wanted to cry out all the fright.

LAN Yanxi saw the final end of those murderers, and her heart finally settled down.

At the end of the video on the Internet is the picture of Yang he being rescued, but the news of the murderer's death has not been released. After all, the picture is too cruel, or not suitable for publicity.

However, Yang he can be saved successfully, but it is still very inspiring. We are relieved for her and have more trust in the country.

Ling Mo Feng returned to the office and saw LAN Yanxi sitting on the sofa. A cup of tea at hand was cold, and the fruit she had brought had not been moved. It seemed that she was also frightened.

"Ling Mo Feng." Lanyanxi saw him come back and rushed into his arms. Her hands were around his neck and her face was buried in his chest. At this moment, she was really worried.

Ling Mo Feng gently touched her long hair and said with a soft smile, "am I not coming back? Don't worry. "

"I still have a lingering fear." LAN Yanxi just looked up, eyes stained with mist of tears, delicate and pitiful.

Ling Mo Feng sighed and reached for her arms again.

Yang He has come back, but her spirit has become sensitive and fragile. She can no longer work. She is taken home, but she is afraid to hide in the room and dare not come out. She has become afraid of contacting people.

Some of her colleagues kindly brought fruit and gifts to visit her, but she did not see her.

Her parents are worried about the situation of her daughter, but they are helpless.

Yang He sat in front of the window and looked out of the window. It was an afternoon, like a fool.

LAN Yanxi is relieved when she hears that Yang He has quit the work of the general office and is at home at ease. In this way, she doesn't want to face Yang he very much.

Mu Weicheng took the mobile phone away from the old president's face: "the doctor said you can't look at the mobile phone anymore, which is not good for your condition."

"If it was me I will let that woman sacrifice and comfort her family. After all, national defense is the most important thing in the current state affairs. " The old president spoke directly in front of Mu Weicheng.

"That's the difference between you and Ling Mo Feng. Your mind is behind." Mu Weicheng sneers and ridicules.