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Time rushed, and a few days passed in an instant. The wedding of Mo Shiye and Pei Anxin was set to celebrate today. There were hundreds of banquets, full of guests and friends, and the Mu family was shrouded in joy.

Sure enough, the relationship between the parents is better, and the atmosphere of the entire family has also eased a lot. On the day before marriage, Lan Ruona bought a lot of gifts for Pei Anxin. The contradiction between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law was once a battle for pulling smoke without gunpowder. There were times when each other was not pleasing to the eye, but most , Deliberately avoided, seeing unclean.

Nowadays, she wants to truly become a family. Lan Ruona has regained her husband's affection. I don't know if her menopausal condition is better. The way the whole person sees things has also changed. Some small things can make her frown. Eye, now, she looks like she wants, as long as the person she loves cares about herself, she doesn't have so much leisure to take care of that mung bean trifle. Hearing the future mother-in-law approaching the door, Pei Anxin's face changed a bit, stubbornly, and came down from the second floor.

Now that she has decided to be the daughter-in-law of the Mu family, Pei Anxin can no longer be an invisible person, and it is worth seeing.

"Don't be afraid, everything is mine!" Mu Shiye followed her and said quietly.

Pei An admired him with a blank eye: "It's because of you, everything is because of you, you are fully responsible!"

Mu Shiye was scolded with an inexplicable expression. In the end, he could only be wronged and protest: "Well, my fault, don't argue with my mother for a while, think about our wedding, think about our lovely daughter, think about me ... ... "

Pei Anxin was already speechless to this man, he really took himself seriously.

Downstairs, Lan Ruona was also a little uneasy. When she heard footsteps, she glanced at the direction of the stairs. "

Aunt ... "Pei Anxin was still a junior, and when she saw her coming, she greeted her.

"Ah!" Lan Ruona responded unnaturally immediately, and her face was a little embarrassed. I knew that today, why was it?

Sure enough, the most rare thing in this world is to regret it.

"Why would you still come this night? Don't take a break early?" Pei Anxin glanced at the gifts piled on the table and asked with a slight smile.

"I'm here ... I want to talk to you!" Lan Ruona said. Seeing her son standing at the entrance of the stairs, he looked nervously at this side of the face, and immediately walked over to him and said, "Every night, you Go upstairs and see the children. I will talk to An Xin alone! ""

Mom, you can chat, but don't fight, we are getting married tomorrow. "Mushi Ye hurriedly persuaded her mother."

Rest assured, no more noise, no more noise in the future! "Lan Ruona knew her son's concerns, and she felt a remorse in her heart. Mu

This night I glanced at Pei Anxin and turned to walk upstairs. Blue

Ruona returned to sit on the sofa, and Pei Anxin poured her a cup of hot water.

"Anxin, you see ... I came suddenly today, but you are getting married tomorrow. I still want to go and talk to you. I have done a lot of wrong things before and want to talk to you Sorry, can you forgive me? "Lan Ruona is also a bit unnatural. After all, she is always proud, and bowing her head to admit wrong things is really not suitable for her.

After listening to her, Pei Anxin looked a little surprised, and she couldn't believe it. In the future, the powerful mother-in-law was apologizing to her? "

I used to care about the door charm too much. This may have something to do with my background. I grew up in the royal family. All I know is that I was born noble and better than others. These cognitions have hindered my thinking and made me mind. Narrow and very selfish, but many times, I do n’t really want to stab others intentionally. I just have a stupid and straight mouth that does n’t speak. It always makes me feel targeted. Alas, the more people live As I get older, I suddenly understand the shortcomings of my character. I really do n’t know if it is a good thing. Lan Ruona lowered her head and held the cup, regardless of whether Pei Anxin loved to listen or not, she always wanted to talk to someone, because she hated such an imperfect self a lot, but she was partial. Everything strives for perfection, contradicting itself, causing a lot of troubles and jokes, pretending to be right before, remorse afterwards, every time. This is Pei Anxin looking at her with a look of amazement. Is this still Lan Ruona she knows?

Since seeing her from the beginning, she has carried her high spirits and looked at people's eyes from the perspective of light. Pei Anxin felt that she had nothing to do with this woman who might be her mother-in-law in the future, but now, She even felt that she would change if she knew something wrong, but it was not so unfriendly.

"Auntie, why did you suddenly tell me this ..." Pei Anxin was a little upset.

"I do n’t know. These words have always been buried in my heart and I do n’t want to tell people. In front of my two children, I still want to maintain the image of a stern and wise mother. Outsiders, I have to pretend to be alive. Decent and elegant lady, I am living with a mask every day, my husband was enraged by me, and I have been away from home for several years. When you and Shi Ye first started together, those days It ’s also my most painful. My relationship with my husband is disagreeable, which makes my character cold and extreme, annoying to see anything, because I ca n’t see others showing affection in front of me, so I took you home at night At that time, my attitude was not good, did I scare you? "Lan Ruona recalled that she had seen Pei Anxin just then. At that time, her marriage was unsatisfactory, and her suffocation was really difficult to get along with.

"Isn't it all past? I didn't take it to heart!" Pei Anxin laughed twice, but in fact she kept it in her heart for several years and had been prejudiced against Lan Ruona.

"Anyway, I like you all the time, you have merit, otherwise, my son has so many people who do n’t want him, he just wants to see you, indicating that you have fate, which reminds me of it. I met his dad that year. His dad was an old solid wood scientist, and he loved to study some topics all day. At that time, I was a classmate with him at the time. He was not in the same class, but often went to see him secretly. Seeing him doing things seriously, I like it very much, because it is my own love, I didn't pay attention to any kind of door, I just want to marry him, and later, we really got married, I only knew that he It turned out that he was also a rich man's young master, but he did n’t like the family business, and only engaged in the research work he loved, but I hope that my husband is a dragon. As soon as I get married, I give birth to a daughter and use the child's future to persecute He inherited his family business. At that time, I thought I was very happy. I have such an excellent husband, and is about to welcome a second child, but he is unhappy. His outbreak, in the female On his 20th birthday, he suddenly smashed all his dissatisfaction, resentment, and then moved out to live, leaving his family's business at his disposal. At that time, I was a woman with two young children. I'm at a loss about the company's tedious affairs. Fortunately, Xiaolin is very good. She clenched her teeth and took over everything from the company. This is our stable day today. My daughter is also a treasure and can hold up half the sky. Believe my granddaughter. Orange orange, the future will certainly be a brave and strong good child! "Lan Ruona remembered the past, but tears kept falling down, at this moment, she seemed to remember all these half of her life, flashing light, scene by scene, Always deep in my heart, lingering.

For the first time, Pei Anxin heard such a complete Mu family history book, she was stunned.

"When people are old, they love memories, and unknowingly, they talk so much nonsense, An Xin, our mother-in-law just do n’t know each other, I hope to get along well in the future, I do n’t want to disturb this home anymore I am wrong, I will change, you will also be wrong, you will also change, our goal is the same, let this family go better, the matter of your young couple, I will certainly keep my mouth shut, no more to say, as for Would you like to make good with me, I can't help but strengthen you! ""

I do! Pei Anxin said hurriedly, with tears in her eyes, moved: "Of course I am willing, this is what I have always expected. ""

Really? "Lan Ruona couldn't help crying and smiling.

"It's true, even if you don't come to me today, I will come to you for a peace tomorrow." Pei Anxin said with a chuckle.