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Yang ChuChu lies on the bed and sleeps for a while. It's the crying of the baby that wakes her up. She instinctively opens her eyes and sees her mother holding her son and gently comforts her. But it still can't. The little guy is hungry.

Next to them stood two doctors, who saw the baby crying loudly, so they suggested that the baby start to drink breast milk.

Luo Jinyu stood beside him. He was at a loss. Even though he was used to his work in the company, he didn't know what to do next. He only knew that his wife was tired and his son was hungry. The doctor's advice worried him a little, so he asked, "you are very weak now. How can you feed your baby?"

The doctor replied with a smile: "when a woman has a baby, she will start to have breast milk for her baby. She needs to suck it by herself. However, even though the baby is just born, her drinking ability is still very strong. If not, we have a professional breast pump doctor here to help Lotito."

"Come here and let him try."

Yang ChuChu has almost had a rest. At this moment, she can't care about anything else. She just doesn't want to hear her son cry any more.

Cheng Ying gives her the child. Yang ChuChu looks at the little child. He is stunned for a moment and doesn't know how to hold him.

The doctor guided her gently, so that she could hold the baby in her arms.

Yang ChuChu can't care about the shame. With the help of the doctor, he let his son drink successfully.

The little guy clenched two small fists. He really used his milk strength. He couldn't help it. His stomach was out of stock. His primitive instinct made him drink desperately.

Yang tore the corners of his mouth painfully. She didn't expect that a little guy's strength would be so great, but it seems that there is milk for him to eat. It's amazing. Maybe this is the silent words between his mother and son. She gave him life and the source of life. Finally, the little guy will use another way to return.

Luo Jinyu stands beside, and Jun Rong is surprised. Seeing Yang ChuChu seems to be in some pain, he is particularly distressed. He really wants to let the little guy eat milk powder.

But doctors suggest breast-feeding, because it is the most scientific and nutritious, and breast milk can not be replaced by any milk powder.

After eating for a long time, I don't know if I'm tired or full. I'm asleep. My face is not as rosy and wrinkled as it was when I was born. The whole person has become a lot more beautiful.

Yang ChuChu looks at the sleeping son in her arms. I can't believe it. This is the cute baby she gave birth to after October. He sleeps like an angel.

Yang ChuChu couldn't help but chuckle. Looking at this lovely face, she suddenly felt that any pain she suffered was rewarded and worth it.

"Well, give me a hug."

Luo Jinyu has been waiting for a long time. First, he doesn't want to let Yang ChuChu suffer. Second, he really wants to hug his son. He hasn't really looked at him carefully.

"Well, be careful. He's too small."

Yang ChuChu reminded him softly.

Luo Jinyu stooped and held out his hands, only to find that his hand holding the pen trembled slightly.

Just born little life is really too fragile, too weak, how to hold all feel unsafe.

However, Luo Jinyu is still very careful. He holds the little guy in his arms. For the first time, he tries to be a father. His eyes are soft as if he is going to drown. He looks at the sleeping baby. Occasionally, he moves his mouth, as if he wants to drink more milk.

Luo Jinyu couldn't help but be amused by his cute little actions. Before he was born, he didn't know what kind of responsibility he needed to pay to be a father. Now, he seems to suddenly understand that he is willing to give him all his love.

"Didn't dad give him a name last time?"

Yang ChuChu looked at Luo Jin Yu Du and was stunned. She couldn't help laughing and asked.

Tang Qi has gone back for a visit and is ready to send some delicious food to Yang ChuChu. She asked her aunt to make soup and nutritious porridge. Although the hospital also has these food, Tang Qi still insists on bringing it from home and has a big fat boy. She secretly resists happiness, but in fact, her heart is already in full bloom.

"Yes, my father took a name, luobeiyuan, which is called Beibei."

Luo Jinyu also didn't understand why his father chose these two words, but since they were given by his elders, he was also very happy to accept them.

"Well, that sounds good."

Yang ChuChu nodded.

Cheng Ying saw Luo Jinyu's carefulness and his arms were frozen. He immediately walked over to him and said, "give me the north part. I think you are going to sweat."

Luo Jinyu was embarrassed: "I'm too excited and nervous, but I'll learn more about how to bring children in the future."

Hearing this, Cheng Ying couldn't help laughing: "sure enough, my daughter's eyes are right. You will be a good father indeed."

Luo Jinyu was embarrassed, and Jun's face was red.

"I'll put Beibei to bed and go to bed. I'll go out and take good care of him."

Cheng Ying left them time wisely. He put the little guy next to Yang ChuChu's pillow and left.

Yang ChuChu moved immediately, and the pain made her frown. Luo Jinyu hurriedly and gently concerned: "what's the matter?

Is it still painful? "

"The wound hurts!"

Yang ChuChu smiled bitterly: "it really hurts."

Luo Jinyu reaches out to hold her hand, and finds that her hand is cold. He cannot help but want to warm her with the temperature of his palm.

Yang Chu's pain seems to have been suspended. She looked at her son with her eyes turned sideways and asked, "my mother said, he looks like you. Where is he?"

"Is it?

I think he's more like you. "

Luo Jinyu couldn't help laughing and went to look at the little guy.

"It's better to be like me. When I grow up, I will be more handsome than you."

Yang chulue said with some grace.

"Not necessarily. Am I not handsome enough now?"

Luo Jin asked with a low smile.

"That's enough, but do I still want my son to be more handsome and outshine you?"

Yang ChuChu began to be eccentric.

Luo Jinyu shakes his head helplessly, and says with resentment, "is there a son in your eyes, and you don't have my husband?"

Yang ChuChu couldn't help but froze for a moment, and then burst out with a laugh: "you won't start eating your son's Vinegar now, will you?"


Luo Jinyu's expression of grievance: "you can't forget me when you have a son."

"It depends on your performance."

Yang ChuChu is a little bit small, but he is sweet in heart. His husband will be jealous. It's a good phenomenon, which means that he will love her more in the future.

"I won't give this boy a chance to compete with me."

Luo Jinyu held out a finger and gently lifted it on his son's little face.

"Don't promote him."

Yang ChuChu immediately pushed his fingers away.

Luo Jinyu: "..." Still say not partial favor, move all cannot move?