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C743 bar meet

In the dark bar, a beautiful woman is drunk. At the moment, she is being stared by a man around her like a wolf, who is trying to take the opportunity to chat up.

"Miss, may I know you? I've met you here several times, and I'm sure we're still destined for each other. " The man's eyes, which he thought were gentle and friendly, wanted to take the opportunity to brush off his affection.

The woman propped up her forehead with her hand. Under her long hair, there was a proud and cold face: "who are you? I'm not a casual woman. I know you've been staring at me for a long time, but you're not my type. Go away and leave me alone! "

"Miss, why are you so cold? I pay attention to you, also because you are beautiful, let me heart, this is my business card, I am not a bad person! " Men don't laugh, they want to reach for a woman's hand.

"You're so upset. Don't touch me!" Miffee grabbed the bag and turned to leave. Suddenly, she bumped into a man and hit him with a glass of wine. The wine was sprinkled on his white shirt.

"Miffee?" The other side called out her name directly, so it was known.

Miffee also stared at each other's face through his intoxicated eyes: "Ji Shangqing?"

Still want to pester the man of MI Feier again, after seeing Ji Shangqing, immediately discern interest left.

Ji Shangqing scoffed: "how can miss MI, who is beautiful and elegant, come to the bar to drink? It's very dangerous for you to be alone. "

"Ji Shangqing, why are you back home?" Sophie asked faintly, then shook her body and leaned powerlessly towards Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing, a gentleman, reached out to help her, but he didn't want to take advantage of this opportunity to take advantage of miffee like all the men present. He seemed to have no desire for miffee. His eyes still had a light smile

"Ji Shangqing, take me home!" Feeling that the man didn't do anything wrong with his intentions, miffee immediately asked.

"It's my pleasure!" Ji Shangqing, in front of all the men, helped the rickety Miffy out of the bar.

Ji Shangqing drives miffee to her apartment. She leans against the door wall and invites him, "don't you want to come in and sit down?"

"Good!" Ji Shangqing is in a hurry to make friends. Miffee is also a famous celebrity in the fashion industry. She is also very useful. Ji Shangqing steps in.

Miffee took off her fur coat directly. She was only wearing a long white knitted skirt. Her hair was long and loose, her body was exquisite and flawless, and her skin was white and flawless, which made her confused.

Miffee turned around to get water for Ji Shangqing. Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, "do you want to drink?"

"No, give me a bottle of water." Replied Ji in a light voice.

Miffee took the water and sat down opposite him. A pair of charming Danfeng eyes looked at Ji Shangqing sitting opposite him.

"How did you come back to China? I remember you said before that you hate this city and will never come back. " Mi fei'er and Ji Shangqing have known each other since they were abroad. Mi fei'er knew Ji Shangqing through her ex husband. Both of them are members of a golf club and occasionally meet each other to play.

"People will change. Don't you come back?" Ji Shangqing picked up his eyebrows and laughed at himself.

Miffee thought of the purpose of returning to China. She looked dark and laughed at herself.

"Have you found a home after you divorced your ex husband?" Ji shangqingjue, a woman like miffee, is never willing to be lonely. When he knew that she was divorced, he thought that she must have found a family. Unexpectedly, he saw her alone in a bar. "I want to come back and find my ex boyfriend, and want to get back together with him. At the beginning, he loved me so much, but when he turned around, he found a younger and more beautiful woman than me. All men are jerks. He said he would wait for me all his life. It's not a change of heart." Miffee is so self-centered that she scolds her bitterly.

Ji Shangqing's light concern: "men's heart, which is easy to be seduced by fans, you can see a little."

"Ji Shangqing, do you have a girlfriend?" Miffee didn't know if it was empty for a long time. At the moment, looking at the handsome man in front of her, she suddenly wanted to find him to comfort herself. So she turned on the electricity and looked at Ji Shangqing.

"No!" Ji Shangqing avoids her eyes and drinks the water casually, the voice line is indifferent.

"What do you think of me?" All of a sudden, miffee sat up straight and straightened himself forward, trying to make Ji Shangqing more aware of how perfect his figure was.

Ji Shangqing smiled and said, "Miss MI, you are perfect, but I prefer a pure woman."

"Am I not pure enough?" As soon as the word Qingchun is mentioned, the face of Yang ChuChu comes to miffee's mind. It's young and vigorous. Of course, it's very pure. I believe that Luo Jinyu is attracted to her because of her temperament.

Ji Shangqing said with a smile: "your temperament is cool and charming, which men love more."

"You just want to say, you don't love it!" After miffee finished speaking, she suddenly got up, slowly reached for the button on her chest, and walked towards jishanghan.

Ji Shanghan looks unchanged, but his eyes are cold. Suddenly, miffee reaches out, puts his hands on the back of the sofa behind him, bends down, and his face is very close to Ji Shangqing.

Ji Shangqing's eyes at the moment can see the large scenery of women without any obstruction, which is absolutely absolutely unique.

"How is it?" Miffee raised her eyebrow and asked. She believed in her charm, which no one could resist. She still let him see from such a close distance. The faint fragrance came from her snow white skin. She felt that Ji Shangqing's disguise was clear and high, and should be attacked.

"Beautiful!" "Miss MI, it's not early. I have to leave now. This is my business card. Please contact me."

Ji Shangqing calmly took out a business card from his arms, and then he put it directly in the middle of her squeeze, which seemed frivolous, but miffee was frustrated.

"Ji Shangqing, I really want to know what kind of woman you are going to like," she said

"One day, you will know." Ji Shangqing looks at her angry look and smiles. "Is there any purpose for you to return home? Is there anything I can do for you? " After the divorce, mifield has made a mess of her life, so she wants to look for more business opportunities at the moment. Ji Shangqing is a businessman. If he appears somewhere, it must be his interest. Mifield wants to join hands with him to make a difference. "Well, when you wake up, let's have a good chat!" Ji Shangqing is here now.