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C1262 launched the plan

On the opposite side of Ji Lin is a woman in her mid twenties and sixes. She has long brown hair, charming face and elegant temperament. She put her graduation certificate on the table. She has made great achievements from small to large. She has studied in several famous universities abroad. She is a beautiful woman with high education and high beauty. Her knowledge is enough for a man People back out, plus she is a smart and capable, ability not to lose the man's ambition, but also make men flinch. "

Gao Yue, the name is special, but it doesn't affect your mission this time!" Ji Lin said with a smile.

"I came back to help you at my uncle's order. My uncle is the current Minister of national defense. He is dedicated to serving the country and is an example for me to learn. I already know about this task. You don't need to repeat it. You just need to tell me if I have the opportunity to apply to work beside Ji Xiaohan with my academic credentials." As soon as Gao Yue opens her mouth, she is the model of the female elite. She never likes to waste time on boring problems. "

I know that Ji Xiaohan is recruiting the manager of the PR team recently. His previous pr manager left because of illness. This position is most suitable for you, because you may often attend various meetings with him. The day after tomorrow is the official interview. Ji Xiaohan has always attached great importance to the company's external pr. I believe that if he is free, he will come to the interview in person. Can you come from nearly 100 We'll have to wait and see if we can stand out among the candidates Ji Lin also immediately said with a business face. "

the genealogy and history of Ji's family. I've learned that Mr. Ji, how could you have a chance to be a manager?"

"It's not convenient for Ji's private affairs to be divulged. Just do your job well." Ji Lin's face sank. Naturally, he didn't want to mention that he was sent to prison by his father for murdering his nephew five years ago. That was a big stain in his life.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just want to know more about Ji's family. By the way, how about Ji Xiaohan? What is his character? " Gao Yue can't help but be interested in his task target. As long as she has known the man Ji Xiaohan, most of the women will be full of interest and curiosity about his mystery. I believe that he must be a very attractive man and also a cold killer for women. Otherwise, why do women like him end up sad?

However, it's said that his current wife is the only one who can approach his heart. Gao Yue is also curious about the woman named Tang youyou. He wants to know how excellent she is to make this man stand out and marry home?

"Ji Xiaohan is insidious and cunning. He has a very keen sense of the market. He is always decisive, calm and not easy to make decisions. He is very careful about every detail of his work. Therefore, in business, he has almost no weakness. In the last few years, he has firmly grasped the customer and the market, basically monopolizing several behaviors. He wants this When we dig out his power, we will not see any effect in a short period of time. If we can't move him in public affairs, we can only find his private life. At present, there are not many women who can get close to him. His heart is all men. At present, this position of public relations manager, if he insists on recruiting a man, your chance is zero. " Ji Lin sneers and analyzes his nephew's temperament, but he is biting his teeth. "

this is really a challenging man. He must be charming." Gao Yue said, reaching for a picture beside her, her eyes shining with a satisfied smile. Take a picture of Ji Xiaohan walking down from the car. What you can see is his perfect and invincible side face. The lines of his face are exquisite, like sculpture, full of masculine charm. Gao Yue thinks that she is a strong woman, but no matter how strong she is, she will eventually surrender to men. If she can be a queen, she must have a heart to bear loneliness. Gao Yue is young and vigorous. She doesn't want to be a queen. She just wants to have a king like man to love her. Such a woman is the happiest and most perfect. "Unfortunately, we are in a hostile relationship!" Gao Yue has no choice but to gently put down the photo and hold them together, as if to calm down her inner feelings.

"What? I fell in love with him before I saw him Ji Lin laughed sarcastically.

"You don't understand. Some people don't need to meet or listen to him. He's charming and fascinating!" Liu Yue taunts herself in a low voice.

"Then we sent him into his company. Is it a wrong decision? You seem to fall in love with him!" Ji Lin's face changed, sneering and questioning. "

don't worry, I won't fall in love with him. Of course, if I can have a time with such a man, my life won't be shaken, will I?" Gao Yue smiled again, proud and confident. Ji is old and has a general taste of men's and women's feelings. He sneers, "if you just want to have a time with him, I'm very supportive."

"Well, I have to sign up for an interview. Wish me success!" Gao Yue gets up, takes her things and leaves. "

remember, Ji Xiaohan will definitely check your background, but you can rest assured that your background is clean. After you go out, you should act in full accordance with your role. Moreover, we will be enemies in the future!" Ji Lin reminded her with a sinister smile.

"If we don't go deep into each other's camp, how can we let him see my determination to share weal and woe with him? Don't worry, I know how to do it. I'll pick the right time to start! " With that, Liu Yue left.

"It's really a goblin like woman, Ji Xiaohan. Can you still hold it?" After Ji Lin watched Gao Yue leave, the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more grim and complacent.

In the other office, a woman with a glass of red wine is drawing for a man with one hand. She is painting oil paintings, which is intended to be realistic, sharp and flowing.

"Mr. President, I wonder if you are satisfied with this painting?" The woman put down the wine, turned the painting around, sat on the office chair, looked at the old president with a dignified face, clapped her hands and said, "Miss Wan is really young and promising. She has become famous since she was only 24 years old. Your grandfather must be proud of you."

"Yes, my grandfather has always praised me. He also praised Mr. President for his good governance, diligence and love for the people, which is a good example for us to learn!" Wan Qianqian said with a charming smile. "

Miss Wan's mouth is really sweet and her words are pleasant. Well, I'll send you congratulations on your oil painting exhibition the day after tomorrow!" The president is very pleased with her.

"Mr. President, I'm really nervous about my grandfather's urgent invitation for me to go back to China to open a painting exhibition. However, my grandfather said that he owes Mr. President a favor. If I can do something for you, the right is to repay your favor." Wan Qianqian said with a sincere face.

"Alas, it's hard to do anything about state affairs. I can't find the right person either. I just found your grandfather and asked you to help me." The old manager unifies the face helpless expression.

"Mr. President, it doesn't matter. What can I do for you?" Wan Qianqian stood up and offered the old manager a cup of tea, and asked softly. "

I hope you can get close to Ling Mo Feng and let him fall in love with you!" The old president said what he wanted. "

ah?" Wan Qianqian's mind is empty, and for a while, she can't wait to say, "you want me to approach Mr. vice president?"

"Yes, he and I have been in a dilemma recently. The future of our country is in the hands of both of us. But I really don't want to fight with him. He is a junior, and he should know how to be humble. But he grinds a sharp blade and points it at me, which makes me really difficult." The president unifies the expression of deputy emotion, hoping to get Wan Qianqian's sympathy.

"I'm just a painter. I grew up with painting as my companion. I really don't know much about national affairs. But I promised grandpa to come back to help you. Naturally, I'd like to work hard." Wan Qianqian listened to the old president's sadness and suddenly felt a little sympathy for him. "

Miss Wan, you are beautiful and talented. You have poetry in your heart. I believe Ling Mo Feng will be interested in you!" The old president encouraged her.

"Is it? I only heard that Mr. vice president is a man of modest temper! " Wan Qianqian looks bright.