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C1647 layers of suspicion

The old man's heart stopped beating forever. His face seemed to be without sadness. Everything was natural. The only one who was sad was the one who was still alive, but had to bear the grief of the one who lost his relatives.

LAN Yanxi almost cried to death. She hugged her grandfather in the rain, and Cheng Yuan held an umbrella on her head. She was also in a heavy mood.

LAN Yanxi doesn't accept the result. She hopes grandpa can open his eyes to see her.

Just when LAN Yanxi cried out, there was a sudden hissing voice behind her: "Grandpa, what's the matter with you, Grandpa?"

LAN Yanxi just turned his head stiffly, and saw LAN Lin holding a bunch of white chrysanthemums in her arms, and running over with a step of paper money. Her face was also full of grief. She threw away the flowers and paper money, ran over, and tightly hugged the old man's arm: "Grandpa, what's the matter with you? You open your eyes and look at me. We said OK. I'll buy flowers. You wait for me here. What's wrong with you? "

Lanyanxi looked at Lanlin, who was more sad than herself, and listened to her words. Her heart was cold for a while.

All of a sudden, she pushed Lanlin hard, and Lanlin fell beside her. Next second, lanyanxi followed her. She grabbed Lanlin's lapel and asked angrily, "it's you. It's you who killed Grandpa. Why do you do this? What's your peace of mind? "

"It's not me. I don't have it. It's grandpa who has to let me bring him to see grandma. It's really not me. I didn't want to hurt him. LAN Yanxi, you can't say that about me. I'm also very sad. When grandpa gets here, he wants me to buy him a bunch of flowers. He wants to give it to grandma. I can only drive to buy flowers. I really didn't expect that." LAN Lin covered her face and cried bitterly.

"It's you, it's you!" Lanyan Ximing knows that Lanlin has suspicion of intention, but she can't get evidence. This feeling makes her feel like a splitting headache.

"I didn't. I didn't mean to. It was grandpa who asked me to send him here. He also asked me to buy flowers. I didn't know Grandpa would do that. Grandpa said he was in good health. I believed that if I knew Grandpa couldn't do it alone, I wouldn't go anywhere. Really." Lanlin is crying and explaining. However, all her explanations can't be found, because the old man has died.

"Lanlin, don't let me know you're lying, or I'll kill you." LAN Yanxi stared at her with hatred and issued a warning with indignation.

Lanlin's face is full of water drops. She doesn't know whether it's tears or rain. It's rolling violently. She seems to be very afraid and a little sluggish.

Cheng Yuan looks at LAN Lin. at this moment, she is also sad and helpless. If LAN Lin makes up a lie, who can expose her? If not, why did she leave the old man to buy flowers? Who is going to buy this flower?

Lanlin rushed to the old man's side to cry again and again. Lanyanxi stood beside him and closed her eyes painfully. She could hardly stand stably and swayed.

Cheng Yuan takes her cell phone and saves uncle Yu's number for easy contact. At this moment, she can only call uncle Yu to come here quickly.

When Uncle Yu heard the sad news, he was sad and lost his mind for a time, and his eyes were full of tears.

Lanlin is crying. She is covered with mud and water. Her hair is full of hair. It seems that she is really sad to lose her father.

LAN Yanxi's tears have not been broken, but there is a sad feeling that he wants to cry and no tears have come out, which is a feeling of sadness to the numbness.

More than two hours later, uncle Yu came with several doctors in a hurry.

I don't know if it's enough for God to cry. When they came up, the rain stopped, the dark clouds in the sky were dispersing, and the wide and bright tombstones around them became bright. The washed tombstones had a kind of illusion of enduring and refreshing, and all of them made people feel sad.

The old man was carried down the mountain by Uncle Yu. LAN Yanxi pushed his grandfather's wheelchair with heavy steps and sad heart.

Lanlin still cried loudly. She cried and scolded herself, saying sorry.

Cheng Yuan follows LAN Yanxi, looks at her with concern, and feels that she may faint at any time.

The old man was transported back to the hospital. With the help of the doctor, he changed his clothes again. However, he would never wake up again. He lay there quietly, like sleeping.

Lanyanxi's heart was almost numb with pain, so she sat beside and watched for a long time.

LAN Lin is still crying. LAN Chen and his wife hurry to come here. They clearly say that they will break up in this life. But when they hear such sad news, they still come here. They are connected with tendons and blood. Finally, they understand that father and son are inseparable.

"Xiaolin, say it again, so that no one will misunderstand you and kill your grandfather." LAN Chen doesn't believe that his daughter will kill the old man, so as soon as he comes here, he asks LAN Lin to tell her the whole story again.

Lanlin immediately knelt down in front of the old man, cried and said: "I came here to deliver breakfast to grandpa in the morning. Grandpa suddenly said that he wanted to see grandma, maybe because he felt that his time was running out, and he wanted to see grandma again for the last time..."

"Nonsense!" LAN Yanxi heard this and immediately scolded her.

LAN Lin looks at LAN Yanxi and her father. LAN Chen is black and says loudly, "don't be afraid of her. Go on, is there any mistake in telling the truth?"

LAN Bai is also gloomy and silent. The two blue ladies are even more speechless. They feel that even if the old man goes, he will not feel sad. Anyway, they have to go sooner or later when they are old. Time is a problem.

Lanlin then sobbed again: "I advised grandpa not to go, but grandpa had to let me take him. I didn't want grandpa to be sad, so I drove him to go. Grandpa was very sad in front of grandma, and cried. I wanted to comfort him, but he asked me to buy him a bunch of flowers, saying I would give them to grandma, but grandpa insisted that I must go. I can only drive I went to buy flowers, but it rained heavily. I searched for a long time and found some white chrysanthemums in the shop. At that time, it rained heavily. I was afraid that Grandpa would be there alone, so I was in a hurry to come back. But because I was driving too fast, my car was bumped into the guardrail beside the road. If you don't believe it, you can go and have a look. My car's really broken. "

"Grandpa is gone, just make it up." LAN Yanxi doesn't believe that Grandpa will go to see grandma in the heavy rain. She talked with Grandpa before. Grandpa didn't want to forget, but he was optimistic about some simple life. If he wants to see grandma, he can find a sunny day and let uncle Yu accompany him. Why do he have to choose today?

None of this can be said.

"Why should I make it up? I'm telling you the truth. If you don't believe me, you can let someone catch me. Anyway, your husband is Mr. President now. If you want to catch me in prison or torture me, I have nothing to say. Anyway, you don't believe what I say. You have the right and power. I'm not your opponent at all." Lanlin was angry immediately, and began to quarrel with Lanlin.

Lambert roared: "listen to her, what's the noise? My father's eyes are closed. Do you want to fight? LAN Yanxi, don't think you can talk nonsense in the blue family when you marry a good husband. You are always a young generation of the blue family, and our elders have not questioned. What right do you have to talk? "

LAN Yanxi's face is a little pale. Now the whole blue family are fighting with her, but she still wants to find the truth of Grandpa's death. LAN Lin's words are full of holes. She doesn't believe a word.

"Grandpa is most afraid to see grandma. You don't know that Lanlin is lying. She must have taken grandpa to grandma on purpose. Grandpa's heart is bad. It hurts to see grandma. That's the real reason why grandpa died. But Lanlin knows grandpa has this level of consideration, but she still takes grandpa with her. What's her heart?" LAN Yanxi argues.

Lanlin's face was flustered. Then she found that she didn't think of it. She cried and explained: "how can I know this? Grandpa really wants to see grandma. He also said that this may be the last one. I couldn't bear to send him the past. How can it become mine? LAN Yanxi, would you mind not being so cold-blooded as everyone thinks? "