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C1275. Miss blue is overbearing

Ling Mo Feng saw that she rushed over, squatted in front of him, looked up that anxious pretty face, and the beautiful eyes looked at him disorderly. "

my wound has been bandaged. There's nothing to see. I'm just tired!" Lingmo Feng is really tired, bleeding too much, resulting in his handsome face looks very sick and white, even the usual red thin lips, now also show a little pale, vitality is greatly damaged.

"Then why don't you go to bed? Don't take the quilt to cover it. In such a cold day, you have been injured. What if you are still ill? " LAN Yanxi scolds him angrily. Sometimes this man is really headstrong. He really regards himself as an iron man and doesn't know how to take care of himself at all. "

would you mind not reading me? I'm sorry I'm hurt enough, but I hope I'm ill? " Ling Mo Feng is plainly complaining, but the doting light at the bottom of her eyes can't hide it.

LAN Yanxi was slightly shocked, and then immediately changed his mouth: "I don't mean that. I just think you don't know how to take care of your body. Get up and go to bed!"

Lanyanxi was anxious and worried about him in his heart. The words were heavy. He stretched out his small hand to pull his arm.

"Well!" The man made a deep groan. Blue

Yan Xi's frightened fingers froze and couldn't move. He asked in a hurry, "what's the matter? Did it hurt you? Where is it? " "

right where your fingers are!" The man was in a cold sweat, but he was still in the mood to laugh at her: "what you hold is true. It's my woman!"

"Fuck you!" LAN Yanxi let go quickly in fear, a pretty face but blushing with shame. The man was so hurt that he was still in the mood to make fun of her and hurt him to death. Ling

Mo Feng saw her pretty face was full of shame and annoyance. He was in a good mood and his eyebrows were as warm as jade. "

let me see if there is any bleeding!" LAN Yanxi just pulled it, but it was hard. The man even groaned in pain. It can be seen that the consequences are serious. "

it seems to be bleeding!" The man threatened her on purpose.

"Really? Let me see! " LAN Yanxi's face turned pale.

Ling Mo Feng made a move to unbutton his clothes, but he reached halfway and stopped again. "

What's the matter? Does it hurt very much? " Blue words and beautiful eyelashes were shaking for fear that they might harm him. "

my hand is not easy to reach out, you can help me to take it off!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes looked at her deeply. No one could understand his dark and evil mood at the bottom of his eyes. Only he knew that the pain was nothing. What he wanted was nothing more than the woman's affection for herself.

LAN Yanxi has a simple temperament. How could she think that this man is deliberately playing tricks on her again? Her fingers are soft and reach out to the man's lapel. The man is still wearing a suit, and there is a shirt in it. He is wearing so little. Is he really dying? Blue

Yan Xi thought of this, and the action became heavier. He directly pulled off his two buttons, and the light in the eyes of the man flowed a smile.

The overcoat that was put on his body when he was sleeping just now has been thrown aside by the man at will. "

wait!" Lanyanxi suddenly thought of an important thing. The man didn't turn on the air conditioner. No wonder she felt shivering, scared and frozen at the same time.

She quickly turned on the air conditioner, increased the temperature, and closed all the curtains around the room. Then she came here and continued what she had just done.

When lanyanxi was seriously focusing on his clothes button, the man's eyes fell on her face without blinking, and looked at her eyes blinking from time to time, which were as charming as spring water.

When LAN Yanxi was about to untie his shirt to the end, her fingers could not avoid touching the strong and clear breast of the man. Her pretty face was quietly hot. As soon as her beautiful eyes were raised, she gazed at the man's deep gaze. Her heart beat was suddenly missed, and her breath was a little short. "Why do you look at me like this?" LAN Yan asked.

"I want to remember the first woman who dared to take off my clothes!" The man's playful tone sounded, deep and bewitching, which made people's heart beat more like a drum.

LAN Yanxi's fingers trembled, almost unable to release the last button. He glared at him angrily: "take it off, take it off. What can you do to me?" "

so!" The man can't help it. Looking at her ruddy lips is like two fragrant rose petals. When they move together, they can't help but want to pick up the fragrance between her lips.

Lanyanxi did not expect that at this time, the man was still in the mood to pick up her chin and give her a kiss. Without any experience, blue Yanxi, whose heart and nature are just like children, was straightened. In order to be afraid that he would bend down and affect his wound, she deliberately straightened her back to cooperate with his sudden kiss.

The man is greedy for her beauty like a beast without nightmare feet. Even she feels that her tender lips are the best medicine to heal his wounds. He kisses her, and even cannot feel the pain. "Enough, enough, look at your wound first!" Lanyanxi couldn't bear it. She felt something strange in her body had been scratched out by the man's red lips. She was very afraid and uneasy. So she reached out to push him away and called for a stop.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes are as dark as the sea, deeply coagulating her crimson lips, and the corners of her mouth evoke an unknown smile. "

OK!" Deep and charming voice, with the lazy after satisfaction.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes are fluttering, like frightened butterfly wings, to suppress those inexplicable emotions in her heart. What is she thinking about?

Ling Mo Feng has been injured like this. What else can he do? What can he do?

She will not be a weak woman, but also bully a wounded man, right?

Thinking of these, lanyanxi shivered for a while, and felt that he was so bold and delusional, which was not a common shame.

The girl's gentle fingers carefully and carefully uncovered his clothes, and saw that the white gauze had dyed red, and indeed pulled his wound. "

blame me for everything, not for everything. Who told you not to tell me where you were injured?" LAN Yanxi blamed himself and was angry with him.

"I'm afraid you're worried, so I don't want to tell you!" Ling Mo Feng saw her suddenly red eyes, a slight shock in her heart, and then, even the language and Qi were serious for several times, and no longer teased her.

"Who said I was your woman just now? Why do you think I'm an outsider now? Lingmo Feng, you will get hurt again later. You must tell me and tell me in detail. Only in this way can I promise to be your woman! " LAN Yanxi breathed out a long run of words, but there is only one point, you have to tell me.

Ling Mo Feng listened to it, and laughed directly. The woman's domineering appearance was very cute and interesting.

"Well, I'll tell you anything in the future, but Hope it's not another injury! " Ling Mo Feng said with a smile. Blue

Yan Xi is shaking all over again. Look at her crow mouth. How can I mention his injury again? "

bah, when I didn't say it, you can't get hurt again, otherwise, I won't spare you!" LAN Yanxi immediately gave a childish poo twice, saying that he would not drive away the bad luck. Ling

Mo Feng has never seen such a straightforward woman, crying when angry, smiling when happy, and even the unsophisticated chuckle voice just now. In his opinion, they are so different. "

go and take that medicine box and change another piece of gauze for me!" Ling Mo Feng said softly.

LAN Yanxi turned around and found that there was still a medical box on her makeup table. She hurriedly walked over, carried it and opened it. It was fully equipped and used to disinfect and replace his wounds. "

I won't change the medicine, will it hurt you?" Lanyanxi began to hate his clumsiness. "

No, I believe you!" The man said seriously. I believe that this sentence gives blue Yan a lot of courage. Yes, it seems that this sentence represents a lot of things, which is better than anything. Blue

Yanxi took a small medical scissors, went to give the man the gauze on the wound, gently cut it open, and instantly revealed the ugly wound, which was bloody and scary.